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Inspired by what George Eastman did for traditional photography a century ago with his "You press the button, we do the rest" promise,'s mission is to advance and simplify digital photography on a global scale.

As part of this strategy, Zing made several announcements at the Photo Marketing Association show (PMA) in Las Vegas:

Zing acquires FotoNation

Zing has added FotoNation to the Zing Network. Soon, software will be integrated into the suite of Zing services to enable users to point, shoot, and zing. By simply plugging in a digital camera, photos will automatically be added to a Zing account. This unique capability will first appear in the newly announced Casio QVX2000, which will be demonstrated in both the Casio and Zing booths.

Partners with Zoran

Taking this idea a step further, Zing has also formed a strategic partnership with Zoran, a leading supplier of chipsets for digital cameras and DVD systems. The goal of this partnership is to deeply integrate Zing's services into digital cameras at the chipset level, providing unparalleled ease of use for consumers who want to put their digital pictures to use online.

Licenses Technology to PictureIQ

While Zing is simplifying the process of getting pictures online, we continue to add to our extensive set of photo sharing and creativity services. Zing has licensed core technology from PictureIQ to bring a variety of creative tools for users to make their pictures the best that they can be, from a wide range of Web-connected devices including game consoles, set-top boxes and cell phones.

Pix to be [email protected]'s gift source

Great pictures deserve great prints. To further enhance our print and gifts offering, Zing has completed the acquisition of, the leading online merchandiser for photo-personalized gifts. Pix will continue to provide e-commerce services to key customers including Kodak PhotoNet, Canon, Casio, District Photo, Brøderbund, Microtek, Ulead, Ixla, and, as well as supply Zing members with high-quality prints and gifts. Pix is also announcing that they will be running the photo gifts center at [email protected], a leading Internet portal.

Mullarkey Named Editor

Despite advances in ease of use, creativity, and quality, there are still consumers who seek guidance getting started with digital photography or are seeking a community of like-minded people with whom to share ideas and pictures. Zing has the most active and vibrant picture-based community on the web, driven by veteran photo editor and new Editor-in-Chief, Karen Mullarkey. Karen's award-winning work has graced the pages of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated.

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