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Concord's Eye-Q Duo 1300 digital camera. Courtesy of Concord Camera Corp., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Concord: Two new compact digicams announced!
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, March 7, 2002 - 14:47 EST)

Florida-based camera manufacturer announces update to the Eye-Q Duo...

Concord Camera Corp. had several new digital camera models on show at PMA 2002. Of these, some were variants with or without an LCD display - such as the 1.3 megapixel Eye-Q Duo 1300 and Eye-Q Duo LCD. An update to the existing VGA-resolution Eye-Q Duo model, the new Duos are similar in most other respects. Both feature image resolutions of 1280 x 960 pixels, glass fixed-focus, fixed-focal length lenses, 8MB of built-in memory, MultiMediaCard slots for memory expansion, web-camera and video clip functions, and snap-on interchangeable face plates. Fuller specifications, along with images of both cameras, follow.

Apologies for the poor image quality - Concord's booth didn't have great lighting and Mike was in a rush to get to an appointment, so didn't have time to check how the images came out until after the show ended...

Concord Eye-Q Duo 1300 / LCD
Concord's Eye-Q Duo 1300 digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved.
Lens9.9mm f/3.2 glass lens, 5 elements in 5 groups, (Equivalentto 44mm lens on 35mm format)
FocusingFocus free 1.2m to infinity
Image Sensor1.3M (1288 x 968 pixel) CMOS sensor
Image Size7.7 x 5.8 mm
Image QualityFine - 1280 x 960, JPEG 5.5:1
Standard - 1280 x 960, JPEG 12:1
Economy - 1280 x 960, JPEG 24:1
Sensor Output1280 x 960, 24 bit color depth output
SensitivityEquivalent to ~ ISO100 Silver Halide Film
ExposureAuto exposure, Auto white balance
Storage Capacity using 8 MB Internal MemorySuper High Quality - 16 images
High Quality - 32 images
Normal Quality - 60 images
Output file formatJPEG compression
ShutterElectronic variable speed
ViewfinderReversed Galilean type with 85% coverage and 0.4xmagnification
Status LCDFrame counter, battery status, flash mode, self-timer, imagequality, NTSC/PAL TV mode, live video mode, storage, image deleteindicator, 2X digital zoom
Frame CounterLCD Counter, counting forward
DTFT (Duo LCD only)Outward Dimensions: 39.9(W) x 32.6 (H) x 4.5 (typ.) mmexcluding protuberances
Screen size: 31.512mm (W) x 23.69mm (H)
Number of dots: 312 (W) x 230 (H)
Number of gray scales: Max. 6 bits (64 gray scales, 262,144colors)
Light Source: White LED with light-guide
VideoWeb Camera and Video Clip Functionality
Self-timer10s delay with blinking red LED (7s slow and 3s fast)
Flash UnitAuto Flash and Flash-off mode
Power Source3V 2xAA LR6
Battery LifeUp to 160 Pictures (approx.)
Power ManagementAuto-power-off after 30, 60, 90 seconds or no auto time out(User Programmable) without activity
Size110 x 62 x 30 mm
Weight112 g (without battery and MMC card)
ConnectivityUSB connector direct to PC
MMC connector connect to MMC card
Video connector direct to TV (NTSC / PAL)
System RequirementsWindows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
PC SoftwareTWAIN Driver, WDM Driver
AccessoriesCD ROM including Multilingual User Manual PDF Format
USB Cable & Video Cable
Wrist Strap & Pouch
3V 2xAA LR6 Alkaline battery
Multilingual Quick Start Guide
Warranty Card
More Photos
Concord's Eye-Q Duo 1300 digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved.
Concord's Eye-Q Duo LCD digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved.

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