Frequently Asked Questions

These are just the most frequently asked questions we hear. If you can't find your question on this list, just email the editor, who will be happy to answer it for you.

What is Imaging Resource News?

Imaging Resource News is published by Imaging Resource ( as an advertising-supported email newsletter to opt-in subscribers and simultaneously in HTML on the Web every two weeks (without Dave's Deals). We bring you industry events like the Consumer Electronics Show, Macworld Expo, PMA and photokina -- which we actually attend, providing live coverage on our Web site. And we report on digital cameras, storage mediums, scanners, printers, image editing software and services for digital imaging (like online photofinishing, framing and album sharing) as they are released. In addition we publish on-going tutorials designed to help you get the most out of their investment in digital imaging no matter what level of expertise you enjoy. The format includes one or two special features, columns for beginners and advanced readers, a just-for-fun column, reviews (of hardware, software and books), news (primarily product releases), special purchasing deals, letters to the editor and more. [Back]

What is this attachment in my email, and why are you sending it to me?

Many AOL users have emailed us to ask, "What is this attachment in my email, and why are you sending it to me?" (People are rightfully leery of binary attachments on incoming emails, given all the problems recently with email viruses.)

The short answer to the question is: we aren't sending an attachment! The newsletter goes out as plain ASCII text, all transmitted in-line as a standard email message. No attachments! So what's happening? Well, if the AOL email client encounters a message longer than somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 characters, it converts the bulk of the message into an attachment.

Needless to say, this can be a problem. Some people don't have a separate text editor handy to open the AOL-generated attachment (in AOL versions 4 and 5 you can use the built-in editor after downloading the attachment by clicking "File" "Open" from the AOL menu and selecting the file). Even more people are afraid to open them at all.

The AOL email system does apparently display the first few lines of the message though, so we're directing AOL users to this site if they want to read the text without having to risk dealing with a mysterious "attachment." Our apologies for the inconvenience, but there's apparently nothing we can do about it, since all this happens automatically on AOL's end. [Back]

What is Imaging Resource's privacy policy?

We will not give out or exchange email addresses with third parties. Any communications from us to people whose email address we have will always contain an option to unsubscribe. We likewise from time to time may collect demographic information on our subscribers through surveys, etc., but will only share that information in the aggregate. [Back]

Can I have permission to reprint articles from the newsletter?

We are, generally, happy to grant permission to reprint articles from our newsletter, but we can not grant blanket permission to do so because publication rights vary with each article.

If you would like to reprint an article, please email the editor citing the article and the issue in which it appeared as well as the intended use.

When we are able to grant permission, we do require that you include our copyright notice, a link to the newsletter home page and the author's name. Where no byline appears, the article is authored by the editor. [Back]

How can my company advertise in the newsletter?

To learn more about advertising in the newsletter, look over our Media Kit. Then simply email Dave Etchells, the publisher, to schedule a slot. [Back]

How do I subscribe (or unsubscribe) from the newsletter?

The fastest, surest way to subscribe is to use the Subscribe form on our Subscriber Services.

If you'd like to unsubscribe (say, if you're going to be away for a few weeks), use the Unsubscribe form on our Subscriber Services.

If either form reports the server is not available, just try later. Sometimes our list server is offline for maintenance. [Back]

How do I change my address?

The best way to change your email address is to use the Change form on our Subscriber Services. [Back]

How often does the newsletter come out?

The newsletter comes out every other Friday. To check our publication schedule, see the Publication Schedule on our Media Kit page. [Back]

To what do [L], [M] and [W] refer?

The [M] is our newsletter shorthand for Macintosh and the [W] is short for Windows. Sometimes you may even see an [L] for Linux. When you see a reference to QPict [M], for example, we mean QPict runs on the Macintosh, not Windows. When a product runs on more than one platform, we include each [MW]. [Back]

What's your policy on letters to the editor?

We very much welcome your letters and comments. You may write directly to the editor at [email protected] or use our Letter to the Editor form. We do make some assumptions and ask you to observe a few guidelines, however.

Permission. When you write a letter to the editor, we assume you are giving permission to print it in our newsletter. This reasonable assumption makes it feasible to publish letters. If you do not want us to print your letter, simply say so in the letter -- or click the "Off the record" option on the form.

Content. We encourage you to speak your mind freely but responsibly. And in a tone of voice that encourages others to do the same. Content we judge to be libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive or otherwise in violation of any United States law will not be published. Nor do we publish requests for contributions or advertisements in our letters column.

Edits. We reserve the right to edit your letter for length, clarity and to conform to our publication's style.

Publication. While we try to answer every letter to the editor, we can not publish every one. The decision to publish is made by the editor.

Privacy. If we publish your letter, we sign it with your name (if available) unless you ask us to withhold it. We do not publish your email address unless either you ask us to do so, or the subject matter of the letter implies that replies should be sent to you.

Rights. Submissions become the property of Imaging Resource and may be republished in any format. [Back]

Who authors all the unsigned articles in the newsletter?

Letters are contributed by various Imaging Resource writers. [Back]

Can I post your newsletter on my blog?

No. The newsletter is copyrighted. We may permit this, but only under our express written consent.[Back]

Why didn't I receive the newsletter this week?

There are a lot of reasons why you may not have received your copy of the newsletter. We've described the tortuous path each copy takes through the Internet in our article Where's My Newsletter? (March 27, 2009). But the most likely explanation is that it was kept from your inbox by a spam detection filter. The least likely reason is that we didn't send it (we can't skip anybody). And in between is that your Internet Service Provider simply blocked it. For general problems, check the Subscriber Services page. We list any known issue affecting hundreds of subscribers right at the top. [Back]

Can I add you as a connection on my social network?

Certainly, we'd love to have you Like us on Facebook:

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