PMA 2001 - February 12, 2001
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Contax's N Digital SLR. Copyright (c) 2001, Michael R. Tomkins, all rights reserved. A close-up look at Contax's N Digital SLR digital camera!
17:39 EST - Exclusive Contax N Digital SLR pictures, and an added bonus to picque your interest... :)

Contax is showing its N Digital SLR digital camera under glass at PMA 2001, and once again we're proud to be able to bring you some up-close images of the camera from a hands-on session we had before the show even opened back on Saturday (we've been so flooded with work that only now have we had time to process all of the images we captured and bring you the scoop!) First announced back in July of... (More)

Agfa Promises Quality Scans in a Snap!
13:36 EST - Agfa added another member to its "e-generation" family of SnapScan consumer flatbeds -- the SnapScan e25. At a suggested retail price of $99, the big selling points here are low price, ease of use, 42-bit color, and programmable presets for destination-specific, one-touch scanning.

Agfa Consumer Imaging announced the SnapScan e25 desktop scanner, the fourth in a series of SnapScan "e-generation" consumer flatbed scanners. The e25 delivers 600 x 1,200-pixel resolution and 42-bit color for greater fidelity. Three programmable buttons allow users to scan at specific resolutions for output to printers, importing into an e-mail, or editing and uploading to the Internet for online... (More)

Canon Brings High-Resolution Scanning and Printing to the Desktop!
11:36 EST - Canon's two new scanners -- the CanoScan 1230UF and CanoScan 2400UF -- have raised the bar in prosumer desktop scanning, providing high-resolution input (1,200 and 2,400 dpi, respectively) previously reserved for higher-end production models. Complementing the two CanoScans is the S800 Bubble Jet printer, with 2,400 x 1,200 dpi output and more than 49 levels of color gradation. Canon's announcements, like many that we have seen this year, are indicative of a growing trend toward convergence of consumer and professional imaging products.

Canon U.S.A. Inc. unveiled three new products today aimed at the prosumer digital imaging and high-end personal computer markets. Two high-resolution flatbed scanners -- the CanoScan 1230UF and 2400UF -- incorporate recent advancements in optical and software technology, providing high-resolution optical scans (1,200 and 2,400 dpi, respectively) previously available only on high-end scanners. The new... (More)

Epson's logo. Click here to visit the Epson web site! Epson announces new technology, industry support!
11:02 EST - At a well-attended press event Epson announces new PRINT Image Matching technology, along with industry support from six Japanese digicam manufacturers...

Epson America Inc. last night unveiled its latest printer technology to the press at the BET Soundstage in Downtown Disney, just outside Orlando. Officially announced this morning PRINT Image Matching, Epson claims, will offer a wider color space, particularly in the blues and greens, as well as the possibility of better color rendition overall. The technology starts in the firmware of a digital... (More)

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