Booth Report: Samsung Techwin Co. Ltd.

Las Vegas Convention Center

Samsung made the majority of its announcements a couple of weeks before the PMA show, opting instead to launch its cameras at the Consumer Electronics Show. That being the case, the company didn't actually have its full lineup of new models on display, although given the number of cameras it had unveiled there was still rather a lot to take in. Samsung has already announced no less than thirteen new digital cameras so far this year, including one new digital SLR - the Samsung GX-20. There were also four new NV-series cameras (the NV4, NV24HD, NV30, and NV40), three new models for the i-series (the i8, i80 and i100), three new L-series cams (the L100, L110 and L210), plus two new S-series models (the S760 and S860). Samsung also recently announced two new 1-inch hard drives - the Spinpoint A1 in 30 / 40GB variants - as well as the SC-HMX20C Progressive HD Flash-based Camcorder. Finally, the company announced that it plans to merge its digital still camera business (Samsung Opto-Electronics America Inc.) with its consumer electronics business (Samsung Electronics America) in March 2008.

Ever wondered why digital SLRs are more expensive than their point-and-shoot siblings? You're looking at one of the reasons. You can only get around 120 sensors off this silicon wafer, even before you consider that some will have natural flaws that will lead to their being discarded. Smaller sensors mean less waste, higher yield, and lower cost. When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that DSLR prices have been able to fall as far as they have done over the last few years...
Michael R. Tomkins