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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Fujifilm logo. Click to visit the Fujifilm website! PRESS RELEASE: Photokina 2008 Overview Release

September 16, 2008 - Under the slogan, "Fujifilm. Expand the World of Imaging," FUJIFILM Corporation is exhibiting a diverse array of new products and services at Photokina 2008. The slogan clearly demonstrates Fujifilm’s firm intention to preserve and nurture the culture of photography, and expand the value of photographs through the creation of new technologies and value-added services.

Since its foundation over 70 years ago, Fujifilm has constantly endeavored to enhance the field of imaging through the production of photographic film and the creation of photo-related materials and services. Fujifilm also took up the challenge of research and development of digital products at an early stage, and is able to offer a powerful lineup of digital products and services. Fujifilm has thus made a significant contribution to the photographic and imaging industries, and each day the company exerts the utmost efforts to further expanding the world of imaging. The results of these efforts will be introduced and exhibited at Photokina 2008.

Technological developments in the Internet and a variety of other digital fields have been remarkable in recent years. Digital cameras equipped with such advanced technologies as face detection and scene recognition functions, and increasingly higher image resolution and sensitivity have resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of shots being taken. Accompanying this increase, we have seen a major transformation in the way photographs are being enjoyed. People do not simply print images, but share image data over social networking systems and are enjoying a wide range of value-added print services including Photobook. The enjoyment of both viewing and taking photographs has become increasingly diverse.

Fujifilm has responded to this diversification with the launch of digital cameras equipped with face detection, scene recognition and wide dynamic range functions, and continues to expand the spectrum of photography by capturing precious moments exactly as seen by the human eye and reproducing them with outstanding image quality. In addition, Fujifilm has increased the range of methods by which users can order prints, including print order terminals and Internet-based ordering facilities which users can take advantage of in the comfort of their own homes. Fujifilm has also developed a variety of print services including silver halide, inkjet and dye sublimation, and this diverse array of exciting print services has been made possible with Fujifilm’s Expanding Frontier Solutions, which features Fujifilm’s series of Frontier Minilab systems and software at its core. Photographs play a vital role in allowing us to capture life’s precious moments, loved ones, and record important events for posterity, and thus make an extremely valuable contribution to our everyday lives. Fujifilm places the highest importance on the value of photos, and is firmly committed to further expanding the role of photographs and the world of imaging, and preserving and nurturing the culture of photography.

- Exhibition Concept At Photokina 2008, the twin pillars of Fujifilm’s exhibition will be the Digital Camera and Print at Retail areas. At the Digital Camera Area, an exhibition of the highly- acclaimed FinePix series in line with the tagline “FinePix. More than you imagined,” will be held. The Print at Retail Area will display Fujifilm’s extensive range of in-store print services with a particular emphasis on the Photobook service. Details of Fujifilm’s Photokina 2008 exhibition are as follows:

  1. Digital Cameras - FUJIFILM FinePix. More than you imagined Under the new slogan, ``FUJIFILM FinePix. More than you imagined,´´ Fujifilm will exhibit its new lineup of FinePix digital cameras.

    The Digital Camera Area will be divided into three separate zones: Touch & Try Zone for the 2008 New Autumn Lineup, Real Photo Technology Experience, and Near Future Technologies. These zones will display impressive lineups including the latest camera models, new photo experience technologies and near future systems.

    Offering Full Auto Photography, the latest FinePix F60fd model enables easy camera operation and beautiful images with its in-built Scene Recognition AUTO (SR AUTO) mode and Real Photo Technology. Powerful demonstrations of the camera’s Face Detection 3.0 technology, which is able to detect human faces at any angle within the 360-degree spectrum will also be conducted. This technology is also able to detect faces at a breathtaking speed of as fast as only 0.036 seconds.

    The FinePix S2000HD is equipped with a 27.6mm wide-angle Fujinon optical 15x zoom lens enabling a wide variety of photo opportunities. In addition, by simply connecting an HDTV connection cable*1 users will be able to enjoy enlarged and high- resolution photos and movies taken with the FinePix S2000HD. *1: Optional accessory

    The stylish new cameras J150w, J120, J110w and J100, respond to diversifying user needs with 28mm*2/35mm wide-angle Fujinon optical 5x zoom lenses, and 3-inch*3/2.7-inch LCD monitors. *2: J150w and J110w models only *3: J150w and J120 models only

    The FinePix S100FS, which further expands the scope of photography with its wide angle and telephoto capabilities, will also be featured. This camera is equipped with four separate Film Simulation Modes which enable the kind of high-fidelity color reproduction usually associated with reversal and pro-negative film. The S100FS also comes with Wide Dynamic Range 400%, is able to suppress overexposure on scenes with a high contrast of light and dark colors, and allows enhanced photographic expression with vivid color reproduction.

    The FinePix S8100fd is equipped with a 27mm wide angle Fujinon optical 18x zoom lens, and is able to shoot 13.5 frames per second, while the FinePix S1000fd is equipped with a Fujinon optical 12x zoom lens, yet comes in an easily manageable, compact palm-of-the-hand size.

