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Firmware Friday: Fuji X-Pro1 update returns, plus more updates for Fuji, Panasonic cameras

With news editor Mike Tomkins moving house, there's been a brief hiatus in our Firmware Friday roundup lately. We return with good news for Fuji X-Pro1 owners: the firmware update which, yesterday, we reported had been pulled for a bug fix has now returned.

Fuji X-Pro1 firmware v3.01 includes the same features added in v3.00 -- that is to...

Rugged Fuji XP200, far-reaching Fuji S8400W digicams sport Wi-Fi connectivity

Fujifilm has today unveiled two new digital cameras that do what your smartphone can't, then neatly hand it the results for instant photo sharing. The Fuji S8400W packs in a super-powerful optical zoom lens that reaches clear into next week, while the rugged Fuji XP200 is part tank and part submarine, ready to go anywhere you do without...