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To-The-Point Software Releases snapHappy
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Friday, July 5, 2002 - 13:23 EDT)

iPhoto gets some competition from this $14 photo browser, editor and manager for OS X.

To-The-Point Software released snapHappy, an OS X photo browser, editor and manager that competes directly with Apple's iPhoto.

A $14 shareware application, snapHappy 1.1 competes by offering users more flexibility than iPhoto.


  • Work with any folder containing photos (no importing or creating albums needed)
  • Export pictures in a variety of graphic formats (eg. tiff to jpeg)
  • Create email messages from within snapHappy then drag scaled pictures directly to the message (saving of scaled pictures is not
  • Drag scaled pictures to other applications
  • Toggle between full screen mode and regular window mode for browsing or slide shows
  • Options to hide menubar and/or cursor in full screen mode.
  • Manual (keyboard control) slide show option
  • Rename pictures individually
  • Batch rename a folder of pictures
  • Add/edit finder comments
  • Search finder comments
  • Manage photo folders (copy, move, or make aliases between any two folders)
  • Illustrated user's guide with many helpful tips and notes

The company also listed "some things that snapHappy does better (in our humble opinion at least) than iPhoto":

  • WYSIWYG scaling of images (resize the browser window)
  • Faster photo loading (after the initial loading of a folder)
  • Optional default photo folder (opens automatically when snapHappy is launched)
  • Open pictures with their creator application
  • Open pictures with a default graphic editor application
  • Better slide show options (71 transition effects, set interval, set speed, set background color)
  • Choose to print picture at their currently scaled size or at their original size
  • "Auto landscape" printing (pictures that are wider than they are tall are automatically rotated to landscape orientation for printing)

Source: To-The-Point Software

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