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SiPix's logo. Click here to visit the SiPix website! SiPix announces StyleCam Blink!
By Dave Etchells, The Imaging Resource
(Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 21:22 EST)

Tiny new digital camera offers ultra-portability, videoconferencing...

SiPix Inc. has today announced a new digital camera model that is bound to raise some eyebrows both for its low price and tiny size. The StyleCam Blink makes most ultracompact cameras seem huge with dimensions of just 0.6" x 1.97" x 1.97" (1.5 x 5 x 5cm) and weighs 1.5 ounces (30 grams) without batteries. With a planned price of just $39.99 when the camera ships next month, buyers will get a 640 x 480 pixel CMOS camera with 8MB of built-in SDRAM and an optical viewfinder.

SiPix's StyleCam Blink digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved. Click for a bigger picture!
SiPix's StyleCam Blink digital camera, front view

The Blink also features a low-res 320 x 240 pixel mode, F3.0 6.3mm fixed focal-length lens equivalent to 24mm on a 35mm camera, and USB connectivity. The camera has focusing distances from 23" to infinity (0.6 meters to infinity), along with Auto (indoor) or manual (indoor or outdoor) white balance, auto exposure, a monochrome status LCD and JPEG / AVI file formats. The SiPix StyleCam Blink is powered by 1 AAA battery, and comes with an impressive software bundle featuring full versions of ArcSoft PhotoImpression, PhotoFantasy, PhotoMontage, VideoImpression and a 30-day free membership to iVista's videoconferencing service.

SiPix's StyleCam Blink digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved. Click for a bigger picture!
SiPix's StyleCam Blink digital camera, rear view

Original Source Press Release:

SiPix Makes Fashion Statement with Wearable Line of Tiny, Go Anywhere Digital Cameras

StyleCam Blink, the newest, ultracool, under-$40, point-and-shoot digital camera; holds up to 300 pictures, captures desktop video and doubles as a cool necklace or pocket cam

PMA 2002, ORLANDO, FL, Feb. 24, 2002 - SiPix Inc., the digital imaging appliance company, has introduced the StyleCam Blink, an ultracool, go-anywhere digital camera, at a suggested retail price of only $39.99. Aimed at the youth and consumer markets, the StyleCam Blink is tiny but packs a whopping 8 Megabytes of internal memory, perfect for storing up to 300 pictures. The amazingly easy-to-use StyleCam Blink can rapidly take up to 100 pictures, fast enough to use them as streaming AVI video clips.

The StyleCam Blink comes with a cool neck strap and a swivel clip so on-the-go kids and gadget lovers can conveniently attach the tiny camera to a belt loop or backpack, or wear it around their neck. Once the memory is full, the pictures can easily be sent directly into a PC using the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connection. The StyleCam Blink is then ready to take another 300 pictures, since the internal 8MB of memory is reusable.

?The StyleCam Blink is the perfect solution for young people and technology enthusiasts who love to take pictures without having to carry around a traditional camera, said Michael Weizer, director of product marketing for SiPix, Inc. ?And at $39.99, we hope to bring the benefits of digital imaging to the masses with one of the smallest, coolest cameras on the market.?

When the StyleCam Blink is hooked up to a PC, more fun begins. You can enhance StyleCam Blink photos using ArcSoft?s PhotoMontage and PhotoFantasy image manipulation programs. Put the StyleCam Blink into Streaming Snapshot mode, save the pictures as an AVI video clip and send it to friends or family using standard email. Tether the StyleCam Blink to a PC with the included USB cable to turn it into a Web cam ? the perfect tool when it?s time for video chat fun over the Internet.

Available in March, the StyleCam Blink is perfect for active teens and youngsters who love to take pictures or who want to get started in digital imaging ? and the suggested retail price of $39.99 won?t break the bank, either.

Feature Set
Smaller than its older brother, the SiPix StyleCam, the StyleCam Blink is an ultra-small, lightweight digital camera, with 8MB of onboard memory that stores up to 300 images. It is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. Download images by USB using the StyleCam TWAIN driver for viewing. When shooting pictures in Streaming Snapshot mode, up to 100 rapid burst images can be captured and then saved as AVI video clips with the included software. When connected to the PC by USB, the StyleCam Blink is transformed into a video conferencing tool for face-to-face conversations over the Internet. Another feature, the cool accessory stand, is specially designed for positioning the StyleCam Blink on a desktop or notebook. The super-cool neck strap and swivel clip make it easy to keep the camera close by. And the value-packed software bundle allows the imagination to run wild when working with StyleCam Blink?s pictures on the PC.

The sleek, tiny camera and powerful bundle of exceptionally versatile and easy-to-use premium photo and video software from ArcSoft can give imaginative youths an experience that previously cost thousands of dollars in digital darkroom equipment and software. PhotoImpression is ideal for editing, retouching and adding special effects to photos, then easily printing the results. PhotoMontage turns multiple images into a single image, a digital collage of favorite images. PhotoFantasy moves image parts around, creating fun and interesting new pictures. VideoImpression creates and edits video while Inetcam iVista gives users the power of the Internet to share live, streaming video.

The unique, easy-to-use AVI Maker program from SiPix turns snapshots taken in Streaming Snapshot mode into exciting home videos that can be shared with friends on the home PC or shared over the Internet. The SiPix StyleCam TWAIN driver downloads images quickly to the PC using the supplied USB cable

About SiPix, Inc.
SiPix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SiPix Group Limited, is a leader in the manufacturing and delivery of digital imaging appliances for the consumer market. The company?s portfolio of innovative and intuitive image capture and image output products provides a complete product and service chain, from capture to print, and from hardware to media, through trend setting designs, thus enabling the sharing of images instantly and globally, at an affordable price for everyone. For more information, go to

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