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NikonNet provides live EcoChallenge coverage!
(Saturday, October 27, 2001 - 14:39 EDT)

Photos from the digital photographers at Blue Pixel provide live coverage from a very demanding environment...

We told you on Monday, October 22nd about digital photographers documenting the Eco-Challenge New Zealand event, and NikonNet has now distributed a press release summarising its involvement with the effort. The website is providing photos live from the 300 mile long event, which involves mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding, and mountaineering.

Source: NikonNet

Original Source Press Release:


Leading Photo Sharing and Education Site To Begin Second Consecutive Live Coverage Event

MELVILLE, NY, OCTOBER 24, 2001- NikonNet (www.nikonnet.com ) and its “On The Road Again” series gear up and head halfway around the world to the mountains of New Zealand today as the site begins its live coverage of Eco-Challenge New Zealand 2001, a J. Mark Burnett expedition.

NikonNet will rely on Blue Pixel, a team of six professional photographers using top-of-the-line Nikon professional equipment and technology, to relay photos and updates to the site in real time. The Web's most versatile photographers will have to keep up with the world's toughest athletes through this year's disciplines, which include mountain biking, river rafting, horseback riding, mountaineering and fixed ropes, in order to present a close-up look at the action and beauty of the entire expedition race.

This event marks the second time NikonNet has offered live, real-time coverage through its “On the Road Again” series. The terrain, distance and sheer nature of an event like Eco-Challenge New Zealand, and the toll it takes on the athletes, are also obstacles that NikonNet will share. The photos and on-site updates uploaded live each day will share these same feelings of triumph and struggle with the readers.

“Eco-Challenge is probably the most grueling test of human endurance on earth. The diversity of scenery and emotions displayed throughout the race make it an ideal, yet challenging, place for a photographer to work,” said Jerry Grossman, Vice President of Internet Development and Marketing at Nikon Inc. “With NikonNet, we like to set the bar high with our content in order to educate and inspire our visitors. Live coverage of Eco-Challenge is an exciting challenge for the site and an adventure for the readers.”

The Blue Pixel team will have to endure incredible conditions including camping on glaciers and traveling by boat, horse and even helicopter to get their shots. The team has been covering the Eco-Challenge for the past six years and usually shoots close to 10,000 pictures throughout the span of the event.
As for the athletes, 75 teams from around the world, each comprised of four competitors, will attempt to complete the 500-kilometer course using only non-motorized means of transportation. These teams will push themselves, non-stop, for between six and 12 days in hopes of taking home the personal satisfaction and the title.

With coverage of Eco-Challenge New Zealand, NikonNet remains the first online photo site to bring real-time photo coverage to its readers. Visitors from around the world can simply log onto the site and see the latest images as they are posted and added to the collection.

About NikonNet
NikonNet (www.nikonnet.com ) is the Web's leading site for photography education, photo sharing, community and inspiration. The website utilizes the most advanced, user-friendly technology to make photo uploading, photo sharing and creating personal albums fast and easy. NikonNet leverages the resources of parent company Nikon to offer the most innovative and inspiring educational segments on the Internet. Nikon's suite of websites -- www.nikonusa.com, www.nikonnet.com, www.microscopyu.com, www.nikonmall.com and www.nikonschool.com -- connect consumers to the company's products and services and link users to the most complete photography education and information community available on the Web today.

About Eco Challenge
Eco-Challenge™ (www.ecochallenge.com) is the world's premiere Expedition Race™ attracting the best adventure athletes from around the world; it is held in a remote region of the world each year. The Eco-Challenge name and logo are registered trademarks of J. Mark Burnett and cannot be reproduced. Eco-Challenge®, The Expedition Race™, Expedition Racing™ and Expedition Competition™ and all associated logos and service marks are all trademarks or registered trademarks of J. Mark Burnett in the United States and/or other countries.

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