Booth Report: Fujifilm Corp.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Directly across the aisle from rival Canon Inc., Fujifilm's booth at PMA is located in its traditional spot on the left just inside the hall entrance, and is among the largest at this year's show. In the runup to PMA, Fujifilm announced some seventeen products inclusive of software. Seven new FinePix digital cameras - the F100fd, J10, J50, S1000fd, S100FS, S8100fd and Z20fd - were among Fuji's PMA announcements. These joined an eigth model - the FinePix Z100fd announced a couple of weeks earlier at the Consumer Electronics Show. Film fans weren't left out, either - Fuji showed a new prototype medium format film camera under glass on the booth. The company also launched three new Frontier Digital Printers, the Frontier 750, 770 and 790, as well as the Frontier Dry Minilab 400. Not to be left out, the company's kiosk family got a new model in the form of the Fujifilm GetPix F6 kiosk along with two related pieces of software - GetPix Kiosk Terminal Software "TS" and Frontier Workflow Management Software "MS." A new IP-10 Digital ID Photo System comprised of the company's FinePix F480 digital camera and a new FinePix Printer IP-10 dye-sub was unveiled, and finally the company also launched Fujifilm School and Event Photography Shooting Software. Fuji also announced an alliance with Xerox to help customers create personalized photos specialty merchandise.

Fuji's models show of the company's FinePix Z20fd digital camera in a selection of snazzy colors. Did they choose their cameras to match their outfits, or vice versa? Who can tell! :)
Michael R. Tomkins