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Drobo’s new storage solution sure is “Mini,” lets you carry 8TB on the go

When it comes to storage, bigger is better quite objectively -- at least as it concerns the amount of data that a storage device can hold. For the device itself, on the other hand, smaller and lighter can be very important. If you're a working photographer or an enthusiast who regularly takes huge amounts of photos on location, Drobo might just have...

Western Digital wants to make it “My Cloud” with new hard drives


The problem with backing up your files to the cloud, is what happens if that service goes down? Or is compromised? Or ups their fees? Western Digital is putting that all under your control with the new My Cloud line of hard drives, which will allow you to access your files wherever you go, the world over.

This is...

The storage conundrum: Can Sony and Panasonic solve photography’s biggest problem?

For the last couple of decades, there's been an elephant in the digital darkroom. A joint announcement today from two of Japan's largest consumer electronics manufacturers -- Sony and Panasonic -- suggests that its days may finally be numbered, as the two companies work to create a more viable, long-term archival storage medium.

It has the...

Can You Bare Your Backups?

Udock.200x134You want to archive your photo collection, right? You want an onsite copy and an offsite copy, right? You know, so one disaster doesn't lead to another.

But why should you buy a bunch of external hard drives that will just sit around on a shelf?

Why not save a few bucks and just buy the bare drives and one dock like the WiebeTech UltraDock that you can plug them into when you...