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ArcSoft PaintingMontage Turns Images into 3D Art!
By Kim Brady, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, February 15, 2001 - 23:55 EST)

If you spent much time wandering through book stores in the 1990s, you may recall the growth of a very popular digital art form called "photo montage." Originally created piece-by-piece, with painstaking detail, by a select few digital artists, the effect was soon automated and popularized by software companies like ArcSoft, which introduced PhotoMontage software in the mid-90s.

ArcSoft has introduced yet another montage software -- designed for both professional and consumer users -- that enables you to instantly create 3-D montage images on the computer. PaintingMontage appears to be an expanded version of PhotoMontage that allows you to "paint" hundreds of micro-images over a photograph with either automatic rendering commands or manual stroke-by-stroke painting.

PaintingMontage includes a number of enhanced tools, such as multiple undo/redo features (so you can experiment without making an irreversible error), a smart text tool for making 2-D or 3-D graphics, a screen saver capability, a masking feature that allows you to build custom image catalogs and brush sets, plus built-in editing tools that allow you to adjust brightness, hue, and/or color saturation before you begin to apply montage effects.

ArcSoft PaintingMontage supports all popular file formats and is capable of importing image files directly from digital cameras, scanners, camcorders, content CDs, and the Internet. The software's album palette manages and displays image files for easy access and manipulation.

Additional information is provided in the attached press release, or by visiting the ArcSoft Web site at

Original Source Press Release:

ArcSoft's PaintingMontage Easily Transforms Images Into Eye-Catching 3D Montage Posters

PaintingMontage Will Offer Unprecedented Imaging Entertainment

Orlando, Fla., February 12, 2001- PMA - ArcSoft Inc., a leading provider of digital imaging software and networks, today announced the exclusive preview of ArcSoft PaintingMontageTM at PMA. ArcSoft PaintingMontage is a dynamic, easy-to-use program that will enable both casual and professional users to quickly turn their favorite photos and images into unique and personalized 3D projects, posters and gifts on their PC. The program will be available for PC users at this summer.

"ArcSoft has built its reputation by consistently meeting and exceeding the growing needs of our customers, from the novice tech user to experienced photo-enthusiast and business users," said Todd Rumaner, vice president of marketing and development for ArcSoft. "Using PaintingMontage, consumers will be able to create exciting 3D montage posters, screensavers, calendars, and t-shirts of special events like weddings, sports games, or even of their favorite celebrity, while professionals will be able to use the program as a resource for creating dynamic marketing and promotional materials."

About ArcSoft PaintingMontageTM
PaintingMontage will offer people an easy way to transform ordinary images into 3D montage posters and projects within minutes. Using its powerful album palette, users will be able to display and manage image files from their desktop, create image catalogs and brush sets from specially tailored images, create multiple album themes, and upload images from various sources including scanners, disk drives and digital cameras.

PaintingMontage will introduce 2D and 3D text graphics with its Smart Text tool -- enabling users to add text messages to their project. People will be able to select from a variety of borders, captions, and numerous frame templates for a personalized montage. Once the project is complete, the user will be able to preview the intended result and make changes in real time before turning the vector montage into a poster, saved image, or screen saver.

PaintingMontage includes a full set of traditional editing tools that will allow people to adjust brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, as well as crop their images for improved composition. For novice users, the Auto Enhance feature will provide a quick fix to common image problems. PaintingMontage's multiple undo/redo feature will offer users the ability to experiment with any editing or painting option, without the fear of making irreversible errors.

About ArcSoft
ArcSoft is an international leader in providing interactive digital imaging/video software and Internet/network solutions to businesses (B2B) that enhance consumer's digital photography and multimedia imaging experience. Founded in 1994 and based in Fremont, Calif., ArcSoft's customers include leading global digital camera, printer, scanner, photography, computer and consumer electronic manufacturers. The PhotoIsland Network System is powering some of the most intriguing photo-centric Web sites on the Internet. Today, the company has Research and Development centers in California's Silicon Valley and Hangzou, China, as well as Sales and Support offices in Asia, Europe and the Americas. For more information visit

ArcSoft is a registered trademark of ArcSoft, Inc. ArcSoft Painting Montage is a trademark of ArcSoft, Inc. All other product names are trademarked or registered by their respective companies.

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