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Photokina 2002 - September 23, 2002
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Lexar's Write Acceleration logo. Courtesy of Lexar, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click here to visit the Lexar website! Lexar announces write-accelerated CompactFlash
21:00 EDT - Flash manufacturer Lexar Media Inc. has today announced its new write-accelerated technology for CompactFlash cards.

Write-accelerated cards (or WA cards for short) are identified by the logo at the top of this news item, and require a camera that is write-acceleration compatible to gain any speed advantage. When the card is inserted and the camera switched on, card and camera both perform a handshake to see if the other is WA-compatible, and if both are then the technology is used. If one half of the equation... (More)

Kodak announces 14mpix DSLR (UPDATED)
20:28 EDT - New high-spec Digital SLR announced ahead of schedule...

Eastman Kodak Co. has today announced a new single-lens reflex digital camera that was initially scheduled to be announced at 4AM Eastern time tomorrow. In particular, two things about this camera are likely to make your jaw drop; the sensor, and the expected price. The Kodak DCS Pro 14n Digital SLR features a whopping 13.89 megapixel full 35mm-frame sized CMOS image sensor, and a pricetag expected... (More)

Kodak's EasyShare LS443 digital camera. Copyright © 2002, The Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Kodak announces new EasyShare LS digicam
20:27 EDT - Eastman Kodak Co. has today announced the second model in its EasyShare LS line of digital cameras (originally scheduled for announcement at midnight Eastern time but now online on several other sites).

As with the EasyShare LS420 that was announced last April, the new EasyShare LS443 is designed with ease-of-use in mind and comes bundled with a USB dock that is specific to the camera, through which images can be transferred to a PC or Macintosh computer. Where the LS420 had a 2.1 megapixel sensor and a fixed focal-length lens, though, the new LS443 has a 4.2 megapixel CCD imager and a 3X optical... (More)

Casio's QV-5700 digital camera. Courtesy of Casio, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. LetsGoDigital previews Casio's latest digicam
16:40 EDT - Our friends at Dutch website LetsGoDigital.nl have now posted a first-look at the recently announced Casio QV5700 digital camera.

They're currently attending the Photokina 2002 show in Germany, and had a brief hands-on with the camera, during which time they took 9 photos of the camera from various angles. Hop on over to LetsGoDigital's site if you're interested in Casio's first 5 megapixel digicam, and then browse the rest of LetsGoDigital's multi-lingual Photokina coverage. :) (More)

Creo's logo. Click here to visit the Creo website! PRESS RELEASE: Creo Announces New Solutions for Professional Photography at Photokina 2002
12:05 EDT - Photokina 2002, Cologne, Germany (September 20, 2002) - Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSX: CRE) is introducing significant new digital photography solutions at Photokina 2002, the industry's largest trade show. "These exciting new products are an excellent example of our commitment to providing complete solutions for our customers," said Judi Hess, president, Graphic Arts, Creo. Portable Power The LeafTM... (More)

Creo's logo. Click here to visit the Creo website! PRESS RELEASE: Creo Launches Leaf Valeo: New Portable Digital Camera Back Family
12:04 EDT - Photokina 2002, Cologne, Germany (September 20, 2002) - Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSX: CRE) launches the LeafTM Valeo family of portable digital camera backs at Photokina next week. Embedded in the products is a new concept, patent-pending, for portable digital photography. Unique features such as high capacity image storage on a removable digital magazine, very fast download speed, and a detachable... (More)

Creo's logo. Click here to visit the Creo website! PRESS RELEASE: Creo Introduces High Quality Scanners for Professional Photographers
12:02 EDT - Photokina 2002, Cologne, Germany (September 20, 2002) - will demonstrate at Photokina the new iQsmartTM color scanners that bring expert quality scanning in-house for professional photographers and photographic service providers. The new scanners are easy to use and their advanced features assure top quality scans coupled with high throughput. Advanced scanning technology gives photographers full control... (More)

Creo's logo. Click here to visit the Creo website! PRESS RELEASE: New Creo Leaf Capture V8 workflow simplifies professional digital photography
11:59 EDT - Photokina 2002, Cologne, Germany (September 20, 2002) - Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSX: CRE) announces the next generation of the LeafTM Capture workflow application that provides new easy-to-use tools for the professional capture and control of images in digital photography. The LeafTM Capture V8 application focuses on making professional digital photography easy to use and streamlining the photography... (More)

Konica's KD-500Z digital camera. Courtesy of Konica Corp., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Konica's new 5mpix digicam
02:46 EDT - A second announcement from Konica Corp. today marks a new resolution high for the company, with a 5 megapixel addition to the only series of digicams that couples both Memory Stick and Secure Digital storage...

The KD-310Z and KD-400Z cameras currently share that honor, and both were announced at last year's PMA show. Now, the Digital Revio KD-500Z will round out the line with a 5.23 megapixel imager. As well as the unusual combination of Memory Stick and Secure Digital slots, the KD-500Z will keep the same 39 - 117mm Hexanon 3x optical zoom lens of the lower-res models. The body color will apparently be... (More)

Konica's logo. Click here to visit the Konica website! Konica announces credit-card digicam
01:49 EDT - Tokyo-based Konica Corp. has today announced a new credit-card shaped digital camera with an LCD display, the Konica Revio C2.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the Revio C2 is an impressive 13.5 millimeters thick, and somehow finds room to fit a 1.6" LCD display into its tiny package. As you'd expect on a camera this small, the 1.2 megapixel CMOS imager is coupled with a fixed focal-length, fixed focus lens. Specifications courtesy of Konica Germany follow: Konica Revio C2 Type Digital still camera with LCD monitor... (More)

Sony's Cyber-shot U DSC-U10 digital camera. Courtesy of Sony Japan, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Sony announces two new Cyber-shot digicams
00:00 EDT - Sony USA has today announced two new Cyber-shot digital cameras, one of which has already made an appearance in Asia.

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-U10 and DSC-U20 are near-identical ultra-compact, lightweight (4.3 ounce) cameras featuring 1.3 megapixel and 2.0 megapixel (effective) CCD imagers respectively, and fixed focal-length lenses concealed by sliding 'barrier-style' lens covers. Of the two, we have already mentioned the lower-resolution DSC-U10 on this site a couple of times since it was first announced in Japan... (More)

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