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Ulead's PhotoImpact 7 logo. Courtesy of Ulead Systems Inc. Click here to visit the PhotoImpact website! Ulead releases PhotoImpact 7!
(Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 21:42 EDT)

Latest version of image editor receives award from PC Photo Magazine...

Ulead Systems Inc. has announced the release of a new version of its PhotoImpact image editor, PhotoImpact 7... The latest version includes numerous new features, as follows:
  • Lens Distortion Effect corrects Spherical and Trapezoid distortion
  • Zoom Blur Effect simulates lens techniques for motion blurring
  • Beautify Skin Effect automatically smoothes skin imperfections
  • Enhancer automatically improves overall photo color quality
  • Multiple Prints with Avery, Kodak and standard photo templates
  • PhotoImpact Album retains Exif data captured by digital cameras
  • Web Album and Web Slide Show provide more HTML formatting
  • Visual Open supports WIA-compatible imaging devices
  • JPEG 2000 offers improved quality when compressing images
  • JavaScript Effects create pop-up menus, remote rollovers and more
  • GIF Animator 5 with True Color composition and roundtrip object editing
  • Image Map Tool defines hotspots directly in the workspace
  • Slice Tool slices images directly in the workspace via tables or CSS
  • Link Object embeds video, sound, Flash, Java Applets and more
  • Cascading Style Sheets support advanced Web page layout
  • SVG Output creates smaller and more efficient vector-based images
  • XHTML provides compatibility with next-generation Web standards
  • Z-Merge Tool fuses objects together for stunning 3D visuals
  • Freehand Tool makes path objects with continuous freehand drawing
  • Crystal Effect simulates viewing through crystal and glass surfaces
  • Text Tool provides character-level control for color and rotation
  • Split Text into separate objects by characters, words, lines and styles
  • Edit Active Objects gives easy editing access to obstructed objects
  • Copy Rotate duplicates an object while rotating
  • Layer Manager enhanced to float independently of the EasyPalette
  • Document Manager manages opened images with thumbnails
  • Browse Manager navigates image files with file tree and thumbnails
  • EasyPalette Pop-up provides access to a customized EasyPalette list
  • History View enables convenient visual undo/redo using a slider
  • Color Panel with easy access to color, swatch and gradient pickers
  • Panel Manager gives quick access to panels and Ulead software
  • Optimized Repaint makes for faster and smoother screen display
Ulead PhotoImpact 7 will be available in retail and online stores this month at a price of $99.95 for the boxed version and $89.95 for a downloadable version. Previous PhotoImpact users will be able to upgrade to PhotoImpact 7 for $59.95 boxed, or $49.95 downloaded. A 31MB, 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the Ulead website.

Source: Ulead Systems Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

Ulead Introduces Total Image Editing Software with PhotoImpact 7

New PhotoImpact Version Earns Editor's Choice Award from PC Photo Magazine

Torrance, CA - October 22, 2001 - Ulead Systems, Inc., a leading developer of video editing, image editing and Web graphics software, today announced the release of Ulead PhotoImpact 7, a complete image editor that tackles the needs of a wide variety of users. PhotoImpact 7 addresses the three pillars of image editing - digital photography, image design and Web graphics. Throughout the program, Ulead presents image editing tasks intuitively to help new users get started quickly. Advanced features are easily accessible for power users and professionals seeking total creative control. PhotoImpact 7 also includes a number of time-saving tools and adjustments to the user interface that will make using the software more productive and efficient.

The editorial team at PC Photo Magazine has already acknowledged the excellent usability and thorough feature set of Ulead's newest image editor and has granted PhotoImpact 7 with an Editor's Choice Award. The recognition will be in the December 2001 issue of the popular digital photography magazine as part of the Top 50 Editor's Picks issue.

"We've paid close attention to our users' feedback while also keeping abreast of industry advances in imaging and graphic technology to create a comprehensive program that exceeds expectations," said Danielle Liao, president of Ulead Systems, Inc. "PhotoImpact addresses multiple areas of image editing with an interface that works for both new and power users."

Digital Photography
Ulead PhotoImpact 7 helps anyone achieve professional results quickly with automated enhancement tools. The new Enhancer tool automatically improves overall photo color quality, for example. PhotoImpact 7 also makes finding and sharing digital photos simple with support for WIA-compatible imaging devices when using Visual Open, a visual way to open photos, and new support for Multiple Prints on Avery and Kodak papers. Sharing pictures has been expanded to include more robust support for creating Web Albums and Slide Shows.

Photographers with more experience will appreciate higher-end tools such as the Lens Distortion Effect that corrects Spherical and Trapezoid distortions occurring in photos produced in cameras without expensive lens corrective filters. PhotoImpact 7 also includes a new Zoom Blur Effect to simulate lens techniques used to create motion-blurring effects. Avid digital photographers will be pleased that PhotoImpact 7 retains Exif data captured by digital cameras; this information records when a photo was taken and provides information about conditions present during the shoot - presence of a flash, camera mode, etc. Preserving this data makes image organization more precise and picture information easier to maintain.

