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PictureFlow announces new YarcPlus beta!
(Thursday, April 4, 2002 - 15:04 EST)

Windows-only RAW file converter is getting a range of new features...

PictureFlow LLC has announced the release of a new beta for its YarcPlus program, a Windows-based utility that can batch-convert Canon's proprietary RAW files from the Canon EOS D30, PowerShot G1, G2, S30, S40 and Pro90 IS digital cameras. (Support is planned for the EOS D60 as well, however at the current time this is limited to JPEG extraction only).

The current release, beta v1.2.1, has a number of changes from beta v1.1.3:

  • The Picture Display has been optimized for fast viewing.
  • 8-bit Conversions may now be saved in JPEG format. Quality (compression) may be set.
  • 8 bit Conversions can now be saved in PNG format. (Lossless compression that saves a 3.6Meg file rather than an 8.9Meg TIFF file. IDENTICAL image quality. SAME bits. So a great 8 bit format. We don't use LZW compression on TIFFs because there is a large license fee charged by Unisys)
  • Conversion Preview now displays Linear output when conversion is set for Linear.
  • The Tag Filename option has been enhanced.
    • Option moved to Preferences dialog and is no longer part of the preset
    • The Tags now have a simple mnemonic form that makes them easy to understand
    • You can now choose no tags, only for linear, or for all picture settings
  • All temporary folders are now deleted when the application shuts down.
  • Assign Color Profile has moved to Preferences and been taken out of Presets
  • You may now select any color profile to be assigned to a converted TIFF.
  • Create EXIF Log File option has been move to Preferences and taken out of Presets
  • Linear selection has moved from the Output Format combo box. A Linear checkbox has been added.
  • You may now resize JPG and PNG conversions. Size parameters are set in the Preferences dialog and the setting are saved in the Preset.
  • JPEG Extractions are now rotated according to the CRW rotation flag.
  • Tool Bar icons have been added.
  • Additional Tool Tips have been added.
  • The Artifact Removal Filer (ARF) has been moved to be with the False Color Filter (FCF) in the Pictures Setting section.
  • An option has been added that allows you to load a Preset but maintain the current source and destination folder settings, so that only the Pictures Settings are changed when loading a Preset.
  • An option is provided to suppress file Over-Write warnings on all files, or Read-Only files, or no files.
  • An option is provided to display a warning before rotating a Read-Only file.
  • Bug Fix: All keys now properly trapped in Full Screen View.
  • Main Window now resizes without restriction
  • Space bar in Full Display View fixed. Hitting the space bar in any View checks and unchecks the current picture.
  • Vise Installer is now being used to install.
  • The Preferences dialog box is now model to prevent operation of the main window behind it.
  • View Tabs have been replaced by tool bar button/icons
  • You can now switch between views by hitting the [V] key. (Very handy!)
  • When exiting the program if the window is maximized it no longer flashes at the smaller size before exiting.
  • 800x600 display resolution is now supported
  • Process Files and Conversion Preview Buttons have been moved to the toolbar.
  • Picked WB is now supported. SHIFT-Click on either the Conversion preview display or the Picture display. A preview of the conversion using the WB based on the pick point will be displayed and the WB selection will be changed to "Picked". (Note that you can select the picked point based on the 100% picture display, which is much more accurate then having to pick from a small preview as some software requires).
  • Gray Card WB batch conversion is now supported. Just "pick" from the gray card picture and hit process files. When YarcPlus sees that you are using a picked WB setting and have more than 1 file selected, it assumes gray card batch operation. A dialog appears so that you may cancel if this is not what you intended to do.
  • When changing between Fit and 100% views of the current picture, in the 100% mode you are always returned to the same position. So you can freely switch between 100% and fit without losing the context of the 100% display. A subtle but wonderful feature! You may switch between 100% and Fit by using the tool bar buttons or by ALT-Clicking on the Picture.
  • New Keyboard shortcuts added:
    • V - Switches between views
    • F2 - Unchecks all files
    • F3 - Checks all files
    • F4 - Checks Highlighted files (match)
    • F5 - Refresh file list from Source Folder (not active from Full Screen Picture Display)
  • The Process Files Button now reflects the state of the file list.
    • 1 File checked - "Process File"
    • More than 1 file checked - "Process Files"
    • No Files checked - Dimmed
  • YarcPlus now checks to make sure that the Canon DLLs are installed and if they are not it displays a dialog and exits.
  • Window size and location is now saved upon exit.
For more info including known problems in the current release, read the YarcPlus release notes. The program's beta is expected to end around May 1st, at which time the final release will be available for evaluation and purchase. Pricing has not been announced, but PictureFlow claims it will be "competitive with other Canon conversion programs".

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