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PMA Spring 2005 Index Booth Report: Hewlett Packard (UPDATED)
By Shawn Barnett, The Imaging Resource
(Monday, February 21, 2005 - 01:10 EST)

Probably the first item of greatest interest at the Hewlett Packard booth is something we'll be covering at length, the HP PhotoSmart 8750 printer.

Billed as a Professional Printer, the 8750 has nine inks and 13x19 print output. Two of the nine inks are light grey and dark grey, which combine with black to produce greater range in black and white photos. Stay tuned for more on this.

The march of megapixels continues with the HP PhotoSmart R717. This popular design now offers a 6.2 megapixel imager, red-eye removal, SD card storage, a Li-ion battery, and a 1.8 inch LCD display. It's slated to ship this Spring for $299.

Quite a bit shorter is the M417, which has a 5.2 megapixel output, a 1.8 inch display, and runs on two AA batteries. It'll also be available when Winter breaks for $199.

Also of interest is the new BMW Williams version of the PhotoSmart R607, honoring HP's sponsorship of the BMW Williams Formula One racing team. Pricing is unavailable at this time.

HP Booth
 Booth shot  Booth shot
 Booth shot  Booth shot
 Booth shot  Booth shot
 Booth shot  Booth shot
Copyright 2005 by The Imaging Resource. All Rights Reserved.

Hewlett Packard Products
Photosmart M22
Hewlett Packard Photosmart M22
4.0 Megapixels
36mm (35mm equivalent)
M22 shot at 1:2 with [a]
M22 shot at 2:1 with [a] M22 shot at 2:2 with [a]
Photosmart M23
Hewlett Packard Photosmart M23
4.0 Megapixels
36mm (35mm equivalent)
M23 shot at 3:2 with [b]
M23 shot at 4:1 with [b] M23 shot at 4:2 with [b]
Photosmart M417
Hewlett Packard Photosmart M417
5.2 Megapixels
3.0x Zoom
36 - 108mm (35mm equivalent)
417 shot at 5:2 with [c]
417 shot at 6:1 with [c] 417 shot at 6:2 with [c]
Hewlett Packard Photosmart R717
6.2 Megapixels
3.0x Zoom
39 - 117mm (35mm equivalent)
717 shot at 7:2 with [d]
717 shot at 8:1 with [d] 717 shot at 8:2 with [d]
DesignJet 90
DesignJet 90 Photo Printer
2400 dpi inkjet
USB 1.1 connectivity
A3 / B-size print in 6 min ("Best" mode)
 Design.Jet shot at 9:2 with [e]
Photosmart 8750

Photosmart 8750 Photo Printer
1200 dpi inkjet
9 ink colors including lt/dk gray and black
USB, Ethernet connectivity
Optional WLAN / Bluetooth connectivity
CF/SD/MMC/MS/xD and USB flash drive slots
4" x 6" photo in 29 secs
13" x 19" photo in 3.5 min

 8750 shot at 10:2 with [f]
Indigo Press 3050
Indigo Press 3050
High-volume digital printing press
4000 color A4 images per hour
16,000 single-color A4 images per hour
 Indigo.Press shot at 11:2 with [g]
Copyright 2005 by The Imaging Resource. All Rights Reserved.

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UPDATED 2005-02-24 18:50ET: Further booth and product photos added.

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