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ArcSoft's Takes
Online Photo Editing To New Extremes

FREMONT, Calif. -- Consumers can now add special effects and edit their photos online with ArcSoft, a worldwide leader in digital imaging software and provider of online photo services, today announced "PhotoIsland PhotoWorkshop," the newest feature to its popular consumer photo-sharing site, ( PhotoWorkshop now lets users add special effects and enhancements to their images and create "PhotoFantasies" online.

PhotoIsland's PhotoWorkshop incorporates some of the top features of Arcsoft's critically acclaimed retail software products -- PhotoFantasy and PhotoStudio. With these additions, is the first photo-sharing site to offer consumers a robust set of special effects and entertainment features with real-time previews that until now could only be found in stand-alone photo-editing retail software.

"The PhotoIsland PhotoWorkshop area was created for users who want to do more than just share their photo's online. This area is for users who want to do basic enhancements, add special effects and have fun with their pictures without having to use complicated photo-editing programs." said Joseph Bollentini, chief operating officer and executive vice president of ArcSoft. "PhotoIsland is unlike any other photo site on the Internet -- you will see even more innovative features like these in the future."

The PhotoWorkshop area will feature two new applications including iPhotoFantasy‘ and iPhotoEffects‘. The iPhotoFantasy area lets users put their face on hilarious fantasy backgrounds using photos stored in their PhotoIsland album or images from a floppy, CD-Rom or hard drive. Users can choose from more than 100 fantasy template categories including athletes, costumes, sports cards, time warp animals and black and white fantasies. PhotoIsland's iPhotoEffect area includes over 20 special effect tools like oil paint, sketch, tile, splash, whirlpool, mosaic, ripple and more. Users can apply and view the effect in real-time and adjust the level of intensity applied to each photo. PhotoIsland will continue to add entertainment and productivity tools to the PhotoWorkshop area throughout the next few months.

Also recently added to the site is PhotoIsland's PhotoGallery, where members can submit their favorite photos to be posted in public galleries. Selected photos will be places in specific categories like Pets and Animals, Sports and Recreation, Art and Culture, Photography Art, Nature and Sky and more. ArcSoft will also award prizes to the best picture in each category via contests and giveaways.

Additionally, PhotoIsland is boasting their "No Porn" motto. Unlike other PhotoSharing sites, PhotoIsland will not allow pornographic materials to be posted in the public gallery. Members' password protected albums will also prevent minors from "stumbling" across any pornographic material. The site will be featuring a series of banner ads promoting the "No Porn" motto, while concerned parents can click on these banners for further information on PhotoIsland's "No Porn" policy.

About ArcSoft

Founded in 1994 and based in Fremont, Calif., ArcSoft develops and markets digital imaging and video software products designed for the creation of business graphics, consumer photo editing, multimedia, and Internet publishing. ArcSoft believes in competitively priced, high-quality software products for the retail market. Special edition versions are also included as dual platform (PC/Mac) bundles with popular PC and electronics products like digital cameras, color printers and scanners. ArcSoft's OEM customers are leading digital camera, printer, scanner and computer manufacturers.

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