Photo Marketing Association International

Live Tradeshow Coverage
March 8 - 11, 2007
Las Vegas Convention Center, NV

Welcome to Imaging Resource’s Live PMA 2007 Tradeshow Coverage. PMA is the camera industry's most important show of the year, and we're covering it as thoroughly as possible. Not only are we posting news and booth reports straight from the show floor, you'll find extensive video coverage and a daily report from Mike Pasini, our roving reporter. Come back often for daily reports, news, photos, and video of all the latest photography equipment.

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Video Coverage (most recent first)

Video: Solux Lighting

Dave Etchells talks to Phil Bradfield of Tailored Lighting about their Solux lighting for pictures and artwork.

Video: NXP - GPS Part 1 of 2

This is Dave's pick for the hottest technology on display at PMA '07: GPS technology that will fit into a 5x5mm chip package, use almost no power (20 millijoules per position fix), and cost camera manufacturers only $2-4 per camera. You heard it here first: Expect GPS capability to be built into most digicams starting 12-24 months from now! Tech-talk warning: Dave gets pretty technical here with Paul Gough of NXP Software, as the inner details of what they're doing are pretty interesting. (To tech-nerds, anyway.) Part 1 of 2.

Video: NXP - GPS Part 2 of 2

This is part II of the video above, with a look at some actual circuitry; a preliminary "reference design" implementation of NXP's GPS solution. There's also a demo of the host-software side of the solution, although the little icons on the computer screen don't show up well in the video. Dave Etchells talks with Paul Gough of NXP Software about their GPS technology. Part 2 of 2.


Dave Etchells Talks to Liz Armstrong about printing pictures on chocolate and where to get them.

Video: Micron on upcoming sensors

CMOS technology has brought us some amazing sensors in recent years, but it's about to get more amazing according to Micron, maker of some impressive high-speed CMOS image sensor designs. Shawn Barnett talks with Suresh Venkatraman about technology that's just around the corner that could deliver 8MP images at 60 frames per second.

Video: PanDigital Frames

There's more than one way to frame a digital picture, and PanDigital has a few interesting styles, with frames that play music and videos as well. See James Lin tell Shawn Barnett all about their product line.

Video: Chocolography

Dave Etchells talks to Mark Weiss of Chocolography about printing pictures on chocolate!

Video: Ash wood tripods

One of our favorite sightings at the show were the Berlebach tripods from Germany, imported by HP Marketing. Made from ash in East Germany, these quite rigid tripods are only recently being imported to the United States. See the video for more.

Video: Pentax DA* lenses and 645

If you've invested in one of Pentax's promising new digital SLRs, you may be anticipating the upcoming DA* line of zooms announced at PMA 2007. We talk about that, and get a look at the upcoming Pentax 645 medium format DSLR.

Video: Sigma SD14 DSLR

Dave Etchells talks to Tom Sobey from Sigma about the new SD14 digital SLR camera.

Video: Sigma APO 200-500mm f/2.8 Lens

Dave Etchells talks to Tom Sobey of Sigma about the new APO 200-500mm f/2.8 EX DG telephoto lens.

Video: MyBook from Unibind

Ever wish you could present a photo book to friends and family after a big event? With MyBook and an inkjet printer, you can quickly and easily make your own book in just a few steps. In our video, Rusty Redecker of Unibind demonstrates the procedure for Dave Etchells.

Video: Sigma DP1 Rangefinder

Dave Etchells talks to Tom Sobey of Sigma about their new DP1 Rangefinder.

Video: Think Tank Photo

As great as backpacks are for carrying a camera, it's a hassle to get the camera or lenses out of a pack while you're all strapped in. Think Tank Photo's new pack incorporates a new quick release design that lets you bring part of the backpack to the front for easier access. See the video for more.

Video: OP/TECH Rain Sleeve

What do you do when you take your expensive digital SLR out to the races and it starts to rain? Get out a plastic bag? No, you grab your OP/TECH Rain Sleeve and slip it on! Terry Jackson explains this inexpensive and smart solution to Shawn Barnett at PMA 2007.

Video: Quik Pod

Dave Etchells talks to Maren Fromm from Fromm Works about the Quik Pod. A new design in table top tripods.

Video: Lens Pen

Dave Etchells talks to Ryan Keating of Lens Pen about the unique lens cleaning tool.

