PMA 2002 - February 23, 2002
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Kodak High-Speed (!) Thermal Printer with Cheap (!) Media Debuts from Kodak
17:23 ET - Kodak announces a high-speed thermal photo printing system with very low media costs, aimed at the lab market.

This one will be of great interest to lab and event photography operators: A super high-speed (relatively speaking, anyway) dye-sub printer, with media costs about half of the current going rate. Kodak's new ML 500 "Digital Photo Print System" can crank out up to 270 8x10 prints per hour, with a media cost (ribbon & paper) of only $1 per print. Since it uses a thermal, dry-imaging technology (no chemicals),... (More)

Kodak 10 lbs in a 5 lb bag? PIM in a new guise? Something more?
17:19 ET - Kodak announces a new "extended range" enhancement to the JPEG format...

This is an interesting item, although it's a little hard to tell from the press release just what's going on. Kodak has announced an extension to the common JPEG format, to be implemented in their pro cameras and backs beginning in March. The new format apparently embeds color gamut and "dynamic range information" (whatever that might be) inside otherwise standard JPEG files. (Most likely as JPEG "comment"... (More)

Kodak Kodak Extends Picture Maker Functionality (reads digicam memory cards!), Modularizes Design
17:14 ET - Kodak announces new ordering and digital input modules, to extend the Picture Maker kiosk functionality.

By any measure, Kodak's Picture Maker self-serve printing kiosks are one of the success stories of the digital age. With something on the order of 21,000 installed units in the US, they've become a commonplace of American life. Kodak has now announced two significant enhancements to the Picture Maker product, extending their reach further into the digital realm, providing connectivity not only to... (More)

Kodak Kodak Professional Introduces DCS Pro Back 645
17:09 ET - Digital unit is size of film magazine, features Kodak's 16-MP CCD sensor...

Kodak Pro is introducing its newest medium-format digital camera backs at the Photo Marketing Association trade show, Feb. 24-27, in Orlando, Fla. (booth #2772). The 645 medium-format digital backs featuring the 16-MP CCD sensor, LCD display and image management capabilities available in the Kodak Pro DCS Pro Back Plus Digital Camera Back are compatible with the Contax 645AF and Mamiya 645AF camera... (More)

Kodak Kodak Enhances ProShots Studio Software
17:00 ET - Kodak ProShots Studio Software Suite v5.0, introduced today by Kodak Professional, allows photographers to work with both film-based and digitally captured images, and offers a more intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface for delivering image files effortlessly to processing labs.

ORLANDO, Fla., February 23 -- One year after Kodak Pro acquired the popular ProShots studio imaging workflow system, the software has been made even more sophisticated. Kodak ProShots Studio Software Suite v5.0, introduced today by Kodak Pro, allows photographers to work with both film-based and digitally captured images, offering a more intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface for delivering... (More)

Kodak Pro Improves Components of 'Lab Digitization' Solution
16:24 ET - Kodak Pro Digital Print Production Software, the new HR 500 Plus and HR Universal film scanners -- featuring Digital ICE technology -- highlight Kodak Pro's digital imaging architecture for scanning, image management, storage, output and even Internet accessibility.

Kodak Pro today announced improvements to both hardware and software components of its "lab digitization" solution. Kodak Professional Digital Print Production (DP2) Software v4.0 and the new Kodak Professional HR 500 Plus and HR Universal film scanners -- featuring Digital ICE technology -- are the improved key modular digital components. A sample solution is on display this week at the Photo Marketing... (More)

Kodak's EasyShare DX4900 digital camera. Courtesy of Eastman Kodak Co., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Kodak announces DX4900 digital camera!
15:27 ET - Latest addition to the 'EasyShare' line has a 4 megapixel sensor coupled with a 2x optical zoom...

