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Creo's iQsmart<SUP>3</SUP> scanner. Courtesy of Creo Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Creo announces new iQsmart scanners! (UPDATED)
(Friday, April 12, 2002 - 14:48 EDT)

You have the need for speed - how does up to 96 35mm scans in 90 seconds sound?

Creo Inc. has announced two new flatbed scanners at the IPEX 2002 show in Birmingham, England. The iQsmart2 and iQsmart3 are aimed at pros, and feature IEEE 1394 FireWire connectivity, an inverted CCD to reduce dust for higher image quality, along with Creo's XY Stitch technology and oXYgen scanning application. Currently compatible with Macintosh OS 9.2 or OS X only, Creo is planning for both scanners to work with Windows in the future...

Creo Inc.'s iQsmart<SUP>2</SUP> flatbed scanner. Courtesy of Creo Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins.
Creo Inc.'s iQsmart2 flatbed scanner.

Outwardly, the scanners look almost identical with the exception of trim coloring. The press release is a bit short on specifications, but on the inside the iQsmart3 is the higher spec model, adding higher optical resolution (claimed up to 5500 dots per inch, but we presume this is the stepping resolution and the optical resolution of the scanner's CCD sensor will be lower.) Other additions available only in the top model are a 'Scan Once, Output Many' workflow, 16-bit color depth, copydot scanning and descreening through Creo's oXYgen DOT solution, and increased productivity (scanning up to 96 35mm slides at a time in 90 seconds, or less than 1 second per slide excluding mounting time).

Specs for the iQsmart2 model aren't noted in the press release or on Creo's site at the time of this writing. Likewise, pricing and availability are not yet disclosed.

The higher-spec iQsmart<SUP>3</SUP> flatbed scanner. Courtesy of Creo Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins.
The higher-spec iQsmart3 flatbed scanner.

UPDATED 2002-04-15 20:41ET: Thanks to Paul Worthington at Future Image, we now have pricing info for the newly-announced scanners. The iQsmart2 scanner costs $11,950 and can be leased for $300 / month, whilst the iQsmart3 is $29,500. Both scanners have dimensions of 16" x 9" x 30" (W x H x D).
Source: Creo Inc.

Original Source Press Release:


IPEX 2002 BIRMINGHAM, UK -- April 10, 2002 -- Creo Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO; TSE: CRE) announces the iQsmart(tm) line of professional color scanners that sets new standards in price-performance, and excels in quality, productivity and versatility. Creo is launching the elegant new flatbed scanners at IPEX 2002, this year's largest industry trade show, underway in Birmingham, UK from April 9-17.

"The iQsmart scanners incorporate Creo's unique XY Stitch scanning technology. They surpass any model in their price range in terms of image quality and performance," says Shuky Garibi, general manager, Creo Scanning Solutions. "Both models of the iQsmart scanner dispel the myth that professional color scanners carry a large price tag." The compact iQsmart scanners produce professional results-high volume throughput, consistent sharpness, quality, and color fidelity-at an affordable price. iQsmart scanners meet the needs of imaging professionals by using the advanced scanning technologies that have distinguished the EverSmart(tm) scanner line.

Think Sharper: Image Quality...

The iQsmart scanners produce razor-sharp scans from any size original, featuring a true optical resolution of up to 5500 dpi from edge to edge. Creo's exclusive XY Stitch scanning technology assures consistent quality through sharper imaging. The compact size of the scanners allows for an inverted CCD that is uniquely positioned to minimize dust and improve image quality. iQsmart scans any type of original with high-quality results. Originals can be transparent (positive and negative), reflective, mounted slides, line art, printed material, and halftone-screened films.

Move Faster: Improves Productivity...

In spite of their compact size, iQsmart scanners are built for maximum productivity and a demanding workload. The iQsmart scans up to 96 35mm slides at one time and generates up to 40 scans per hour. The parallel workflow of the iQsmart_ model means virtually no time is lost to setup. While the scanner captures and processes one scan, the operator has full access to the scanning software to preview and set up the next image. The iQsmart scanners use FireWire connectivity to send scanned image data at the highest speed to the host computer.

Work Smarter: Easy-to-Use...

iQsmart scanners use the oXYgen scanning application, which was developed to deliver the maximum in imaging, flexibility and productivity. Its intuitive control, automation and intelligent settings put imaging power in the hands of novices and experienced professionals alike. The oXYgen scanning application uses professional image editing and soft proofing tools with full ICC (International Color Consortium) color management.

The unique SOOM workflow (Scan Once, Output Many) and true 16-bit color (both available on the iQsmart3 model) maximize scanned image quality from the first day of operation, even by a novice user. The SOOM workflow also increases productivity and efficiency. Images are scanned once and saved as a 16-bit digital transparency (DT) file that can be re-purposed for as many different uses as required -without losing quality or require re-scanning. oXYgen's SOOM workflow also permits true multi-shift and multi-operator productivity for the busiest shops.

New oXYgen DOT Solution...

The iQsmart3 scanner performs professional copydot scanning and descreening with the powerful new Creo oXYgen DOT Solution. Using advanced algorithms from the Creo Renaissance copydot scanners, the oXYgen DOT Solution brings top copydot scanning performance (copydot and digital descreening), unmatched functionality and extended workflow flexibility to color scanners. The oXYgen DOT Solution provides complete control and enhanced efficiency to any copydot workflow. It enables fully automatic registration, copydot retouching and a SOOM workflow for re-purposing halftone film for multiple output devices.

Sharper, Faster, Smarter...

Two new iQsmart scanners will be demonstrated at IPEX, the iQsmart2 and the iQsmart3. Compared with the iQsmart2, the iQsmart3 provides higher optical resolution, increased productivity, and enhanced workflow. iQsmart scanners run under Macintosh(r) OS X operating system (and OS 9.2). In the future, the iQsmart2 will also connect to Windows(r) workstations. The iQsmart platform makes Creo the value leader in production scanners.

Leading Scanner Technology...

The leadership of Creo in the high-end flatbed scanner market is based on technological innovation and masterful color scanning workflow solutions. With 12,000 scanners installed worldwide, Creo Smart and EverSmart scanners represent the largest installed base of high-end professional flatbed scanners in the world. See the iQsmart2 and iQsmart3 scanners demonstrated at the Creo stand (#650, hall 4) at IPEX. They are also being demonstrated in the Apple Computer, Inc. stand (#428, hall 4). For more information about Creo and the iQsmart scanners, visit www.creo.com/scanners.

About Creo...

Creo is a world leader in solutions for the graphic arts industry. Core product lines include image capture systems; inkjet proofers; thermal imaging devices for films, plates and proofs; professional color and copydot scanning systems; and workflow management software. Creo is also an Original Equipment Manufacture supplier of on-press imaging technology, components for digital presses, and color servers for high-speed, print-on-demand digital printers.

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(c) 2002 Creo Inc. The Creo product names mentioned in this document are trademarks or service marks of Creo Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Other company and brand, product and service names are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Data is subject to change without notice.

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