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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

DIMA's logo. Click here to visit the DIMA website! PRESS RELEASE: 2009 DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award and 2009 DIMA Vision Award Winners Announced

LAS VEGAS -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Of the hundreds of digital imaging products on display at PMA 09 Sneak Peek, the official press event of PMA 09 in Las Vegas, Nev., 17 have been selected by a panel of digital imaging editors to receive the prestigious DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award. The annual award is one of several events sponsored by the Digital Imaging Marketing Association® (DIMA®), a PMA® member association in Jackson, Mich.

DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards recognize products or services utilizing new technologies and/or applications that make the product either distinct or the first of its kind. Also, the product or service must be available within 90 days of PMA 09 to qualify for the DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award.

Those products and services that are not intended for release within 90 days are eligible for the new DIMA Vision Award. Two products have been awarded the DIMA Vision Award for 2009, showing innovative thinking in pushing technology to advance the digital imaging industry.

PMA 09 exhibitors were asked to submit entries and digital photos for their products/services by Jan. 16, 2009, to allow a panel of industry press to evaluate the products and services for the DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards. All entries were evaluated based on the following questions:

  1. Why is this product/service considered innovative?

  2. What sets this product/service apart from its competitors?

  3. How does this product/service benefit its user?

DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award Winners
The descriptions below feature excerpts from the winning company’s entries. Companies honored for their innovative digital products, in alphabetical order by company, are:

Fat Gecko

Delkin Devices, Booth H277

Delkin’s Camera Mount is a revolutionary new camera mounting kit designed for use in motorsports of all categories. It’s strong enough to remain securely in place, rugged enough to hold an expensive camera, and light enough to go un-noticed while in use. With its universal tripod mount, suction cup and handlebar attachments, the Delkin Camera Mount can be used with any camera and on any surface.


Foolography, Booth Q168-3

Finally, the leash that tethered your camera to a GPS is no longer needed for geotagging. Our tiny Unleashed module sits directly on the camera*, connected wirelessly to any Bluetooth GPS receiver, which can be kept in your pocket or backpack. It passes the GPS data on to the camera and the current location is embedded in your photo’s EXIF data immediately. No additional steps are required at your computer.

*Currently pro/prosumer DSLRs by Nikon are compatible.

Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR digital camera

Fujifilm U.S.A. Inc., Booth A121, A131, A133, A135, F120, and F130

Fujifilm’s FinePix F200EXR is the first digital camera that debuts Fujifilm’s new Super CCD EXR technology. In addition to the 12 megapixel, 1/1.6-inch Super CCD EXR, and completely redesigned EXR Processor, the FinePix F200EXR has a rich feature set including selectable sensor modes that can capture the ultimate image quality in three distinctive ways: high sensitivity and low noise, delivering high ISO sensitivity with extremely low noise for low-light environments; wide dynamic range, simultaneously captures two images to produce a single image for the highest level of detail; and high resolution, maximizing full 12 megapixel resolution for the sharpest, clearest images. Camera features also include a powerful Fujinon 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens and the most powerful face detection technology on the market, face detection 3.0, with auto red-eye removal. On top of this, the FinePix F200EXR offers five film simulation modes, a 3-inch (high-resolution, 230,000-dot) wide-view LCD, HD photo output, dual image stabilization, and sensitivity up to ISO 12800 (3-million-pixel only).

HP iPrint Photo

Hewlett-Packard Co., Booth F150

HP iPrint Photo is the first photo printing application of its kind. It allows for quick and easy printing of 4-by-6-inch photos from an iPhone or iPod Touch to most HP inkjet printers connected to a local Wi-Fi network. HP iPrint Photo is fully compatible with Apple’s Bonjour technology and features the innovative multi-touch interface for the easiest and fastest wireless iPhone or iPod Touch print experience.

HP Photo Center 4.0

Hewlett-Packard Co., Booth F150

HP Photo Center 4.0 is the newest version of the award-winning HP Photo Center solutions. It helps retailers grow revenue with high-quality, high-margin photo products, and makes it easier for consumers to enjoy and share digital photos.

