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Minolta Amplifies Performance Of Dimage Scan Multi

LAS VEGAS -- New added-value enhancements to Minolta Corporation's popular Dimage Scan Multi film scanner are a FREE single-user version of Canto Software's Cumulus Version 5 Asset Management software, and an exclusively designed Universal Holder, UH-M1, that enables users to handle a wider variety of film formats.

The Cumulus 5 software, which has a suggested retail value of $99.95, automates and improves the way scanned images are made available in a workflow environment.

"Many companies and organizations, especially those in advertising, graphic design, prepress, printing, photography, corporate communications and publishing, realize that their digital images are valuable information assets," said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of marketing, Consumer Products Group, Minolta Corp. "By bundling in the free Cumulus 5 software, Minolta is adding value to the Dimage Scan Multi and helping users to protect their assets while making them readily available to all who need them."

"Minolta users will appreciate how easy it can be to find, reuse and share all of the digital assets that they create with their new film scanner," said Jason Taylor, vice-president of sales and marketing. "Cumulus 5 features such as slide shows and HTML pages open new possibilities for creating and emailing custom portfolios on-the-fly."

In addition, Sienkiewicz said, "Piles of photographed documents which have been left undigitized in cabinets until today can now be made available for broader applications with the Universal Holder UH-M1 and the Dimage Scan Multi."

The new Universal Holder UH-M1 is designed especially to enable users to easily handle such film formats as American Standards transmission electron microscope (TEM) film and microfilm on aperture cards. TEM film is used in scientific research and in medical laboratories.

For example, scanning TEM film at 2,820 dpi allows acquiring finer images for precise analysis of the samples. Microfilm stored on aperture cards is used as archival media by libraries and in the engineering and architecture industries.

Cumulus 5 Single User Software

Cumulus 5 Single User is the professional way to organize, catalog and present images, designs, sound clips and documents. It provides an innovative set of Asset Management tools that make finding and reusing any type of asset easy and efficient. New features allow users to attach voice annotations to assets, email assets directly from within catalogs, and create on-the-fly HTML pages and multimedia slide shows.

Cumulus 5 can be completely customized, so users control the look and feel of interface previews, descriptive fields, and thumbnail views. It supports drag and drop functionality with popular graphics application and catalogs all file formats. Cumulus 5 continues its position as the Asset Management solution supporting the widest range of platforms, including Macintosh, Windows® 95, 98 and NT. A server edition, Cumulus 5 Workgroup, also supports Mac OS X and UNIX.

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