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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Bibble's logo. Click here to visit the Bibble Labs website! PRESS RELEASE: Bibble Labs releases 4.6 update with Noise Ninja Technology and Intel Macintosh Support

Other improvements include revised user interface and more speed.

PMA 2006 Orlando, FL (February 24th, 2006) - Bibble Labs, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of version 4.6 of its popular Raw Workflow software. Bibble 4.6 offers a major breakthrough via the direct integration of Noise Ninja Technology from Picture Code, LLC.

High ISO noise and digital artifacts are one of the more challenging aspects of today's digital workflow. Historically photographers have had to use 3rd party tools and extra post processing steps to deal with this noise "After the fact". By directly merging Noise Ninja technology into Bibble's already blazing fast workflow, better results can now be achieved in shorter amounts of time.

"Many folks don't realize that the actual process of 'converting' a raw file from its original form to another format can actually accentuate the noise present in the file" says Eric Hyman, president and CEO of Bibble Labs. "By integrating Noise Ninja technology into the earliest part of our raw conversion pipeline, not only can we more effectively eliminate noise, but we can prevent it from being exaggerated down stream by actions such as capture sharpening. This produces cleaner files and better details without the 'plastic effect' that other raw software can produce".

Version 4.6 now runs natively on Intel based Macintoshs. Previously Bibble had offered the fastest raw workflow available on PPC based Macintosh. Now this same speed is available to users of the new Intel Mac. Bibble's inherent speed advantage coupled with the new machine's boosted speed makes for unmatched performance when converting raw files.

Further improvements include a revised and simpler user interface that retains Bibble's existing configurability while offering a more intuitive interface on first use. Users of Canon cameras will also be please to find that while Bibble is already the fastest way to convert their files, it now is 1-2 seconds faster per file. Batches that might take hours using other software can be done in minutes with Bibble.

Bibble 4.6 is a free update for all existing licensees of previous version of Bibble 4. "We believe in providing exceptional value to our customers." says Hyman "While we could easily have made our new 'Noise Engine' a separate add on product and charged an additional fee for it, we feel that would confuse our customers. Including it as part of the core package at a reasonable price is the right thing to do."

Bibble supports over 70 of the most popular DSLR and Prosumer cameras. Other key features include best in class speed, a free lens distortion correction plug-in, highlight recovery, shadow fill light, built-in Photoshop Plug-in, arbitrary rotation, curves , levels, tethered shooting and much much more.

Bibble is available in both "Pro" ($129) and "Lite" ($69) versions for Windows, Macintosh (PPC/Intel) and Linux.

Please visit our web site at for further details and to download a fully functional 14 day trial version.

Be sure to visit us at PMA 2006 Booth #4889 to see this unique workflow in action.

About Bibble Labs:
Located in Austin, Texas, Bibble Labs Inc was founded in 2000 to develop technologies and software for high quality processing of raw files from a wide variety of digital cameras. Bibble Labs' stand-alone products are used by thousands of photographers all over the world to quickly and accurately process their raw photos. Bibble Labs' technologies and expertise are increasingly becoming the standard other companies turn to when they wish to embed raw image processing technology in their products. For more information, please visit our web site at: Licensing inquiries may be addressed to [email protected] .

About Picture Code:
PictureCode LLC develops innovative software technology that is widely used by photographers and media organizations around the world. The company was founded in November 2003 by Dr. Jim Christian, a veteran computer scientist and avid amateur photographer. Located in Austin, Texas, PictureCode serves a global market via the Internet and more than 450 authorized resellers. For more information, visit or send email to [email protected]

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