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Ricoh GX100 Intro

The Ricoh Caplio GX100 is a compact camera with ten megapixel resolution from a 1/1.75" image sensor, coupled to a 3x optical zoom lens.

Ricoh GX100 Features

The most unusual feature of the Ricoh GX100 is that, in addition to its 2.5" LCD display with 230,000 pixel resolution, the camera can accept a hot-shoe mounted, removable electronic viewfinder - with tilt function for shooting low-to-the-ground - on which you can frame and review images. The Ricoh VF-1 external viewfinder is not included in the regular product bundle (although a separate product bundle dubbed the "Caplio GX100 VF KIT" does include the accessory).

Also worthy of note is the Caplio GX100's Ricoh-branded zoom lens - uncommonly wide with a range of 24 - 72mm, and fairly bright to boot (f/2.5 to f/4.4 across the zoom range). Add in the camera's Adobe DNG Raw file format, CCD shift-type image stabilization, a choice of aperture-priority and full manual shooting modes, built-in flash and external flash hot shoe, and the ability to draw power from either a proprietary Lithium Ion battery or two standard AAA batteries (either alkaline or oxyride disposable, or NiMH rechargeables), and you have a camera that could really appeal to an enthusiast. One last unusual feature is that, on top of the camera's native 4:3 aspect ratio and a fairly standard 3:2 aspect ratio option, the GX100 also offers a 1:1 (square image) aspect ratio option in-camera.

All in all, the Ricoh Caplio GX100 seems worthy of consideration (although it might have been even more interesting with a somewhat lower resolution that would likely bring reduced image noise - the bugbear of ten megapixel image sensors).

Ricoh GX100 Pricing and Availability

Announced so far in Asia and Europe, we're not currently aware of any plans to bring the GX100 to the US market officially. In the United Kingdom, the GX100 goes on sale from April 2007 priced at 399.99 inclusive of VAT.