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Paris Mon Amour: More early 20th-century color photos of the city of light and love


A month or so ago, IR's Dan Havlik reported on 10 early color photographs of Paris and, to all our surprise, it turns out there are more: a total of 85 in all at the “Paris 1914” website.
These are more softly colored Autochrome images that remind me of the first time I saw Paris. It was through the scratched window...

A Blockbuster Photo Show: When Robert Doisneau Used His Rolleiflex to Document “Paris les Halles”

Every day, there is a long queue snaking around the block of the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) in central Paris. Looking like a line for rock concert tickets or the latest Harry Potter book, it is actually the people waiting to see a show of photographs, "Doisneau, Paris les Halles."

This exhibition of over 200 images by photographer Robert Doisneau has been packed since its...