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Note: For a complete review of the Nikon P4, please see the Nikon P3 Review. The two cameras are identical, except that the P4 has no WiFi capability. We have a full review of the P3 available here.

Nikon split their cameras into categories for Spring 2006. The new P-series focuses on "Performance" features. They are not the smallest in the line, but they do have the high-end features. The P4 is the first P-series camera to lack WiFi, but its features still impress.

Aimed at photographers who want more control than is offered by many digital cameras, the Nikon Coolpix P4 offers a sensor resolution of eight megapixels coupled to a 3.5x optical zoom lens with vibration reduction - a useful addition that helps steady shots in low light situations.

There's also a sizeable 2.5" LCD display on the Nikon P4, an aperture priority auto mode to help unleash your creative side, and continuous shooting at 1.8 frames per second. Of course, if you want the Nikon P4 to do all the work, just put it in full auto mode and reap the rewards.

Nikon is also known for a few special features, that are included in the CoolPix P4, including D-Lighting, which enhances darker images to improve shadow detail. BestShot mode takes a series of shots in low light and the camera automatically picks the sharpest shot and saves only that one. And their relatively new Red-eye Fix not only reduces red-eye, it eliminates it. Finally, Face-Priority AF will keep you and your friends dancing around in front of the camera to watch the camera put a "focus box" around your faces. And once you get used to the mode, you'll just be happy knowing that your loved one's faces are indeed in focus, before you take the shot.

The Nikon CoolPix P4 should be great for those wanting a feature-rich camera that's still pocketable.