Booth Report: Olympus Corp.

Las Vegas Convention Center

With rich hardwood floors and plenty of colorful exhibits at which to aim the cameras on display, Olympus' booth is usually among the more attractive at the Photo Marketing Association show, and that's the case once again this year. Olympus announced no less than ten new digital cameras for this year's show - six for its Stylus series, and four for the FE-series. The Stylus-series additions are the 1030 SW, SP-570 UZ, 840, 850 SW, 1010, and 1020, while the FE-series is joined by the FE-310, FE-320, FE-340 and FE-350. Olympus also announced a new variant of its xD-Picture Card format, the xD-Picture Card Type M+, although booth reps we spoke to didn't have any to show us quite yet.

Speaking of freezing (see the previous image if you don't get the reference), Olympus' booth once again featured the oh-so-cool "digital cameras frozen inside a block of ice" sculpture. It's a great demonstration of the faith Olympus puts in these rugged little models.
Michael R. Tomkins