The HP Photo Center expands retail business with high-margin, high-value photo products that can be created in-store in minutes. In addition to vibrant, lab-quality photos, consumers can easily produce professional-looking photo creations such as photo books, calendars, greeting cards, posters, and more within a one-hour service environment. The entire HP Photo Center solution takes a challenged category and turns it into a new, vigorous, profit-centered category.

The key to these innovative products is the ground-breaking software used by the consumers to create and order, as well as retail sales associates to produce and manage. The software is based on a stream of innovative software and algorithms. For example, the HP Lab algorithms for collage creation, innovatively analyze each set of images to optimize placement within the collage. Each collage, as a result, shows off consumers’ images at best, not merely as an auto-fill from a template.

Consumers can manage high volumes of digital images quickly and easily in this simple workflow. The easy-to-use touch screen interface intuitively guides consumers through each step of the ordering process: quick image selection, product choice, image editing, theme selection, and final product preview. Non-intrusive, up-sell screens encourage additional purchase behavior at appropriate moments along the process. A built-in demo mode lets new consumers explore how easy it is to create all the photo products and prints.

Even the attract loop engine running on an input station is innovative, letting retailers merge still images and videos to attract their specific consumers using their specific messages.

The heart of the HP Photo Center 4.0, the order manager software, enables store associates to easily monitor and manage each order and each product creation with minimal training. The spreadsheet format allows associates to quickly sort orders by an array of criteria, including order promise time, assuring orders get completed in a timely and consumer-satisfying way.

Orders can be automatically held or released based on dollar amount or product type. Behind the scenes, the order manager software is efficiently formatting products for creation, assigning the project to the most appropriate printer or tool, including pooled HP inkjet photo printers, making the most efficient use of photo center resources.

HiTi Wireless Foto Transmitter (WFT510)

HiTi Digital Inc., Booth E281

WFT510 is a wireless photo transmitter. With its unique design, WFT510 can support varied digital cameras with PictBridge connection. The WFT510 lets users wirelessly send images from any PictBridge compatible digital camera to a photo printer with functioning FTP server (802.11b/g compatible). By communicating with the wireless photo printer, WFT510 enables photographers to do instant printing without removing the USB cable (link-print mode) or memory cards from their digital cameras. High compatibility of WFT510 makes more camera users experience the convenience of wireless transmission. A photographer is free to move around while taking photos and in only three steps they can complete the whole process from shooting to printing. After a photo shoot, the only thing needed to do is click the switch button, select desired photos to print, and then send them the printer.

WFT510 not only allows a camera to transmit photos to a wireless printer, but also permits it to transmit photos to a PC. With HiTi WFT PC kits, users can easily set up their PCs to receive the photos which are transmitted by WFT510. With WFT510, photographers can work more efficiently; they do not need to prepare a USB line or take out a memory card; they can directly print out their photos wirelessly or edit their photos on a PC instantly.

Lucidiom APM 7.0

Lucidiom Inc., Booth Q180

Lucidiom APM 7.0 is the latest version of the company’s award-winning kiosk software. In version 7.0, Lucidiom has further integrated in-store and online operations allowing consumers to instantly upload photos from the APM to their personalized Photo Finale Web Account for online storage and sharing. As an up-sell option, in-store uploads provide an immediate new revenue stream for stores, as well as driving future online revenue by promoting social picturing and making online sharing and re-ordering more convenient. This reduces the frustration consumers face at home with long upload times and difficulties getting photos from their cameras onto their computer.

Lucidiom Inc. has been the industry-leader in "beyond 4x6" for years, with the APM currently boasting a catalog of well over 1,000 unique creative products. To help consumers navigate this ever-growing breadth of choices and find the perfect product for their occasion, APM 7.0 introduces a completely redesigned product finder. The new user-experience simplifies the process, making it easier for consumers to browse products and styles, by theme (e.g. Birthday), season/holiday, or price range.

