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Documenting one of the world’s toughest races (through the Alps!) with the Panasonic S1R Featured Story
09/23, 13:11 EDT It’s one of the toughest adventure races: the Red Bull X-Alps. Competitors start in Salzburg, and make their way by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating 1138 kilometres of treacherous alpine terrain. The constantly changing weather... (more)

Pentax reveals development of new APS-C flagship for 2020 (Edit: Now with additional observations) Featured Story
09/20, 12:26 EDT It's been a couple of years now since we last saw a new APS-C camera from Ricoh's Pentax brand, but it looks like that will be changing next year, as the company has today announced development of a new flagship-level APS-C DSLR... (more)

Documenting one of the world’s toughest races (through the Alps!) with the Panasonic S1R Featured Story
09/23, 13:11 EDT It’s one of the toughest adventure races: the Red Bull X-Alps. Competitors start in Salzburg, and make their way by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating 1138 kilometres of treacherous alpine terrain. The constantly changing weather conditions... (more)

Pentax reveals development of new APS-C flagship for 2020 (Edit: Now with additional observations) Featured Story
09/20, 12:26 EDT It's been a couple of years now since we last saw a new APS-C camera from Ricoh's Pentax brand, but it looks like that will be changing next year, as the company has today announced development of a new flagship-level APS-C DSLR for... (more)

Firmware Friday: Bug fixes for Nikon P1000, 180-400mm; Ricoh updates Theta V, Image Sync
09/20, 06:30 EDT After a somewhat bigger week last time around, our regular Firmware Friday post arrives this week with news of just two cameras, one lens and one piece of software updated in the past seven days. Unless you're a Nikon or Ricoh / Pentax... (more)

Skylum reveals new AI-powered Skin and Portrait Enhancer features for upcoming Luminar 4 raw editor
09/17, 09:30 EDT Releasing this fall, Skylum's Luminar 4 raw image editor and library application looks to be full of many new features. We have already been given sneak peeks of AI Sky Replacement and AI Structure technologies, and now we have two more artificial... (more)

Sony A7R IV Field Test: Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife & More! Is this Sony’s most versatile camera yet?
09/16, 14:30 EDT Click here to read our Sony A7R IV Field Test Packed with an all-new 61-megapixel full-frame image sensor, the new Sony A7R Mark IV might seem like a prime candidate for landscapes, portraiture, architecture and other types of photographic... (more)

When my eyes are pleased, my soul is happy: Shooting Caligraphy by the Sea
09/15, 04:57 EDT By IR reader René Theuillon I love modern art! I have written last March a short article describing some attempts at shooting in the way of Saul Leiter, and since that time, I have made a lot of extra pictures. But I am not very satisfied by the... (more)

Firmware Friday: Canon ships security fixes for 7 DSLRs; Fuji X-T3, Panasonic S1H updates too
09/13, 18:56 EDT Our regular Firmware Friday roundup returns once again this week bringing news of rather more updates than in recent weeks. Canon alone has shipped new firmware for seven DSLRs in the past week, and we also have news of mirrorless camera... (more)

I froze the ioSafe Solo Hawk SSD in a block of ice, and it still works
09/13, 14:30 EDT When evaluating hard drives, rare is the instance where I get to really stress test something. Like really stress it. Drives like the G-Tech ArmorATD and the LaCie Rugged are designed to get banged around, but within certain constrained parameters.... (more)

Budget-friendly Fuji X-A7 stretches your dollars with a new 16:9 wide-aspect, vari-angle display
09/12, 01:00 EDT Fujifilm X-A7 Hands-on Preview Right on time for its roughly 18-month release cycle, Fujifilm's budget-friendly X-A mirrorless camera line has just gained its latest model, in the form of the line-leading Fuji X-A7. Sporting a familiar-looking body... (more)

To make a great photo, half the battle is ignoring the gear-centric portion of your brain
09/11, 17:38 EDT So much about making a good photo relies on you getting right the things that have nothing to do with what makes cameras popular. For the kinds of photos I like to take, which are timelapses, landscapes, and environmental portraits, there are so... (more)

Theta in space: Ricoh partners with JAXA for out-of-this-world spherical panos
09/11, 08:25 EDT Ricoh has developed a strong reputation for itself in the 360-degree camera market. Since the 2013 CP+ show in Japan, when the company first showed off a prototype of what would become its Theta 360-degree spherical panoramic camera, it has... (more)

Portable & very powerful: Phase One announces brand-new XT camera system and I’ve gone hands-on
09/10, 07:00 EDT Having shot with the Phase One XF camera system alongside both IQ3 and IQ4 digital backs, a common issue I had with the system is its immense size and weight. Designed (and excellent) for studio applications, the XF camera is simply not a great fit... (more)