Video: Samsung GPS Module

Dave Etchells talks to Rudi Samonte about Samsung's GPS Module that syncs with your Samsung digital camera and records GPS data automatically.

Video: Samsung HD Photo Box

Dave Etchells talks to Jason Ledder about the new Samsung HD Photo Box. You can organize and view your photos on your HD television.

Video: Argraph Live View for SLR's

Shawn Barnett talks to Martin Lipton of Argraph about the live view screen for DSLR's.

Video: Artimi Wireless USB

Shawn Barnett talks to Dennis Laudick of Artimi about wireless USB technology.

Video: Sony HD Picture Viewing

Shawn Barnett talks to Yolanda Hunt-Boes of Sony about how to view pictures straight off your camera onto your HD television and then print them on the spot.

Video: Sony Alpha DSLR's

Shawn Barnett talks to Yolanda Hunt-Boes from Sony about the Alpha DSLR line.

Video: Leica Lenses

Shawn Barnett talks to Jeff Van Scoyk about 2 new Leica lenses: one a fast prime, the other a 10.7x zoom with built-in optical image stabilization.

Video: Panasonic Point and Shoots

Shawn Barnett talks to Alex Fried of Panasonic about some of their digital cameras with optical image stabilization.

Video: SanDisk Memory Cards

Dave Etchells talks to Tanya Chuang of SanDisk about some of their SDHC, CF and MS PRO Duo cards.

Video: Fuji A Series and S700

Dave Etchells talks to Jim Calverley from Fujifilm about the A820, A900 and S700 cameras.

Video: Olympus Underwater Housings

Shawn Barnett talks to John McGwire of Olympus about their professional and consumer under water camera housings.

Video: Smartparts Photo Frames

Shawn Barnett talks to John Roberts of Smartparts about their digital photo frames. It's as easy as two clicks to load your pictures on the frames.

Video: X-Rite i1PRO and i1-iO

Dave Etchells talks to X-Rite about the i1PRO and the associated i1-iO which will calibrate the color of both your computer monitor and.

Video: Bibble 4.0

Dave Etchells talks to Eric Hyman of Bibble Labs about Bibble 4.0 photo finishing software.

Video: Lexar 300X Compact Flash

Shawn Barnett talks to John Omvik of Lexar about the new 300X Compact Flash Card.

Video: Canon Printers

Shawn Barnett talks to Justin Joseph of Canon about some of their new printers.

Video: Canon Point and Shoots

Shawn Barnett talks to Lisette Ranga of Canon about some of their point and shoot cameras.

Video: Nikon Point and Shoots

Shawn Barnett talks to Steve Heiner of Nikon about their point and shoot digital cameras.

Video: Olympus E Pro DSLR Concept

An IR Exclusive: Olympus lifts the glass over the Olympus E Pro Concept camera so we can get a closer look. Shawn Barnett and Sally Smith-Clemens discuss this prototype design, which features a swiveling LCD screen for the most versatile live view yet on a digital SLR.

Video: General Imaging

What's the legendary GE brand name doing on digital cameras? Find out, as Shawn Barnett talks to Hugh Komiya and Rene Buhay of General Imaging about their new digital camera line.

Video: Westinghouse Photo Frames

Digital picture frames seem to be reaching some sort of critical mass, with loads of models from multiple vendors. Shawn Barnett talks to Ray Rokay of Westinghouse about their new digital photo frames with at least one unique twist. (They can patent that?)

Video: Kingston Data Traveler

Store your files and download them too! Shawn Barnett talks to Mike Sager of Kingston Technology about a new model of their USB Data Traveler and SDHC memory cards. Why carry a thumb drive and card reader both?

Video: Canon EOS-1D Mark III DSLR

The Canon EOS-1D Mark III, is by far the fastest digital SLR on the planet, and one of the very fastest SLRs ever, garnering huge interest among the Imaging Resource reader base. As extensive as our Canon 1D Mark III preview is though, we gleaned several more interesting tidbits when Shawn Barnett spoke with Chuck Westfall of Canon USA at the PMA show. But that's not all... Chuck also revealed some juicy details about Canon's new 580EX II flash unit, their nifty WFT-2 WiFi transmitter, and the new 16-36mm f/2.8L II lens.

