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MacBibble v1.99 released!
(Monday, October 1, 2001 - 12:37 EDT)

Latest update to Eric Hyman's popular imaging utility for Macs adds D1X Raw support, improved color, noise and speed, and lots more...

Eric Hyman, author of PC imaging utility Bibble and its Macintosh-equivalent MacBibble has today released a new version of the latter. MacBibble v1.99 has a pretty extensive selection of new features and updates, as follows:
  • Support for D1X Raw Files, including 10 Megapixel mode
  • New demosaicing resulting in higher resolution Nef files.
  • 2001 Color profile for the D1, the most accurate yet.
  • Raw Sharpening applied by default (Sharpen: standard)
  • Reduction in ambient and shadow noise in all raw files.
  • 25% faster Raw processing.
  • Carbonized to run native under MacOS X (Carbonlib required for OS9)
  • Firewire support for D1X/H
  • Changes made to options during batch persist for the batch.
  • Added "as Profiled" Tone control. Per Profile. Saves Highlights [Nef]
  • Added Hotkeys to toggle channel views (Ctrl-1,2,3, r,g,b)
  • Added ability to multiprocess separate batches.
  • Added File: Reset to reset options and reset registry.
  • Changed Sharpening to default to on. Standard is Bibble's preferred amount.
  • Changed Apply to jpegs to default to off.
  • Changed Default color space to SRGB for comparisons with "default" options.
  • Removed old interpolation method as new one is both better and faster!
  • Fixed problem with blowout/underflows in contrasty images.
  • Fixed problem with overruns in the Brightness/contrast adjuster.
  • Fixed problem with rotation in the plugin
  • Fixed memory leak in batching that caused them to crash eventually.
  • Fixed memory leak resulting in crashed batches.
  • Fixed problem reading D1 raws saved in Nikon capture.
  • Fixed Memory leaks that could result in crash after extended use/batching.
  • Fixed plugin installed to selected Dir if Pshop not found.
  • Changed Jpeg quality options to not pop up each time, use menu item.
  • Fixed problem with black images when using gamma alone
Distributed as shareware, a 10-day trial version of MacBibble can be downloaded free of charge from the Bibble Labs website. A license costs $99, and the program requires a PowerMac G3 or higher with a video card that supports 32-bit video, running MacOS 8.5+ with a minimum of 256MB of RAM (or 384MB for D1X users). Further information is listed on the Bibble Labs website.

Source: Bibble Labs website

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