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DigitalCustom announces Mother's Day Promotion!
(Friday, April 19, 2002 - 17:09 EDT)

Camera stores and photo labs get the chance to win $500 of travel by getting orders for image enhancement...

We often mention contests for readers on this news page, but it isn't too often that a contest for retailers crops up. That's exactly what we have news of today, as DigitalCustom Group Inc. announces a contest for camera stores and photo labs who're reselling the company's services. DigitalCustom is the company behind the "Image Edit & Art" service we mentioned at PMA, where you can get your images professionally retouched in anywhere from 3 to 15 days.

Retailers get 1 entry in the sweepstakes for each order they take, and can win a $500 American Airlines Gift Certificate. There's also a 10% discount for the duration of the sweepstakes, which run from April 19th through May 12th 2002, on top of the standard 15% commission for each sale.

More details are in the press release.

Original Source Press Release:


Promotion Includes Discount and American Airlines $500 Gift Certificate Drawing

San Francisco, CA, April 22, 2002 - DigitalCustom Group, Inc. today announced its Mother's Day promotion, "Fixed-up for Mom." All Retailer Program participants who place a revenue-based order during the promotional period, April 19th through May 12th, 2002, will automatically be entered into the DigitalCustom drawing to win an American Airlines $500 flight gift certificate. Each time an order is placed, the partner is re-entered into the drawing. The more orders placed, the greater the chance to win*.

Also during the promotional period retailers will earn an additional 10% discount (on top of a current 15% commission) by using the "MOM2002" promotional code. That will bring the total of commission and discounts to 25%!

DigitalCustom's Retailer Program allows retail establishments, including camera stores, photo processors, photo studios, picture framing retailers and imaging businesses, to offer a wide range of custom photo editing and restoration services to their customers. Retailer Program participants have instant access to DigitalCustom's premiere editing services (which go far beyond do-it-yourself kiosk procedures), and are backed by DigitalCustom's toll free telephone support and consultation, educational brochures, point-of-sale materials and a commission structure. No hardware or software investment is required and there is no fee to join the Retailer Program. The retailer manages all work through its in-store Internet connection.

Most retailers can be set up in a day to offer the editing services DigitalCustom provides through their online service, Image-Edit & Art (www.image-edit.com). Retail Program participants benefit from its own mark-up along with added revenues from related products such as image scanning, prints and enlargements, mats/mounts/frames, albums and scrapbooks and other in-store products for consumers most cherished photos.

About DigitalCustom
DigitalCustom Group develops products that allow photo retailers, film labs, advertising/marketing agencies, media companies, photographers, in-house corporate creative departments, and consumers (through Image-Edit & Art) to outsource digital image editing work and manage digital image editing workflow. DigitalCustom's corporate offices are in San Francisco, California while its worldwide customer service facility is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For more information, contact DigitalCustom Group Inc., 505 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133
415-447-4777 fax: 415-353-0647 http://www.image-edit.com.

* The drawing is offered only where permitted by law. The odds are based on the number of entries generated by the promotion.

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