Video: Phanfare

Phanfare's our favorite photo- and video-sharing site, its user interface is just so easy. Uploading and sharing video via Phanfare is just as easy as sharing still photos, too. But what if the people you want to share with are stuck behind a low-grade DSL, slow dialup, or even a mobile device? No problem, Phanfare has the answer, as ably explained by Phanfare president Andrew Erlichson...

Video: Olympus E410 and E510 DSLR's

Live View DSLRs: The Shawn and Sally show! Love the idea of an SLR, but hate giving up the big, bright LCD viewfinder from your digicam? Have your cake and eat it too, with Live View DSLRs from Olympus. Check out these cool new cameras as Shawn Barnett gets the low-down on the new models from Sally Smith-Clemens of Olympus.

Video: Dust-Aid Sensor Cleaner

Clean your sensor with masking tape? Not quite, but you've just got to check out the new sensor-cleaning system from Dust-Aid. Dave Etchells talks to Ross Wordhouse, the inventor of the Dust-Aid Sensor Cleaner. (We tried a sample of this back in our lab, and it really works. It looks like a great solution for any photographer who travels - And for home use too : Check it out!

Video: Cell Phone Face Detection

We've seen a lot of activity around face-detection in digital cameras. By finding the faces in a picture, a camera can make sure they're in focus and properly exposed. But what about camera-phones? Check out this video, and see a cell phone detect nine different faces in a single frame. Eric Zarakov from FotoNation gives us the scoop on their latest technology.

Video: Delkin Devices Sensor Scope

Sure, you can clean your sensor, but what if it doesn't actually need it? Delkin makes the good point that there's always a danger of dragging a piece of grit across your sensor's cover glass and leaving a permanent scratch. Their solution? *Look* at your sensor to see if there's dust there (using their SensorScope). Check it out, this gadget gives you a view of your sensor surface you've never seen before! Dave Etchells talks with Delkin Devices Power Products Manager Anna Lopez about their complete sensor cleaning solution.

Video: Jobo Photo GPS

Who has time to sit down and code and keyword all your vacation pictures, recording where and when you shot them? Yeesh, computers on vacation? Give me a break! How about a clever little GPS unit that sits on top of your camera's hot shoe, and records exactly where every shot is taken? With software that identifies country, city, street, and even local points of interest? And battery life approaching a year? Sound cool? - You've got to check this out: Dave Etchells talks with Johannes Bochemuhl about the Jobo Photo GPS. (Dave says he's going to ask Santa Claus for one next Christmas, 'hope Marti's reading this...)

Video: Jobo Spectator

At least some old-line photo companies are making successful transitions to the digital world, and Jobo is a good example of one such. Dave Etchells talks with Annika Hummerich about the Jobo Spectator, a nifty little transfer and storage device for digital media. (Check out its ability to verify that your photos have been copied successfully: No more nagging worries when you reformat your memory cards!)

Video: Acratech tripod heads

Tripod heads: Somehow it always seems you need the other head on the tripod than the one you've got. Not to mention the extra weight of carrying two (or more) heads around with you. Check out these neat tripod heads being shown by Acratech; they serve double duty. One combines a normal ball-head function with slick gimble-type operation, while the other is designed to handle monster super-teles yet also work for direct camera mounting as well. Shawn Barnett talks with Acratech's CEO Scott Derdick, about their new tripod heads for the outdoor photographer.

Video: Bogen and Kata

Cool new gear from Bogen/Manfrotto: A tripod that flips its top (well, its column, actually), to let you switch from vertical to horizontal shooting without having to undo and redo the whole center column mount each time. (We have an old-style tripod like that ourselves: Trust us, it's a pain.) Also, is this the ultimate travel bag for the gadget geek? Shawn Barnett talks with Kyle Kappmeier about a new Bogen/Manfrotto tripod and head, and a unique backpack-style bag.

Video: Nikon D40X and 55-200mm VR Lens

It's no secret that the Nikon D40 was one of the hottest cameras of the 2006 Christmas season, and now Nikon's updated it, in the form of the D40x. (Don't worry, the original D40 is going to stay in the market as well, remaining one of the better bargains for an entry-level DSLR.) Dave Etchells talks with Lindsay Silverman about the Nikon D40X and its Retouch feature, as well as the new (and amazingly affordable) 55-200mm VR zoom lens. A VR tele for less than $250? What's the world coming to? - Good things, we think!