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SiPix's logo. Click here to visit the SiPix website! SiPix ranked Top 10 in digicam sales!
(Wednesday, September 19, 2001 - 17:31 EDT)

Newcomer ranks well after six months in the retail digital camera market...

SiPix Inc., the spinoff of contract manufacturer SiPix Group which was formed in January 2001, has announced a strong performance in its first six months of its first year in business. The company has distributed a press release noting that in a top ten list of companies shipping point-and-shoot digital cameras released by market research firm IDC, it has been placed in tenth position - an impressive achievement for a company so young in a market so competitive.

SiPix currently sells three digital cameras models, including:
  • iQuest DualCam - an entry-level VGA fixed focal length digital camera with 2MB memory and videoconferencing webcam capability
  • SC-1300 - a 1.3 megapixel fixed focal length camera with CompactFlash storage
  • SC-2100 - a 2.1 megapixel fixed focal length camera with CompactFlash storage
Three further models announced last June, but not yet shipping, include:
  • SP-1300 Shoot & Share - a 1.3 megapixel DPOF-compliant fixed focal length camera with CompactFlash storage, which can be connected directly to a photo printer without the need for a computer
  • iQuest Roam - a fixed focal length CompactFlash camera, resolution unannounced
  • SCP-1000 Shoot & Print - a VGA fixed focal length camera with 4MB memory and a built-in color printer.
Whilst expensive, high-end consumer or pro cameras tend to dominate the news and public interest, sales volumes are much higher at the low-end of the market which is dominated by cameras where simplicity and ease-of-use are key. SiPix's accomplishment says plenty about the size of this market, and bodes well for other manufacturers as camera prices continue to fall...

Source: SiPix Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

IDC Report Places SiPix in Top 10 for Digital Camera Manufacturers

Only Six months after company launch, first-half 2001 report ranks SiPix number 10 in US digital camera sales

Milpitas, Calif., September 17, 2001-- SiPix, Inc., The Digital Imaging Appliance Company, today announced that IDC has ranked SiPix in the top ten list of companies shipping point-and-shoot digital cameras in the first-half of 2001. SiPix announced its entry into the worldwide digital camera market in January 2001.

"Competing in the consumer digital camera market is getting tougher," says Chris Chute, Research Analyst, Digital Cameras and Scanners at IDC. "Vendors who have compelling products, attractive pricing, and strong relationships with distribution channels will continue to succeed."

"This is an amazing accomplishment for our company," said Mr. Dan Ting, president of SiPix, Inc. "We are very proud that within six months of our corporate launch, market analysts are taking note of our progress. We will be working hard to continue our success."

About SiPix, Inc.
SiPix, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SiPix Group Limited, is a leader in the manufacturing and delivery of digital imaging appliances for the consumer market. The company's portfolio of innovative and intuitive image capture and image output products provides a complete product and service chain, from capture to print, and from hardware to media. The company is based in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in Europe and throughout Asia. For more information, go to www.sipix.com

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