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Samsung reveals improved PRO Plus and EVO Plus memory card lineups


Samsung is looking to take the next step in reliable compact storage with two new memory card lineups, Pro Plus and EVO Pro.

Both lineups are available in MicroSD and SD form factors. Samsung’s Pro Plus memory cards come in 64GB and 32GB storage capacities, while the EVO lineup offers an additional 128GB option.


Plustek temporarily halts shipment of OpticFilm 120 medium format scanner

Last September, Taiwanese scanner manufacturer Plustek announced a new flagship model for its OpticFilm lineup of film scanners. The Plustek OpticFilm 120 offers an impressive specification, scanning both 35mm and mediium format 120/220 film with frame sizes up to 6 x 12 and an optical resolution of 5,300 dpi, but unfortunately it's had...