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Vivitar's DIGI 35mm hybrid film / digital camera. Courtesy of Vivitar. Vivitar announces DIGI 35mm hybrid camera!
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, February 19, 2001 - 22:44 EST)

Vivitar announces a hybrid digital / 35mm film camera, the DIGI 35mm...

Following from the previous two news items, one last new camera announcement from Vivitar for today... This one is pretty unusual, as well! The Vivitar DIGI 35mm features a very low resolution (320 x 240 pixel) digital camera and a 35mm film camera, in one unit. There is a distinct similarity to Polaroid's I-Zone Combo camera in this amalgamation of a film and digital camera with separate lenses into one unit, but as well as the obvious difference that the Vivitar camera uses 35mm film and not Polaroid's I-Zone film, there is one other significant difference. Since both lenses are on the front of the camera on Vivitar's unit, both can be used to take a picture at one time, meaning you get a low-res digital image suitable for emailing, and a film negative for printing... Bizarre, but kind of cool in its own unique way! ;) Here's the full specs as we have them:

Specification Highlights - full specifications here
Vivitar DIGI 35mm
Vivitar's DIGI 35mm hybrid digital / film  camera, front view. Courtesy of Vivitar Corp. Click for a bigger picture!
Model Number: DIGI 35mm
Camera Format: Hybrid film/digital
Retail Price: $119.95
Date Available: 2001-02-11
Image Capture
Image Sensor: CMOS, size and resolution unknown
Image Resolution: 320 x 240
Focal Length: 4.4mm (actual) for digital lens, 33mm for film lens
Digital Zoom: None
Auto Focus: No, fixed focus
Manual Focus: No
Normal Focus Range: Unknown
Macro Focus Range: Unknown
Aperture Range: f3.5 (digital), f4 (film)
Optical Viewfinder: Yes (Reverse galilean with bright frame)
LCD Viewfinder: No
ISO Settings: Unknown
White Balance Settings: Auto
Manual White Balance: No
Shutter Speeds: Unknown
Exp Adj Range: None
Metering Modes: Auto
Exposure Modes: Auto
Self Timer (seconds): 10 seconds
Internal Flash: Yes
Flash Modes: Auto, Fill, Off
Flash Range Description: Unknown
Ext Flash: No
Image Storage
Flash Memory: Built-in
Memory Included (MB): 2MB
File Formats: JPEG
More Information
Weight: Unknown
Weight With Batteries? N/A
Size: 137 x 76 x 51mm, 5.4 3.0 x 2.0 in
Notes & Features: Hybrid camera, features both digital and film internals using separate lenses for each. Film lens is 35mm f4 (3 elements, 3 groups), digital lens is 4.4mm f3.5 (single element). Stores 80 normal or 30 high-res images. Can be powered by USB port. Film camera portion has auto film advance, rewind, and mid-roll rewind. Images are captured simultaneously on film and digital portions of camera...

Original Source Press Release:


LOS ANGELES (February 11, 2001) - Vivitar is introducing the DIGI 35mm, a hybrid film/digital camera. The unique DIGI 35mm is ideal for photographers that wish to easily add photographs to Web pages or send them via email and still enjoy high quality 35mm prints. The DIGI 35mm also gives users the option of viewing their photographs before they are printed.

The DIGI 35mm is equipped with two lenses - a glass 33mm f4 lens for 35mm images and a 4.4mm f3.5 lens for the CMOS digital sensor. The camera uses standard 35mm film and simultaneously captures each photograph digitally in its internal memory. The camera is equipped with a one-touch button that can delete any images in its memory.

The DIGI 35mm has a 3-way flash, red-eye reduction and automatic film advance, rewind and mid-roll rewind. An LCD displays the frame number, battery level, flash mode and self timer status. The camera will also alert the user if the film has not been loaded correctly.

Images may be transferred to a PC through a USB port. Users can then view their photographs with the included Hybrid Cam software, which comprises Ulead Photo Express, Photo Explorer and Cool 360. Power is supplied by four AA batteries.

The estimated retail price is $119.95. The DIGI 35mm may be purchased at mass merchandisers, consumer electronics stores and other Vivitar resellers nationwide.

Vivitar Corporation, headquarterd in Newbury Park, California, is a world leader in the development, marketing and distribution of high quality photo, sports optics and digital products. Vivitar products have been the choice of Americans for more than 60 years.

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