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NixVue's logo. Courtesy of Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd. Click here to visit the Nixvue website! Nixvue Unveils Vista, an iPod for Images
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 19:20 EST)

The Nixvue Vista Digital Album resembles Apples MP3 device but takes it much further for digital images...

A portable storage device for digital images has long been on our Most Wanted list. And while we've followed lots of leads over the years, we've never been able to apprehend one.

But Nixvue has announced an iPod-like device designed for digital images that promises to be the real thing.


Available in 10-GB and 20-GB versions, it's a compact 5.7x3.2x 1.1-inch package weighing 9.9 oz. with USB, parallel, composite video interfaces and a PCMCIA slot. FireWire support appears on a screen shot, but we can't confirm that the device itself has a FireWire port (which would be useful for transferring images to a computer).

Screen shot

A screen shot

The device, powered by a Lithium Ion battery supports SmartMedia, Panasonic SD/MMC, SONY Memory Stick and CompactFlash Type I (and Type II, IBM MicroDrive via optional PC card adapters).




Exif data on page two of the image display

The color LCD displays images for slide shows. And the unit can print directly to photo quality inkjets via a cradle connection or navigate the collected images on a television monitor.

The device will be distributed in the U.S. by Jobo Fototechnic (


  • Palm-sized Portability
  • LiON Battery Operation
  • Large Storage Capacity: 10GB/20GB
  • Easy Operation via Backlit LCD Panel Convenient viewing on PAL or NTSC TV
  • Slide Show Capability with Rotate and Zoom
  • Professional Output on Photo Quality Printer
  • Win 98/SE, ME, 2000, XP Support Mac OS 9.1 and OS.X
  • Support New Optional Accessory: TravelJack

Original Source Press Release:

Nixvue Systems Announces New Vista Range of Products at the PMA 2002 Show in Orlando, Florida.

Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd, manufacturers of the award winning, highly successful Nixvue Digital Album today announced the introduction of a new range of products aimed squarely at the digital camera user market. The Nixvue Vista (for Visual Storage Album) allows the digital camera user to quickly store huge quantities of images to a battery-operated device. Once transferred, the user can quickly view, organize and even print these images without the need for a personal computer.

Beyond Storage
The Nixvue Vista goes beyond transferring and storing of your digital camera images. With it you can view these images on the built-in color LCD panel any time, any place. The powerful operating system allows you to perform file operations without having to resort to connecting to a personal computer. Copy, cut and paste files and directories quickly and easily using the ergonomically designed navigation buttons. You can even copy images back to the memory card if you so choose to.

The Nixvue Vista can also be connected to just about any TV set or projection system in the world using the built-in composite video jack. This is great for showing off your pictures at family gatherings as well as for sales and marketing presentations. You can even control the pace of the presentation by using the remote controller unit.

Starting from an RRP of US$499, the Nixvue Vista is available in 5, 10, 20 and 30GB hard disk capacities.

Also available is the optional Nixvue Printer Jack interface*. This attachment allows you to connect to the parallel printer port and output to popular photo-quality ink-jet printers from Hewlett-Packard and Epson.

The Nixvue Vista is designed to accommodate up-coming peripherals and standards such as Firewire (IEEE-1394)*, USB 2.0* and Ethernet* connectivity. For the audiophile, there is also an attachment to play MP3 files*.

The Nixvue Vista - Your View Into a Brighter Tomorrow.

* to be available

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