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GeoSpatial Experts' logo. Click here to visit the GeoSpatial Experts website! Identifying where your photos were taken: a new approach!
(Monday, November 12, 2001 - 01:46 EST)

Software from Colorado-based company allows you to tag your images with GPS info - without needing to connect your GPS and camera...

A press release we've received from Fort Collins, Colorado-based GeoSpatial Experts describes an interesting approach to the problem of identifying where your digital images were taken. Traditionally, this requires you to have a compatible GPS and digital camera connected together, and as images are captured the camera queries the GPS for location info with which to tag the image. GeoSpatial have another method which should allow the use of other digital cameras that can't be directly connected to a GPS - if you use a Garmin GPS receiver, that is. Place the GPS unit in your backpack or carry it with you, and it records info on the 'trip' - then when you return to your computer, GeoSpatial's GPS-Photo Link software compares the timestamps on the images to the info recorded by the GPS and figures out where you were when the images were captured. Simple, and it should work fairly accurately so long as your clocks on the GPS and digital camera match... If you've been wanting a GPS solution but didn't have one of the handful of cameras which can be connected to a GPS, this could be worth looking into!

Original Source Press Release:

Do you know where your pictures were taken?

Link digital photos with GPS information!

Fort Collins, CO (October 25, 2001) - GPS-Photo Link by GeoSpatial Experts (http://www.GeoSpatialExperts.com) is PC software that simplifies the task of documenting where digital photos were taken. The GPS does not have to be connected to the camera, simply place the GPS in your backpack and take pictures. GPS-Photo Link will do the rest. Hundreds of photos can be processed in a matter of minutes.

GPS-Photo Link watermarks digital camera photos with latitude, longitude, and other descriptive information. Web pages are created containing the watermarked photos and on-line maps that show were the photos were taken. ESRI Shape Files are also created for easy integration with desktop mapping software such as ESRI's ArcView GIS.


  • Asset mapping
  • Aerial photography
  • Weed mapping
  • Real Estate
  • Trail conditions
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Ground truthing / remote sensing
  • Vacation logs
  • Use any digital still camera that has date and time stamp capability.
  • All GARMIN GPS receivers are supported.
  • Labels photos with watermarks including: Latitude and Longitude, Date and Time, Elevation, Datum, Direction, Title, and Comment.
  • Outputs web pages with thumbnail listing of all photos, overview map indicating where all the photos were taken and detailed maps for each photo showing where the photo was taken.
  • Affordable.
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