Eastman Kodak Co. has today announced its new DX4900 digital camera. Extending the 'EasyShare' lineup of digital cameras with a 4 megapixel imager, the DX4900 also features a 2x optical zoom lens, 3x digital zoom, manual focus capability, burst-mode, 10 manual setting "presets", three metering modes and compatbility with the Kodak EasyShare USB camera dock. The Kodak EasyShare DX4900 digital camera... (More)

Lexar Media Introduces Image Rescue Service
14:13 ET - Lexar Media authorized professional dealers will use Image Rescue to provide image recovery services for their digital photography customers.

Lexar Media Inc. has announced a proprietary image file recovery program for the digital photography industry. Image Rescue(tm), debuting at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) trade show Orlando, Florida, recovers "perceived to be lost" image files from CompactFlash(tm) memory cards. Participating Lexar Media authorized professional dealers will use Image Rescue to provide image recovery services... (More)

Lexar Media Optimizes Pro Compact Flash for Canon EOS-1D
14:03 ET - Enhanced firmware boosts write speed up to 15 percent in 1D

Lexar Media Inc. has upgraded firmware for 16X-speed Professional Series CompactFlash cards to maximize image write speed when used with the Canon EOS-1D digital camera. Cards upgraded with 1D-optimized firmware, achieve a minimum sustained write speed of more than 15 percent faster than standard 16X Professional Series cards in the EOS-1D's High-Speed Continuous mode.  "Based on our testing, our... (More)

Foveon's X3 logo. Courtesy of Foveon Inc. Click here to visit the Foveon website! Microsoft, Adobe back Foveon's X3!
12:26 ET - Carver Mead details his company's latest invention, announces support from some major industry players...

Carver Mead, Chief Executive Officer of imaging company Foveon Inc., discussed the company's recently announced X3 CMOS image sensor in a DIMA session entitled "The Cutting Edge of Commercial Imaging" this morning. Unfortunately we were unable to fit this event into our schedule, however our friends at the Digital Photography Review attended and have posted a report on their News page. According... (More)

Samsung announces four new digicams!
02:40 ET - Our friends in Holland do it again - this time turning up news from Korean electronics giant Samsung...

The folks at, the bilingual Dutch/English website, have posted news of four new digital cameras from Samsung ranging from 2.1 to 4 megapixels. We were aware of one of these and endeavouring to find out more details, but apparently they beat us to the finish line this time. ;) In brief, the cameras are as follows: Samsung Digimax 230 - 1/2.7" 2.1 megapixel CCD, 3x optical / 2x digital... (More)

Toshiba's PDR-3310 digital camera. Courtesy of Toshiba, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Toshiba announces three new digital cameras! (UPDATED)
02:21 ET - One model features a touch-screen LCD, another sports an infra-red interface, and a third looks curiously familiar...

Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. has today announced three new digital cameras just a day before the start of the annual Photo Marketing Association trade show in Orlando, Florida. We'd actually thought we were told the NDA time on these announcements was 9AM of the 23rd, however on seeing our friends at Steve's Digicams have posted the info and noting that the press release only states "February... (More)

Pentax's Optio 230 digital camera. Courtesy of Pentax Corp., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Pentax announces Optio 230 digital camera!
01:01 ET - New 2 megapixel digicam features flip-out LCD, 3x optical zoom and an unusual 3D image mode...

Colorado-based Pentax Corp. has today announced a new digital camera for the US marketplace, the Optio 230. A compact 2.11 megapixel unit featuring a 38 - 114mm equivalent 3x optical zoom lens, the camera has some rather interesting features. Perhaps the most unusual is what Pentax refers to as the "3D image mode" - you take two pictures in a row of the same subject, adjusting the location of the... (More)

New Kodak digicam on the way?
00:18 ET - This is just a quick note to confirm that we're aware of the story first posted by of a new four megapixel Kodak digicam based on the EasyShare DX3900 body on the way, which has subsequently been reported elsewhere. However, at the current time we're still under a non-disclosure agreement and cannot provide further details ourselves. Look for more details shortly...

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