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Ofoto's logo. Click here to visit the Ofoto website! Ofoto announces new version of software!
(Tuesday, November 20, 2001 - 12:25 EST)

Latest release of OfotoNow offers more convenience for image transfer, print ordering...

Online photofinisher and Eastman Kodak subsidiary Ofoto Inc. has today announced a new release of its OfotoNow software for uploading images and ordering prints. OfotoNow 3.0 has several changes designed to make it easier for customers to transfer their images and order prints (and hence, hopefully, for the company to increase print sales). The latest software release can automatically detect the user's camera and offload images to the user's computer, which could persuade some users to switch from their manufacturer-supplied software to Ofoto's.

Once images have been offloaded, the software allows selection of what prints the user would like to order before the images are uploaded to the Ofoto site, meaning that the images can be uploaded unattended and the user doesn't need to remember to come back and order prints afterwards. Another change that attempts to make the print ordering process simpler is that the software can now remember purchasing preferences and payment details, meaning that once you've placed your first order, subsequent orders should be simpler.

Other new features include the ability to create slide-shows, screensavers and desktop wallpaper.

Source: Ofoto Inc.

Original Source Press Release:

Ofoto Makes It Even Easier to Get Kodak Prints From Your Digital Camera With New Software OfotoNow 3.0; Buy Prints Now Directly from the Desktop, Upload Later, Saves Time

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 20, 2001--Ofoto, Inc. (www.ofoto.com), Kodak's online photo service, today launched OfotoNow(TM) 3.0, the fastest and easiest way to get silver halide prints on Kodak DuraLife paper from a digital camera. This new free software enables consumers to view, organize, edit, share and order prints ranging from wallet-size to poster-size, directly from their computer before they upload images to the Internet. Prior to the release of OfotoNow(TM) 3.0, digital camera users had to wait long periods of time for images to upload in order to purchase prints. OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 is available as a free download at www.ofoto.com and at www.amazon.ofoto.com.

Once users download OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 to their desktop, they simply connect their digital camera and their images will be automatically transferred to the computer's hard drive. Then they select their print preferences and order prints by clicking the "Buy Prints" button. OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 also automatically transfers images to a private online photo album at Ofoto.com for re-ordering prints and enlargements, viewing, sharing, and framing at a later date.

"It's clear that consumers find it time-consuming to get prints from their digital cameras," said James Joaquin, President of Ofoto, Inc. "OfotoNow 3.0 is revolutionary because it allows you to buy prints before and upload images to the Internet after. That means less time at the computer and more time creating memories with family and friends."

Key OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 Features:

  • New Express Prints Service

    The Express Prints service remembers print purchasing preferences (and allows the user to customize each new order easily), securely stores credit card information on the user's computer, and streamlines the entire print-ordering process so the user can get prints in a single click.

  • OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 Intelligent Upload

    OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 remembers which photos it has previously uploaded so the user can simply open OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 and instantly order (or reorder) prints from the computer desktop. OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 also automatically transfers the user's images to a private online photo album at Ofoto.com so they can order frames, cards and other photo merchandise.

  • Auto Detection Recognizes The Camera

    Using its "auto detection" system, OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 recognizes the user's camera and automatically transfers their images to their computer's hard drive. If they choose, OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 will prepare the memory card for reuse.

  • More Fun New Features

    OfotoNow(TM) 3.0 offers many new fun product features including the ability to create a slideshow, screen saver, computer desktop wallpaper, and more.
About Ofoto, Inc.

Ofoto, Inc. (www.ofoto.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, is the leader in online photography, providing high-quality silver halide prints for both digital and film camera users. Rated "Best Overall Photo Site" by Yahoo! Internet Life, Ofoto offers a safe, easy and fun way for people to store their photographs and share their precious memories through pictures. Ofoto harnesses the convergence of imaging and information technology -- known as infoimaging -- to give consumers more ways than ever before to share their lives through pictures. The site provides free editing and creative tools, such as photo borders, and a wide selection of albums, picture frames, photo cards, the Ofoto Archive CD and other merchandise. Ofoto runs its own digital lab seven days a week and offers 24-hour customer support. Ofoto is the only consumer photo site that prints on Kodak's premium DuraLife paper. Ofoto prints for partners such as Amazon.com, Corbis, Hewlett-Packard, and Sony's ImageStation. Ofoto, Inc. was founded in July 1999 and is based in Emeryville, California.

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