Another key innovation in the APM 7.0 is a brand new product recommendation, an up-sell engine that presents consumers with targeted up-sell opportunities based on Lucidiom’s extensive database of historical kiosk sales data, powered by APM network. For example, consumers ordering a holiday greeting card might be prompted to purchase a photo envelope, set of thank you note cards, and custom photo wrapping paper, all in matching designs.

Lucidiom EQ Coordinated Social Expression Products & Service

Lucidiom Inc., Booth Q180

Lucidiom EQ, the complete imaging solution, now offers a full line of coordinated custom photo products. For example, when a consumer orders the "Happy Birthday" photo wrapping paper, they will be offered a matching birthday card and envelope to go along with the wrapping paper when they order a photo book, they’ll be offered a dust jacket to complement the book. Products include gift wrap, note cards, folded cards, invitations, banners, posters, photo books and covers, proof books, notepads, and envelopes. These coordinating products are suggested directly to the consumer by the kiosk software based on the initial product and design that has been selected. This ensures that consumers don’t miss a hot product and retailers don’t miss a perfect sales opportunity.

Lucidiom EQ Scene Me

Lucidiom Inc., Booth Q180

Lucidiom Inc. has developed a unique white screen technology, similar to the green screen used in the movie industry, for the APM kiosk that allows consumers to put themselves in a variety of scenes. For instance, a consumer visiting a Lucidiom kiosk will be able to create their very own custom comic strip; they can place their child’s photo within a licensed Marvel Comics scene; stand them next to Hannah Montana on stage; place them with Lightning McQueen on a racetrack; have then join Ariel under the sea; have them appear with a holiday character like the Easter Bunny; or they can be on location in front of the Capitol or Eiffel Tower. The possibilities depend on the content the retailer offers. The consumer can bring in their own photo or have one taken on-site in front of a white background, such as a plain wall or the passport screens that most photofinishers have.

Meteor DP20®

MGI USA Inc., Booth H266

The Meteor DP20 is the industry’s first all-inclusive digital photo press. The unit’s streamlined four-in-one capabilities allow users to duplex print, laminate, crease, and cut in just one pass, with all functions fully automated. The 100 percent digital Meteor DP20 uses an environmentally-friendly dry process (no water or chemicals to drain, no film required) and can accommodate most off-the-shelf papers up to 12-by-18-inches (book cover mode accepts sheets up to 12-by-35-inches) and up to 95 lb. (250 gsm). Full variable data capabilities allow for easy personalization, including unique text, photos, and many others which are easily integrated with photo-realistic prints up to 1800 dpi.

In-line finishing functions include lamination with matte or glossy film (can even be combined for glossy on one side, matte on the other), horizontal and vertical cutting (allows for production of photo prints in a variety of sizes), and horizontal and vertical creasing.

Pandigital PhotoLink Scanner

Pandigital, Booth A279

The Pandigital PhotoLink Scanner is a scanner like no other. It gives consumers an easy way to transfer digital images into digital photo frames, PCs, and laptops. It was designed to be incredibly easy to use, scanning images onto a memory card with the touch of a single button.

The Pandigital PhotoLink Scanner is a great tool for anyone wanting to view their favorite print photos on a digital photo frame. The Pandigital PhotoLink Scanner allows consumers to quickly and simply scan existing color or black-and-white prints up to 4-by-6-inches large, directly onto a convenient memory card. The card can then be placed into the Pandigital digital photo frame’s card slot for immediate viewing in dedicated or slideshow modes. Additionally, the photos on the card can be copied onto the digital photo frame’s internal memory.

The Pandigital PhotoLink Scanner can scan in photos and download them onto a PC or memory card for additional use. The photos are scanned at an incredibly detailed 1800-by-1200 high resolution and displayed in 300 dpi for stunning detail and clarity.

The scanner comes with an SD card and mini-USB 2.0 port and cable to quickly and easily save photos and transfer them to an SD or other memory card as well as a computer. The scanner has a five-in-one media card reader, so consumers can scan in their images and save them onto their SD, XD, MMC CF, or MS memory cards.