Creative Design
While digital photo editing is a popular function of image editing software, the ability to create graphic elements is equally important. The most dramatic new design tool in Ulead PhotoImpact 7 is the Z-Merge Tool that creates a "Z axis" to provides a means for placing objects in 3-dimensional space. With Z-Merge, designers can use simple shapes to create sophisticated 3D graphics.

Other new design tools in PhotoImpact 7 include a Freehand Tool to make path objects with continuous drawing, Crystal Effects to simulate viewing through crystal and glass surfaces, and enhanced Text Tools that provide character-level control for color and rotation and adds a Split Text feature to separate objects by characters, words, lines or styles. With these precise tools, graphic designers will have the freedom and resources to create anything they can imagine.

Web Graphics
PhotoImpact has always had the widest variety of Web support in an image editor at this price point. Version 7 continues the tradition by adding Web features that will allow both new and power users to create dynamic, professional quality Web graphics and pages. For example, PhotoImpact now supports JavaScript Effects allowing designers to create pop-up menus, remote rollovers and other effects to produce slick Web designs.

Other enhanced Web tools include on-screen Image Slice Tool as well as Image Map Tool to slice images and define hotspots directly within the workspace. In addition, users can now embed a wide variety of files with Link Object command to produce Web pages with video, sound or Flash animations included. Staying on the cutting edge of technology, PhotoImpact 7 includes support for next generation standards such as SVG (scalable vector graphics) and JPEG 2000 output as well as Cascading Style Sheets and XHTML support.

PhotoImpact 7 includes a copy of Ulead GIF Animator 5, Ulead's full-featured stand-alone GIF animation software. GIF Animator 5 delivers a wide array of feature enhancements that make animation creation and optimization more streamlined than ever before. A new True Color object model allows users to manipulate and create multiple object animations quickly and easily, while support for roundtrip auto-updating from PhotoImpact sets a new standard for integration.

Timesaving Tools
Ulead PhotoImpact 7 contains several changes and enhancements to the user interface. For example, the Layer Manager now functions independently from the EasyPalette allowing users to access editing effects while managing multiple layers of a project. EasyPalette is a floating menu palette where users can apply a wide variety of editing and special effects filters. PhotoImpact 7 introduces the EasyPalette Pop-up that provides a fast, customized way to access these tools without crowding the user's workspace.

PhotoImpact 7's new Browse Manager give users the ability to navigate image files on their computer with file tree and visual thumbnails. Additionally, batch processing can be done in the Browse Manager without having to actually open the image files - a valuable time saver. PhotoImpact also has a Document Manager to visually manage all open files, which is easier than scrolling down a menu listing to select a new active image.

Windows XP
Ulead PhotoImpact 7, when paired with Microsoft Windows XP, give consumers a comprehensive digital photography experience. Windows XP makes it easy and intuitive to acquire, manage and share pictures from a digital camera or scanner, and PhotoImpact 7 completes the experience with it's vast array of image editing options.

"As the excitement for Windows XP builds to new heights on Oct. 25 and beyond, the support of companies around the industry is more important than ever," said John Frederiksen, general manager of Windows marketing at Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased that Ulead has worked with Microsoft to ensure that users have a great photo-experience with Windows XP."

Pricing and Availability
Ulead PhotoImpact 7 will be available in retail and online stores in October 2001. The estimated street price for PhotoImpact 7 is $99.95 for boxed product and $89.95 for downloaded product. Previous PhotoImpact users will be able to upgrade to PhotoImpact 7 for $59.95 boxed product or $49.95 downloaded product.

About Ulead Systems
Ulead Systems, Inc. develops innovative video, imaging and Web graphics applications to help users communicate their ideas effectively and creatively to audiences around the world. The company's award-winning products include Ulead® PhotoImpact®, Ulead® VideoStudio®, Ulead® MediaStudio® Pro, Ulead® Photo Express™, Ulead® COOL 3D™, Ulead® GIF Animator™, Ulead® Photo Explorer™, Ulead® GIF?X.Plugin™, and Ulead® COOL 360™. Ulead also supports the burgeoning Web graphics community with a cutting-edge line of WebUtilities software products that focus specifically on Web graphics and animation design. For more information on the company, its products and services, please visit Ulead's Web site at http://www.ulead.com or call 800-85-ULEAD (800-858-5323).

(c)2000 Ulead Systems, Inc. Ulead, the Ulead Systems logo, PhotoImpact, VideoStudio, MediaStudio Pro and Photo Express are registered trademarks of Ulead Systems, Inc. Ulead COOL 3D, Ulead GIF Animator, Ulead WebRazor Pro, Ulead GIF-X.Plugin, and Ulead COOL 360 are trademarks of Ulead Systems, Inc. All other names used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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