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Maha's Powerex logo. Courtesy of Maha Energy Corp. Click here to visit the Maha website! Maha extends Lithium rechargeable battery line
(Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 00:24 EST)

We told you last May that Maha Energy Corp., which sells its products under the PowerEx brand name, had introduced a line of batteries equivalent to the proprietary models used by many cameras.

At the time, four batteries were announced ranging in cost from $30 to $40, and suitable for use in the Canon EOS D30, EOS D60, PowerShot G1, PowerShot G2, PowerShot Pro90, PowerShot S100, PowerShot S110, PowerShot S300, Nikon Coolpix 775, Coolpix 880, Coolpix 885, Coolpix 995, Fuji Finepix 4800Z, FinePix MX2900, Finepix 6800Z, FinePix MX2700, Finepix 4900Z, Finepix 6900Z and Toshiba PDR-M5 digital cameras. Now, Maha has introduced two models which extend compatibility to five more Nikon and Canon cameras.

Priced at $29.95, the MH-ENEL2 3.7V 1000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery Pack is compatible with Nikon's Coolpix 2500 and Coolpix 3500 digital cameras. The MH-NB2L 7.4V 570mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack meanwhile costs $39.95 and supports the Canon PowerShot S30, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S45. Both batteries are available to purchase immediately from the Maha website.

Maha's MH-NB2L battery pack. Courtesy of Maha Energy Corp., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Click for a bigger picture!

Original Source Press Release:

PowerEx Announces Two New Additions to PowerEx Line of Lithium Battery Packs for Digital Cameras

LA VERNE, CA -- Maha Energy Corp., the maker of the PowerEx brand batteries and chargers, unveils its latest Lithium battery packs for Digital Cameras. The MH-NB2L Lithium Ion battery for Canon Powershot S30, S40 and S45 series will retail for under $40 and the Lithium Polymer MH-ENEL2 for Nikon Coolpix 2500 & 3500 cameras for under $30. Both are designed to be 100% interchangeable with the original.

Maha Energy Corp., a leading provider of consumer and industrial battery and charging solution, operates a global network of manufacturing, design and distribution locations to serve both standard and OEM customers.


  • 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipment
  • Up to 20% higher in runtime compared to original battery packs.
  • Ultra High Capacity
  • Low Impedance Battery Design


Model #DescriptionCompatibilityMSRP
MH-NB2LLi-Ion Battery Pack for CANON, 7.4V 570mAhCANON PowerShot S30, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S45$ 39.95 USD
MH-ENEL2Li-Polymer Battery Pack for NIKON, 3.7V 1000 mAhNIKON Coolpix 2500, Coolpix 3500$ 29.95 USD

Press Release Copyright® 1996-2002 Maha Energy Corporation.
Maha, PowerEx are registered trademarks of Maha Energy Corporation.
All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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