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The Kodak EasyShare-One / 6 MP is a fairly straightforward update of the existing EasyShare-One model that was announced in January 2005. Where the original EasyShare-One featured a CCD imager with an effective resolution of four megapixels, the Kodak 6 MP updates this (as one might expect) to a six effective megapixel CCD imager. A couple of other differences between the two cameras likely relate to the change in sensor - a reduction in the burst-mode framerate from two frames per second to 1.5, and an increase in the longest shutter speed on offer from four seconds to twelve. Finally, the new model complies with the recommendations of "WISPr", an abbreviation of Wireless Internet Service Provider Roaming, intending to increase the number of hotspots with which the camera can connect. Impressively, pricing has been cut in half from the EasyShare-One's US$599 list price at launch, to just US$299 list for the EasyShare-One / 6 MP (neither figure including the $99 cost of the optional SDIO WiFi card).

Other features of the Kodak EasyShare-One / 6 MP are largely similar to the original model. The standout feature is the ability to transfer images wirelessly - either across the Internet to Kodak's EasyShare Gallery, to friends and family via email directly from the camera, or to a compatible printer with WiFi receiver for immediate printing.

The Kodak EasyShare-One / 6 MP features a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon 36 - 108mm equivalent 3x optical zoom lens, and a swivelling panel dominates the camera's rear, filled with a large 3" LCD display. The display itself also features a touch screen (operated with an included stylus), and the panel it is mounted on can be swivelled to face inside the camera when closed for extra protection of the LCD. The camera will also feature a VGA 30 frames-per-second video mode, as well as Kodak's Favorites feature which allows downsized versions of up to 1,500 favorite images to be stored in the camera's internal memory to show friends and family at a later date. It also features two Secure Digital card slots, one of which will be occupied by an 802.11b Wireless LAN card - the other being available to store images. The camera also features 256MB internal memory, in which the Favorites images are stored at a resolution suitable for 4" x 6" printing, with unlimited albums (synched with your PC) and the ability to browse favorites by date. Of thise 256MB, 185MB is available to store images in.

The camera is compatible with 802.11b wireless LANs, including those using WEP encryption, or those requiring acceptance of terms and conditions before use (as is common with public wireless LANs). Customers purchasing the camera are entitled to "premium" post-sale service including assistance with wireless setup and operation, and priority handling of inquiries.