The PhotoLink’s compact, easily transportable size and shape makes it easy to take anywhere to scan and share photos with friends and loved ones. It weighs only eight ounces and measures only 6.15 (w) x 1.8 (h) x 1.5 (d) inches.

RocketLife Mobile™

RocketLife, LLC, Booth D278

RocketLife Mobile will revolutionize the way people share experiences, from non-revenue generating photo-sharing sites to leveraging everyday devices and tools to generate revenue and grow business, at all touch-points of the value chain (retailer, reseller, fulfillment partner, etc.).

The underlying RocketLife technology of patent-pending features such as Smart Arrangement Technology, instant addition of photos, RocketLife themes, etc., allowing RocketLife Mobile to share not just photos, but products which can be purchased from the full RocketLife feature set. For example, with RocketLife iPhone Express™, adds photos automatically, re-arranges the layout, and generates a richly themed, highly valuable, ready-to-buy product. GPS enhanced high quality image libraries are available, allowing relevant photos of your location or venue to be seamlessly added to the collage and mixed with consumer photos higher value products and expanded revenue opportunity.

RocketLife’s ability to point to a variety of fulfillment options allows GPS local fulfillment partners nearby to either have the product ready to be picked up, cost effectively mailed, or printed at home. The product, for example, a postcard, can have messaging or even be signed prior to sending it to local fulfillment partners.

In addition, other products can be created by one consumer or business and sent to a targeted mailing list by email. The recipient can open the email and order the product, causing revenue to be generated for the originating reseller or the consumer’s online store which holds the products. Imagine one member of a family emailing out a link for a ready-to-buy book, set of mugs for the family reunion, or a book or poster for a local high school football game. The opportunity this generates is endless.

RocketLife Touch™

RocketLife, LLC, Booth D278

RocketLife Touch is an exciting new RocketLife product utilizing patent-pending features such as Smart Arrangement Technology, 3-D Digital Merchandising, ultra-fast importing of hundreds of photos, and amazing multi-layer themes with new enhancements to create the next generation of touch-screen experience.

Perfect for traditional kiosks at retail sites, kiosk photo lounges, or on touch screens at home, RocketLife Touch really shines as it expands touch capabilities to a variety of new venues and opens new environments for rich photo product creation, from stunning collage prints and posters to professional-level, richly designed, lay-flat photo books.

RocketLife Touch can be branded to a reseller partner as well as supporting both localized and centralized fulfillment partners. RocketLife Touch is being launched and demonstrated at PMA, running on HP’s TouchSmart PC, and is easily supported through any other touch-screen environment.

Samsung HMX-H106

Samsung Electronics America, Booth E190

Samsung’s full-HD HMX-H106 is the world’s first digital camcorder to feature a built-in Solid State Drive (SSD). Offering 64GB of flash memory, the HMX-H106 is currently the industry’s highest capacity, flash based digital camcorder, allowing users to record an unprecedented 12 hours of full-HD resolution directly to the camcorder’s internal memory. The HMX-H106 is also highlighted by a unique, stylish design, as well as a host of high-performance features, including a 37mm wide-angle, Schneider Kreuznach Varioplan HD lens, and Samsung’s new optical image stabilizer to help reduce the blur found in footage as a result of vibrations and shaky hands. Combined with the camcorder’s sensitive CMOS sensor, the Schneider lens helps produce remarkably clear and sharp video with accurate color reproduction, and an HDMI connection allows consumers to enjoy their 1080P content on an HDTV.

Photos N Sounds

Unibind, Booth Q171

Photos N Sounds is the first photo book which will allow anyone to simply record a personalized voice message; Unibind will again set a new standard in the industry. Photos N Sounds will offer a recordable version and a prerecorded version with the option of prerecorded songs (Christmas, Happy Birthday, etc.). How does the recordable version work? Simply press and hold the record button, record your personal message, and when satisfied, you may remove the happy tab and make your recording permanent. The Patent Pending Technology comes with replaceable batteries and is available in a variety of color and size options.

