PMA 2001 - February 16, 2001
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Poster-Size Prints Available Through Print At Kodak!
23:57 EST - Did you think your digicam print options were limited to 8x10-inches? Believe it or not, Kodak is offering up to 20x30-inch prints for a little more than 2 megapixels. Visit Kodak's print ordering service [email protected] for information on ordering large photographic prints made with the Kodak Professional LED Digital Color Printer. Link through Kodak's Home Page at (More)

UPDATE: Applied Science Fiction Announces Enhanced Dry Film Processing
22:34 EST - The photographic press has watched and waited for Applied Science Fiction's highly publicized digital dry film processing to make its way into the photo labs, and it appears that the time is finally drawing near. ASF demonstrated a prototype model of the Digital PIC (Process & Image Capture) lab system at the PMA show this week, and passed out photographs made with the controversial "film in, bits out" process. We were duly impressed by the results -- particularly the brilliant reproduction of the primary colors such as red, green, and blue.

Applied Science Fiction Inc. (ASF) introduced Digital PIC (Process and Image Capture), the next generation of its proprietary dry film processing system, this week in Orlando. Digital PIC is a development and scanning process that uses minimal amounts of development agent applied to the surface of 35mm color or black-and-white films, to produce a latent film image that lasts just long enough to make... (More)

Adobe Announces Photoshop for the Amateur Photographer!
18:20 EST - Finally, a Photoshop program specifically designed for the photo enthusiast! Ranking second in features among Adobe's image-editing software programs, Photoshop Elements provides more creativity than Adobe ActiveShare or PhotoDeluxe, but lacks the high-end Photoshop applications that most users outside of the graphic arts or prepress fields don't need. Many Elements features are similar to those found in the professional version of Photoshop, but they include more detailed help menus to assist the novice retoucher. For example, the start-up screen gives six options for opening files: New, Open, Paste, Acquire, Tutorial, and Help (which provides immediate access the program's extensive Help system). This is a good example of taking the same options that are available in Photoshop's professional... (More)

Canon's logo. Click here to visit the Canon website! Canon PowerShot A10 and A20 - full specs and pics!
16:29 EST - Full specifications and pictures of the new Canon PowerShot A10 and A20, as well as their underwater housing...

Adding onto yesterday's posting of Canon's new PowerShot S300 digital camera, we're now happy to bring you full specifications for the company's other two new cameras at PMA, the PowerShot A10 and A20. Both very similar to each other, the A10 and A20 are low-cost units. The A10 features a 1.3 megapixel CCD image sensor, CompactFlash type 1 storage, and a 3x optical zoom: Specification Highlights... (More)

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