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Digital Custom launches online photo-retouching in Japan!
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, February 25, 2002 - 19:07 EST)

"Image Edit & Art" website offers pro retouching - at a cost...

A press release from Digital Custom Group Inc. today announces the Japanese launch of its "Image Edit & Art" website, a resource for professional image retouching. The site offers a range of services, allowing customers to offer directions for what they would like retouched - and returns an edited image in 3, 8 or 15 days.

The price varies significantly depending on the work to be done, and is quoted before work begins. Digital Custom suggest prices commonly range from $25 to $100 per image, with the latter being for items that require hours of work.

Original Source Press Release:

DigitalCustom Introduces Custom Digital Editing To Japanese-Speaking Consumers

San Francisco, CA, Feb. 24, 2002 ? DigitalCustom Group, Inc. announced today at PMA Image-Edit & Art Nihon-ban (, a Japanese language version of DigitalCustom?s Image-Edit & Art ( consumer photo editing service. Since it launched in April 2001, Image-Edit & Art has provided U.S. consumers with a convenient place to have custom digital photo editing done by professionals. In January 2002, DigitalCustom appointed Tomo Nakagawa as its Business Development Representative for photo retailer and manufacturer relationships in Japan. With the online introduction of Image-Edit & Art Nihon-ban, DigitalCustom completes the launch phase of its Japan initiative.

"We are pleased to make our important service available to Japanese speakers in their native language," Jeff Makoff, DigitalCustom?s President and CEO, said. "Japanese consumers are avid photographers, and have adopted digital photo technology faster than anyone in the world. Beyond digital photos, we expect to do a robust photo-restoration business in Japan. Many families in Japan have pre-War photos that are not only precious family heirlooms, but are mementos of an important era in Japan?s history. We intend to take a leading role in the restoration and preservation of these images. Our photo restoration specialists are the best in the world."

Among its services, DigitalCustom offers "Grade 5" photo-restorations through Image-Edit & Art. DigitalCustom classifies an image as "Grade 5" if it is extremely torn, worn, pieced or otherwise badly damaged. Restoration work on a "Grade 5" image takes an enormous amount of time (sometimes 8 hours or more), experience and talent. Through a strategy of worldwide specialization, Image-Edit & Art handles most "Grade 5" images for less than $100. "Normal" aged photo-restorations through Image-Edit & Art are priced at $25-$50.

"Our development team did an outstanding job getting Image-Edit & Art Nihon-ban online ahead of schedule," said Barnabas Takács, DigitalCustom?s Chief Technology Officer. "The Japanese language site makes it easy for Japanese speakers worldwide to order custom digital editing. The Japanese site has all the attractiveness and ease-of-use for which Image-Edit & Art is known. We look forward to fulfilling orders that originate through the new site and to the relationships we are developing in Japan."

About DigitalCustom
DigitalCustom Group develops products that allow advertising/marketing agencies, media companies, photographers, in-house corporate departments, photo-retailers and consumers (through Image-Edit & Art) to outsource digital image editing work, and manage digital image editing workflow. DigitalCustom's corporate offices are in San Francisco and its worldwide customer service facility is in Cincinnati.

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