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Kodak to Provide Online Printing Services
For Adobe Consumer Software Products

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Eastman Kodak Co. has announced it has a signed a letter of intent to work with Adobe Systems to provide on-line printing for Adobe's family of digital imaging software products. This move expands Kodak's rapidly growing role as the pre-eminent supplier of Internet printing services.

Through Kodak's retail presence, largest photo-processing infrastructure, and brand trust and strength, the company is extending its long tradition of providing high-quality pictures into on-line photo-printing and delivery. Currently, Kodak processes about a million rolls of film every day, the equivalent of more than 40 million prints. In the six weeks since Dec. 15, the company reported that it scanned approximately 40 million pictures.

Since August, the company's Internet printing service has also provided on-line fulfillment of print orders from digital files. Combined with its online outlets, Kodak PhotoNet online and "You've Got PicturesSM" developed with America Online, the size and scope of this capability make Kodak the pre-eminent supplier of Internet picture printing services, the company said.

Ease of Use Plus Ready Access

"We're committed to growing the picture business," said Willy Shih, senior vice president, Eastman Kodak Co., and president, Digital & Applied Imaging. "Combining the easy-to-use interface of Adobe software with ready access to Kodak printing services truly provides yet another on-ramp and off-ramp for people to enjoy digital photography. It makes it easy for people to get their pictures-when ever they want to order and where ever they want them sent."

Initially, Kodak and Adobe plan to integrate Kodak's Internet printing service into Adobe ActiveShare software, allowing consumers to receive Kodak premium quality prints of their digital images. Adobe ActiveShare software allows users to easily capture, edit and organize digital images, and then share them with family and friends on the Web or through email. With this software, Adobe brings its expertise and well-earned reputation for excellent image-editing software to an easy-to-use program for even inexperienced computer users and web sharers.

"When people think of pictures-prints-they think of Kodak," said Bruce Chizen, Adobe's executive vice president, worldwide products and marketing. "We've made ActiveShare software as easy to use as possible. We wanted to make printing and sharing pictures easy, too. For consumers to see that they can get Kodak prints from our software will make the user experience much more appealing."

Kodak and Adobe have a long-term relationship that includes collaboration on Kodak Picture CD, as well as work on color management tools and plug-ins for professional digital cameras, scanners and printers.

Easy upload to Kodak's online printing service is planned for an upcoming release of Adobe ActiveShare software. Adobe's line of digital imaging products is available in retail and through OEM bundles. The Adobe ActiveShare software is also available as a free download from

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