Firmware Friday: Faster video AF for Canon G7X III; Bug fixes for Leica M10, M10-P and M10-D
09/06, 19:30 EDT It's another relatively short roundup this week for our regular Firmware Friday series, with just two companies releasing updates for a total of four cameras in the past seven days. This time around it's Canon and Leica we'll be discussing,... (more)

Canon 90D First Shots: Packing more pixels onto an APS-C sensor… Good idea or bad idea?
09/06, 15:15 EDT Click here to see our Canon 90D First Shots While on the outside, the new Canon 90D looks nearly identical to its 80D predecessor, the insides are packing an all-new imaging pipeline centered around a brand-new 32.5-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. In... (more)

Adobe finally, mercifully, kills off Premiere Clip
09/05, 11:30 EDT In perhaps a relatively quiet admission of their folly, Adobe today announced via email to subscribers that Premiere Clip will be laid to rest on September 17, 2019. When I first picked up Premiere Clip in 2014, I refused to review it as it felt... (more)

Nikon announces development of D6, its most advanced DSLR, & new 120-300mm f/2.8 F-mount lens
09/04, 00:01 EDT The DSLR is far from dead. Much like Nikon did ahead of fully unveiling the professional-grade D5 DSLR camera, the Japanese company has announced the development of the Nikon D6 DSLR. Details are scarce and we don't have any specific information... (more)

Nikon unveils fast, wide-angle Nikkor Z 24mm f/1.8 S prime for its mirrorless camera system
09/04, 00:00 EDT Alongside the development announcement for the Nikon D6 DSLR and Nikkor 120-300mm f/2.8 F-mount lens, Nikon has also announced a fast prime lens for its mirrorless Z camera system, the Nikkor Z 24mm f/1.8 S. The new S-Line lens is designed for... (more)

Sigma’s September workshops include hands-on experience and training across the United States
09/03, 18:30 EDT As we kick off September, Sigma has many dealer photography workshops for photographers to attend. From September 3-6, in Phoenix, Arizona, Sigma will be hosting live demos and presentations at The Portrait Masters Conference You can visit the Sigma... (more)

Why did Panasonic wait before demolishing the video competition with the S1H? Find out in our interview!
09/03, 17:29 EDT Last week, Panasonic figuratively blew the doors off its competition in the pro video space with the introduction of the Lumix S1H. It offers truly high-end video capability for pro videographers and cinematographers at an unprecedented price... (more)

Olympus 12-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Field Test: This all-in-one 16.67x zoom is a versatile and compact lens
09/03, 13:00 EDT Click here​ to read my Olympus 12-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Field Test The Olympus 12-200mm f/3.5-6.3 lens has proven to be very popular here on Imaging Resource. This is with good reason, as the lens is very versatile for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The... (more)

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Nikon Z6 Review
image of the Nikon Z6 digital camera
24.5mp | 2.9x | $1,797
The Nikon Z6 is a terrific, well-rounded full-frame mirrorless camera. Basically, there isn't a lot to complain about when it comes to the Z6. The body is compact and robust yet features lots of physical controls and a familiar Nikon design. With excellent overall features, impressive image quality, nice build quality and design as well as a very competitive price point, the Nikon Z6 is a great all-around package. And while at this point in time, the Z6 appeals perhaps a bit more towards current Nikon owners, the Z6 is still a compelling camera for anyone looking to jump into the full-frame camera arena. Read more in our in-depth Nikon Z6 review!

Olympus E-M1X Review
image of the Olympus OM-D E-M1X digital camera
20.4mp | Non-Zoom | $2,999
How to sum-up the Olympus E-M1X? In a sense, it's a bigger, burlier, slightly more specialized version of the E-M1 Mark II. It's an OM-D camera tailormade primarily for sports, wildlife and other photographers use use long telephoto lenses. Sporting the same 20MP sensor as the E-M1 II, the overall image quality of the E-M1X is very good, but mostly unchanged. However, improvements abound with regards to AF performance, especially with AF tracking. There's also more advanced video features. Yes it's big, and yes it's expensive, but the E-M1X offers high performance and improved operability while remaining true to the characteristic portability of a Micro Four Thirds system. Read more in our in-depth Olympus E-M1X review!

Pentax K-1 II Review
image of the Pentax K-1 II digital camera
36.4mp | 3.8x | $1,797
A modest but worthwhile update to the earlier K-1, the Pentax K-1 II is the company's flagship full-frame DSLR, offering the best image quality you can get from any K-mount camera and the most feature-rich shooting experience of any Ricoh camera. If performance is paramount, then you may want to look at an APS-C model for more speed, but otherwise the K-1 II represents the sweet spot in the Pentax DSLR line. Find out what it has to offer -- and whether you should buy one -- in our in-depth Pentax K-1 II review!