Xerox 700 Digital Color Press

Xerox Corp., Booth X142

The Xerox 700 Digital Color Press delivers robust production features such as coated paper handling, heavyweight media support, and feeding and finishing options at an entry-level price. It brings productivity, excellent print quality, and flexibility to photo labs or retailers looking to adopt digital technology or expand their digital photo book printing business. The press prints at 70 pages per minute in color or black-and- white.

The system has the image quality and productivity of a high-end production press and is ideal for photo books, greeting cards, and calendars, as well as more traditional items including brochures, direct-mail pieces, and catalogs.

The Xerox 700 Digital Color Press prints on coated and uncoated paper with a maximum sheet size of 13-by-19.2-inches and a wide media latitude between 64 gsm and 300 gsm (16 lb. bond up to 110 lb. cover). It offers automatic two-sided printing up to 220 gsm (80 lb. cover) on both coated and uncoated stocks. The device boasts image quality at 2400-by-2400-by-1 dots per inch and tight front-to-back registration of +/- 1.0mm.

Xerox FreeFlow Automation Tool

Xerox Corp., Booth X142
Xerox FreeFlow Automation Tool software automates the printing of photo specialty products widely used in the photo publishing market. It facilitates and automates the production of greeting cards, books, and calendars in the photo specialty genre, saving the end user substantial time and money. With this tool, Xerox has enabled industry software solutions like DigiLabs, and others, to automate the back office printing of photo press products.

2009 DIMA Vision Award Winners
Companies honored for their digital products with a DIMA Vision Award, in alphabetical order by company, are:


DNP Photo Imaging America Corp., Booth H211

DNP Photo Imaging America Corp. has developed TomoMT a prototype photo printing application for the Microsoft Surface™ computing platform. Utilizing the multi-touch surface computing interface, TomoMT lets users select, organize, edit, and print digital images. Multiple users can simultaneously touch and interact with their digital images without a mouse, keyboard, or traditional touch screen. Finished orders print using DNP’s NexLabT dry minilab system.

TomoMT demonstrates the versatility of DNP’s software for existing applications and for the future of computing, including the NUI-Natural User Interface. TomoMT incorporates a rich user experience, unlimited opportunities for creativity, and the elusive "wow" factor consumers crave.

DNP Photo Imaging America envisions TomoMT being commercially deployed in specialty photo shops, hospitality destinations, and anywhere people like to gather and share experiences.

Noritsu D502 Duplex Inkjet Printer

Noritsu America Corp., Booth F155

The Noritsu D502 is a new double-sided inkjet printer designed to produce a wide array of retail photo products. The D502 makes it easy to create greeting cards, calendars, posters, signs, scrapbooks, banners, enlargements, and photo books, generating exciting new revenue opportunities for retailers. The D502 provides exceptional value with its ability to produce both traditional photo prints and a variety of photo gifting products. Retailers can create different sized prints (4-by-6 inches, 4-by-8 inches, 5-by-7 inches, and 8-by-10 inches) in glossy and semi-glossy finishes, as well as photo books (6-by-6 inches, 8-by-8 inches, and 10-by-8 inches). Pre-scored greeting card stock in 4-by-8-inches and 10-by-8-inches is also available. The D502 makes high quality prints with excellent image portrayal and a revolutionary four color dye ink printing system that uses six gradations per dot. Print resolution for the D502 is a full 720-by-720 dpi and output is sharper and more vibrant compared to prints made from toner printers. Specially formulated, fade-resistant ink in the D502 is designed to withstand ozone and light, resulting in durable, long lasting prints. The D502 is also simple to operate and maintain. The D502 uses sheet paper magazines, allowing automatic paper feed for maximum productivity which makes it easier to change between paper surfaces. The printer generates no chemical waste and uses household power with a standard USB 2.0 connection. The D502 is also extremely compact, with a footprint of just 3.6 sq. ft.

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