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Minolta Presents Dimage 2300 Compact 2.3 Mp Digital Camera

LAS VEGAS -- The newest addition to Minolta Corporationıs diverse line of digital cameras, the Dimage® 2300, is being announced today at the PMA International Convention and Trade Show. The Dimage 2300 digital camera is so compact and easy-to-use that itıs perfect for any user‹novice to advanced. And itıs packed with high-performance features that make it ideal for family or business purposes.

Featuring 2.3 million pixel resolution, the Dimage 2300 captures sharp, clear prints as large as 8² x 12². In addition, lighting conditions are no problem for the Dimage 2300. The autoexposure is programmed to select the correct aperture and shutter speeds, and the white balance automatically selects from three modes: daylight, tungsten or florescent.


Several flash modes add even more versatility: autoflash, autoflash with red-eye reduction, fill-flash, fill flash with red-eye reduction and flash cancel. And for greater convenience, the Dimage 2300 provides two options: immediate and two-second delay shutter release.

Working much like a traditional film camera, the Dimage 2300 features easy-to-understand controls and an optical viewfinder that makes framing as simple as ever. Other versatile features include: macro capability that allows users to record documents, schedules or small objects such as jewelry; burst capture mode that takes two frames per second at full-frame resolution; digital zoom at 1.4x or 2x; and fast, simple USB connection to Windows 98® or Macintosh® operating systems.

The Dimage 2300 uses popular Exif 2.1 (JPEG) and TIFF file formats, and has the MGI PhotoSuite SE bundled in for creating artistic greeting cards, home pages and professional-looking business reports. In addition to single frame, the Dimage 2300 offers Index Play and Slide Show for added versatility.

Main Features

The Dimage 2300 uses a high-resolution 2.3 million-pixel CCD for sharp, clear prints as large as approx. 30 x 20 cm at 150 dpi. An RGB primary color filter retains color fidelity to the original scene. Together with the quality all-glass lens with 4 aspheric surfaces, and autofocus system, the Dimage 2300 produces clear and crisp images every time.

Proper exposures are provided in virtually all lighting conditions with the Dimage 2300. Programmed Autoexposure (AE) selects optimum aperture and shutter-speed combinations. Automatic White Balance (AWB) detects the type of lighting and makes it appear neutral. White balance can also be selected from three different preset modes: Daylight, Tungsten and Fluorescent. Flash photography adds precision and versatility by using various flash modes: Autoflash, Autoflash with red-eye reduction, Fill-flash, Fill-flash with red-eye reduction, and Flash Cancel. Red-eye reduction gives the subject a more natural look by helping to reduce the unpleasant red-eye effect.

Simple and Fast USB Connection

In addition to offering an ordinary RS232C serial interface connection to Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems, the Dimage 2300 can also be connected to a Windows 98 or USB-featured Macintosh system via a bundled USB cable for fast and easy downloading of image files. Using the hot-pluggable USB cable and the cameraıs USB connector, high-speed digital image downloading is possible at speeds up to 1.5MB/second.

Digital Magnification and Macro Capability

Digital Magnification lets users take a shot at a magnification ratio of 1.4X or 2X. In Play mode, it allows users to enlarge a part of a captured image to a 2X or 3X ratio.

Macro Capability

Macro mode allows shooting a full-frame picture of an A4 size paper from as close as 30cm. The macro capability, combined with fine 2.3 million-pixel CCD resolution and Digital Magnification, lets the users record business documents, schedules, or small objects such as watches, jewelry, and many other items.

Excellent Portability and Ease of Use

Featuring an extra-compact body measuring 114 x 65 x 35mm (45mm with the lens projected) and weighing approx. 200g, the Dimage 2300 is easy to carry and to use. For entertainment or business uses, the pocket-sized Dimage 2300 is a handy, high-performance companion.

Easy to Use

The compact body of the Dimage 2300 features easy-to-understand controls, much like those of a traditional film camera, so even novice users can quickly become familiar with it. The buttons for frequently used functions, such as flash mode and digital magnification, are neatly placed on the top, while more advanced functions such as the self-timer, burst capture, remote release, and slide show can be selected by turning the function dial.

The LCD data panel on the top of the body shows the camera status such as; selected image quality, flash mode, sharpness, and remaining frames. The 4.6cm (1.8-inch) color LCD monitor on the back makes picture taking easier and more enjoyable. The selection buttons are located around the monitor for ease of use. In addition, the optical viewfinder allows framing much like a traditional film camera. And the LCD monitor turns off to save on battery power.

Other Versatile Features

CCD Sensitivity Selection: To match the camera to the lighting conditions, the CCD sensitivity can be switched between two ISO equivalents: Normal (equivalent to ISO 85) and High (equivalent to ISO 340).

File Formats: Exif 2.1 (JPEG), TIFF, and DPOF: The Dimage 2300 uses popular Exif 2.1 (JPEG) and TIFF file formats. Images are compressed and saved in FINE, STD., or ECON image quality modes (JPEG), while non-compressed images are saved in S. FINE mode (TIFF). Furthermore, the DPOF file format enables quick and easy printing without the need for any cable or computer, from the DPOF-compatible home or photofinishing printers utilizing a CompactFlash card.

Remote Release: For added convenience, the Dimage 2300 offers remote shutter release when used with the IR Remote Control RC-3. This provides two release options: immediate shutter release and 2-second delayed shutter release.

Burst Capture: The Dimage 2300 features Burst Capture mode, which takes a series of pictures at a burst rate of two frames per second with full-frame resolution (1,792 x 1,200 pixels, up to 4 frames in FINE mode).

Index Play / Slide Show: In addition to the single-frame play, the Index Play allows nine images to be viewed at once. Slide Show lets users create and play a series of images in forward, backward or random order.

Video Output: For easy viewing, the Dimage 2300 incorporates a video-out terminal for connection to a television set. By simply connecting the camera to a TV monitor with the supplied Video Cable, users can enjoy viewing pictures with their friends and families on a large TV screen.

Power Source: For ease of use anywhere in the world, the Dimage 2300 uses four popular AA size, alkaline batteries, rechargeable Ni-CAD batteries, or long-life, rechargeable Quest® Ni-MH batteries for extended use. It is also designed for use with an AC adapter.

MGI PhotoSuite SE Software for More Fun: PhotoSuite SE is bundled in the Dimage 2300 package, making it fun and easy to create original materials such as artistic greeting cards, home pages, and professional looking business reports. Photographs taken with the Dimage 2300 can be modified with colors, sharpness, and brightness, etc., or even transformed or enhanced by using special-effect filters.


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