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DataColor launches new calibration products
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, February 23, 2006 - 15:23 EST)

Lawrenceville, NJ-based DataColor Inc. has announced the launch of a new line of color calibration products that range from $89 to $599, and cater to a variety of market needs.

The line starts with the $89 ColorVision Spyder2express, which includes the Spyder2 colorimeter and Spyder2express monitor calibration software, suitable for calibrating CRT and LCD screens (including laptop LCDs). The $149 ColorVision Spyder2 Suite replaces the software bundle with Spyder2 Advanced and ColorVision PrintFIX PLUS, which allows users to also calibrate their printers without a third-party scanner. At $259, the ColorVision Spyder2PRO couples the same colorimeter with Spyder2PRO Professional and ColorVision PrintFIX PLUS, and also includes a projector mount attachment for calibrating projectors, as well as adding the ability to calibrate and match multiple monitors, measure ambient light, and more.

ColorVision PrintFIX PRO ($499) includes the Datacolor Spectrocolorimeter 1005, PrintFIX PRO software, and calibration base, for profiling any RGB inkjet, dye-sub, thermal, chemical, or laser printer. Finally at $599, the ColorVision PrintFIX PRO Suite includes the same items, plus Spyder2 Colorimeter and Spyder2PRO software.

Original Source Press Release:

ColorVision by Datacolor Launches All-New Portfolio of Products For Today's Skilled and Passionate Users & Their Need for Outstanding Color

Iconic Spyder2 Technology Evolves to Support Sophisticated Color Reproduction –Throughout Digital Creative Chain and Across Digital Media

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – February 22, 2006 – Datacolor, an internationally known name in color technology, introduces the next generation of ColorVision by Datacolor products: ColorVision® Spyder2express™, ColorVision® Spyder2 Suite™, ColorVision Spyder2PRO™and ColorVision® PrintFIX PRO™. This all-new product line represents the next evolution in the world’s most recognizable and honored brand in color calibration technology, the award-winning Spyder2.

“ Today’s users are extremely sophisticated in evaluating and buying products for their digital creative chain. They want a high level of image accuracy delivered seamlessly and affordably, without the hassle of becoming color ‘scientists’ and without breaking the bank. We developed the next generation in Spyder technology, which basically created the color calibration category, into a portfolio of products for these users– and the retailers who serve them – with our trademark ease, quality, and breakthrough price points,” Datacolor Vice President Brian Levey explains.

As the digital imaging market continues to grow and mature, color quality – and, in fact, all the visual nuances that comprise a quality image – have become the best indicators of what products are acceptable. Monitors, printers and projectors must reproduce what the camera lens captures in tone, balance, shadow and highlight. Each offering leverages Spyder2’s trademark trifecta of benefits – accuracy, ease of use, and affordability – to support an evolving digital imaging market.

Show Images Like The Pros: The Dynamic Colors of Studio-Quality Display
ColorVision® Spyder2express, “Quick, easy, accurate monitor calibration” offers digital imaging enthusiasts and graphic users studio-quality images onscreen

Both Mac and Windows compatible, it calibrates CRT, LCD, or laptop monitors to the industry standard for accurate and consistent color. Sophisticated (algorithms that work behind the scenes…) programming automatically reproduces exceptional visual nuances – including gray balance and tonal responses. As a result, Spyder2express produces a wide range of dynamic colors with exceptional flesh tones, well-defined shadows and realistic highlights. Easy to install and easy-to-use, this entry-level color calibration product is driven by an intuitive wizard driven software and graphical user interface. Users have only a few simple steps to calibrate and profile their monitors; so even novices save time, ink and paper by printing photos right the first time with less trial and error.

Start-to-Finish Quality: Tools That Exceed Sophisticated Standards
ColorVision Spyder2Suite, “Monitor calibration and Printer profiling for the Advanced User” with the trademarked ‘Digital Darkroom in a Box’™, offers a complete package for start-to-finish quality results on the monitor and in print

Designed to meet the demands of even the most passionate and skilled user, Spyder2 Suite offers a powerful combination of calibration and profiling tools at a breakthrough price. It delivers the extremely accurate onscreen color capabilities of Spyder2express, including sophisticated gray balance and tonal response algorithms that are essential for optimal imaging on LCD screens. Plus, Spyder2Suite offers advanced functionality to create, compare and contrast extremely fine levels of RGB-based calibration. The all-new ColorVision package also features PrintFIX PLUS™ – the industry's first software-only printer profiling tool for fast, precise results without a third party scanner.

The Professional’s Choice In Multimedia Display: on Monitors, Projectors & In Print
ColorVision Spyder2PRO, “Is the Professional’s Choice for Monitor Calibration” is the latest software and hardware packaged developed to fill the growing need to display great work across digital media –on a monitor or projector or in print.

Targeted to the demanding designer, photographer and digital professional, ColorVision Spyder2PRO™ V2.2 calibrates the color in digital projectors as well as for CRT, LCD and laptop displays. It offers such advanced functionality as an exclusive Ambient PreciseLight™ function; sophisticated gray balance and tonal response algorithms for exceptional smooth gradient steps and neutral grays, even on alibrates digital projectors as well as CRT, LCD and laptop monitors; and the exclusPrintFIX PLUS™ offers exceptional color outcome for RGB-based printers. This is the industry's first software-only profiling tool for fast, precise results – without a third party scanner.

Spectro Technology For Professional Profiling: Gallery-quality Affordability in RGB Workflow
The revolutionary ColorVision® PrintFIX PRO™ ensures exceptional color, for professional gallery-quality prints with the industry’s most affordable spectro-precision RGB-based printer profiling tools

This all-new addition to the ColorVision line is a handheld spectrocolorimeter developed for discerning photographic professionals as well as graphic designers and digital imaging specialists. It is designed to deliver an easy, accurate color output within the RGB workflow for inkjet, dye-sub, thermal, chemical and laser printers. PrintFIX PRO comes with stand-alone software for enhanced flexibility. Spectro technology enables support of a wide range of media, especially third party fine art papers, third party inks, and an unlimited range of RGB-driven printers.

About Datacolor
ColorVision by Datacolor technology provides affordable, easy-to-use digital color control products to creative professionals, photographers, corporate customers and consumers around the world.

Because color matters, leading businesses, creative professionals, and consumers worldwide choose Datacolor’s innovative technology solutions to consistently achieve the right color. A Swiss-held company, Datacolor’s strong worldwide presence encompasses global manufacturing and operational facilities with an international strategic network of sales and support offices. For more, visit

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