Panasonic GH5S Review
image of the Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S digital camera
10.2mp | Non-Zoom | $1,998
The GH5 was, and is, a fantastic camera for video, but the Panasonic GH5S goes above and beyond. Its 10MP resolution is a bit low for photos, but it's great for video. The GH5S offers better video quality, more recording options, and just tons of advanced video features. And while the AF speed is slightly slower than the GH5, and the lack of in-body image stabilization removes some of what made the GH5 so versatile, the GH5S offers such a wealth of features and high-quality video, that it's easy to overlook these minor points. In the end, if you're a serious video creator looking for a compact yet feature-packed video camera, the Panasonic GH5S is the one to pick. Read more in our Panasonic GH5S review!

Fujifilm GFX 50R Review
image of the Fujifilm GFX 50R digital camera
51.4mp | Non-Zoom | $3,999
The medium-format Fuji GFX 50R shares many of its features and performance with the GFX 50S, but offers them in a slimmer, less ergonomic body at a lower price point. Importantly, the same excellent 51-megapixel image sensor continues to deliver outstanding image quality. However, the 50R's admittedly more stylish design is less enjoyable to use and in some cases even difficult. Further, aspects of the 50R's performance feel more sluggish in 2019 than they did in 2017 with the 50S. Read our Fuji GFX 50R review to see if the lower price is worth the tradeoffs to you.

Fujifilm X-T3 Review
image of the Fujifilm X-T3 digital camera
26.1mp | 3.1x | $1,499
The Fuji X-T3 is a very impressive, very well-rounded camera, for both photos and video. Despite its stylish exterior, the X-T3 is a serious camera, featuring Fujifilm's highest-res 26MP APS-C X-Trans sensor, a faster processor, seriously upgraded AF system as well as a boatload of advanced video features. The X-T3 can shoot everything from landscapes and portraits to sports and wildlife with excellent AF tracking. For videographers, the 4Kp60 mode, F-Log as well as 10-bit internal recording are welcomed upgrades over the X-T2, and in fact, are features not typically seen on cameras of this class and price point. Overall, the X-T3 -- our pick for the Best Camera of 2018 -- offers something for everyone; it's a versatile, well-built enthusiast-grade camera with a surprisingly affordable price tag. For all the details, read our in-depth Fujifilm X-T3 review!

Canon EOS M50 Review
image of the Canon EOS M50 digital camera
24.2mp | 3.0x | $629
If you're shopping for an affordable mirrorless camera with a solid build, good ergonomics, a viewfinder and (via an optional adapter) first-party EF-mount lens support, the Canon M50 has a lot to offer. Sporting a next-gen DIGIC 8 processor, the M50 is both swift and shoots great photos. While there are some drawbacks to its new 4K video capture functionality, the M50 deserves a close look. Find out if you should buy one in our Canon M50 review!

Nikon P1000 Review
image of the Nikon Coolpix P1000 digital camera
16.1mp | 125.0x | $997
The Nikon P1000 isn't your typical "superzoom" camera. This is one for the record books. Sporting a 125x optical zoom lens, with a 35mm-eq. focal length range of 24-3000mm (yes, 3000!), the P1000 surpasses the already-impressive P900 and pushes the superzoom category even further. With a tiny 16MP 1/2.3-inch sensor, however, the Nikon P1000 isn't going to produce supremely detailed images, especially as the light dims. Overall, though, despite some disadvantages, the P1000 is a really unique camera that can capture some impressive images and offers a shooting experience unlike any other camera currently on the market. For all the details check out our in-depth Nikon P1000 review!

Nikon D3500 Review
image of the Nikon D3500 digital camera
24.2mp | 3.1x | $447
Much like its predecessor, the Nikon D3500 is an extremely enticing camera for beginner photographers. It has a compact design, comfortable ergonomics, fast single-shot AF and best of all, the camera's image quality is fantastic, not only for an entry-level camera but for APS-C cameras in general. The fact that you can get this kind of image quality out of a camera for under $500, with a lens included, is just shocking. The Nikon D3500 might not be the most high-performance camera nor does it have many of the latest and greatest features, but it's not designed for that. What it is is a solid, lightweight camera for beginners that's easy to use, offers excellent image quality, and doesn't break the bank. For all the details, read more in our in-depth Nikon D3500 review!

Nikon Z7 Review
image of the Nikon Z7 digital camera
45.7mp | 2.9x | $2,797
The Nikon Z7 is not only Nikon's first full-frame mirrorless camera, it is also one of the company's best cameras. Given their storied history, that's saying a lot. The Nikon Z7 delivers very good image quality and all-around performance inside a sleek and compact mirrorless camera body. There is room to grow and there are not many native lenses for the Z7 yet, but Nikon's first full-frame mirrorless camera is an excellent one. Read more in our in-depth Nikon Z7 review!