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Third-party Pentax tethering software updated

PK_Tether--the unofficial tethering solution for Pentax SLRs--has just been updated to a new version, we hear today.

Created by Polish programmer Tomasz Kos, and originally known as 'Pentax Kx Periodic Shooting', PK_Tether has been on the scene for a little over a year now.

As its earlier name suggests, PK_Tether was first created specifically with the Pentax K-x in mind....

PK_Tether updated, multi-platform support planned

A new version of third-party Pentax SLR tethering application PK_Tether has been released today, we hear from author Tomasz Kos.

PK_Tether v0.6.0 has a redesigned user interface with switchable panels. It also adds a function for activating and deactivating debug mode in Pentax SLRs, and has reworked communications protocols, as well as unspecified additions and fixes to...