    Another exhibit will feature the FinePix F100fd, from FinePix’s flagship F series. With Wide Dynamic Range 400%, an impressive 12-megapixels, and the highest sensitivity of ISO 12800*4, this camera achieves high resolution coupled with low noise. *4: ISO 12800 at 3-megapixels or lower

    From the highly functional and stylish Z series, Fujifilm will exhibit the FinePix Z200fd and the FinePix Z20fd models. The stylishly-designed slimline body of the FinePix Z200fd houses an optical 5x zoom lens, 10-megapixels, and an anti-handshake function to minimize the possibility of blur. The Z20fd comes complete with a motion picture button, Successive Movie function and an in-out editing capability to further enhance the fun and convenience of photography.

    The Real Photo Technology Experience Area allows visitors to experience Scene Recognition Auto function which intelligently identifies scenes and optimizes photographic conditions accordingly; Wide Dynamic Range 400% which suppresses overexposure in scenes with a high contrast between dark and bright colors; Face Detection 3.0 which can detect faces at speeds of as fast as only 0.036 seconds; and the self-timer functions used by the Face Detection capability, Couple Timer & Group Timer.

    FinePix Near Future Technologies A special exhibition will feature Fujifilm’s ``Super CCD at Photokina 2008´´ which includes the structure and concept of Fujifilm’s newly-developed sensor and other leading imaging products. Fujifilm has also developed a brand new dimensional imaging system as part of its near future technologies which will be offered to the new world of imaging as an imaging concept model.

  2. Print at Retail - Expanding Frontier Solutions showcases Fujifilm’s diverse array of in-store printing solutions Photokina provides the showcase for the diverse array of in-store printing solutions made possible by Fujifilm’s Expanding Frontier Solutions strategy. Photobook is one of the in-store solutions that has undergone a remarkable rise since its origins in 2005. Fujifilm is pleased to offer its new print order terminal software (TS) and its Plug-in software for Photobook, which can be used by both Frontier digital minilabs and Xerox Phaser laser printers, to further expand the Photobook market.

    Fujifilm will exhibit its lineup of printers that are indispensible to realizing the Expanding Frontier Solutions variety of value-added print services. In addition to the Frontier digital minilab which is epuipped with the new workflow Management Software (MS), ASK thermal photo printers, and EPSON Stylus Pro 7880 wide-format printers, Fujifilm will also display its new Frontier Dry Minilab DL410, one of the products of the Expanding Frontier Solutions lineup, which adds yet another dimension to the company’s printing services.

    The Frontier Dry Minilab DL410 has a compact footprint of just 0.5m2 and boasts a printing speed of 650 sheets per hour (4R size = 152 x 102mm). This high image quality inkjet minilab is the latest addition to the already extensive Frontier digital minilab lineup.

    Fujifilm is also delighted to display its range of value-added print services Shuffle Print, Stained Glass Collage, Folded Photo Greeting Card and Spiral Calendar, all made possible with the print order terminal TS software. In addition, Fujifilm will exhibit its high-speed dye sublimation thermal photo printers ASK-2500 and the ASK-3000 which features a high-density capability, and these will be available for print demonstrations at Photokina. Also, maximizing its decades of expertise in the field of silver halide photography, Fujifilm has developed a next-generation thermal transfer photo printing material, FUJIFILM Quality Thermal Photo Paper. It offers enhanced whiteness and gloss, easy handling, and reduced environmental impact during the production phase.

    Paralleling the diversification of print services has been a diversification of ordering methods. The Digital Photo Center 7 (DPC7) is a new type of print order terminal that is easy to use and features an adjustable LCD monitor along with easy positioning capability in a wide variety of convenient locations.

    Fujifilm’s silver halide photographic color paper display will include the new writable paper, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Writable Paper, and the premium photo paper, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Supreme High Definition, which further enhance the premium printing services available to consumers.

    A special exhibit to raise awareness of the alliance between Fujifilm and Xerox Corporation will also be held. By connecting a Fujifilm print order terminal with the Xerox Phaser 7760, Photobook solutions will be highlighted. The Xerox iGEN4 Press and Xerox 700 Digital Color Press will also be displayed as part of Fujifilm’s on- demand printing solutions.

    Finally, the new LiteBox, Image Intelligence Portrait and Image Intelligence Professional software solutions jointly developed by Fujifilm and Halse Imaging Systems Ltd that have further raised the productivity of professional photo labs will be featured in Fujifilm’s Trade Area.

  3. New Products - Expanding the World of Imaging With the widespread use of the Internet, the world of imaging is also expanding faster than ever before, and Fujifilm has a new range of products to respond to the increasingly sophisticated consumer demands.

    With the acquisition of IP Labs GmbH at the beginning of 2008, FUJIFILM Corporation announces the new version of its leading online photo service software platform Internet Photo System (IPS) for high volume photo service providers, and the brand-new Internet Photo System for Minilabs FUJIFILM printshop suited for the needs of specialized photo retailers and small to medium sized photo retail chains.

    In addition, FUJIFILM Corporation and Nintendo Co., Ltd. are pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Photo Print Channel for Wii, an Internet-based printing service for digital photo prints, Photobooks and other items, using Nintendo’s WiiTM. This service was first introduced in Japan on July 23, 2008, and a reference exhibit of the Digital Photo Print for Wii will be on show at Photokina 2008. The FUJIFILM GF670 Professional medium-format camera, developed jointly by Fujifilm and Cosina will also be displayed at Photokina 2008 as a reference exhibit (the camera will be marketed under the FUJIFILM brand in Japan only).

Fujifilm is firmly committed to continuing its development of new products and services to further Expand the World of Imaging.

(First posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 at 15:29 EDT)

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