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Canon's CP-300 card photo printer. Courtesy of Canon, with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Canon's new Card Photo Printers: More details
(Friday, May 2, 2003 - 03:55 EDT)

As we told you earlier today, Canon Inc.has announced two new card photo printers, the CP-200 and CP-300.

As with the PowerShot SD100 digital camera, these printers have been announced worldwide, but with limited information available in the USA. We now have further details courtesy of Canon Japan, including full specifications for both printers. Pricing and availability information is not currently available for either printer in any of the markets where they've been announced, but as soon as that changes we'll let you know.

If you didn't read our earlier news item, both the CP-200 and CP-300 are described as smaller and lighter than any dye-sublimation printers currently available. They can be connected to any Canon camera supporting "Direct Print", and Canon promises that support for the Camera and Imaging Products Association's PictBridge technology will be added in the future Print resolution is 300dpi, and print size is up to 4 x 6 inch, with each print taking 85 seconds approximately. The CP-200 is powered by an AC adapter or optional car battery adapter, whilst the CP-300 has a choice of a Lithium Ion battery or an AC adapter, and also supports the optional car battery adapter.

Full specifications follow: note that the only difference between the two printers in terms of specifications is size and weight, presumably due to the battery in the CP-300.

Canon Card Photo Printer CP-300
General Specifications
Printer Type Full-color direct digital printer
Print Method Dye-sublimation thermal transfer (with overcoating)
Reproduction Resolution 300 x 300 dpi
Gradation 256 gradations / color
Ink Dedicated ink cassette for each paper size (Y / M / C / overcoating)
Postcard size (standard sheets)
L size (standard sheets)
Card size (standard sheets, full-sized label and 8-label sticker)
Paper-Feed Method Automatic feed from paper cassette
Paper-Eject Method Sheets eject onto top of paper cassette
Print Modes
Standard (1-screen) print (bordered or borderless)
Multiple (8-screen) print (for use with labels)
Print sizes
Postcard size print (borderless) :100.0 x 148.0 mm ( 3.94 x 5.83 in.)
Postcard size print (bordered) :91.4 x 121.9 mm (3.60 x 4.80 in.)
L size print (borderless) :89.0 x 119.0 mm (3.50 x 4.69 in.)
L size print ( bordered ) : 79.2 x 105.3 mm (3.12 x 4.15 in.)
Card size print (full-sized borderless) : 54.0 x 86.0 mm (2.13 x 3.39 in.)
Card size print (full-sized bordered) :50.0 x 66.7 mm (1.97 x 2.63 in.)
Card size multiple print (8-stickers) :17.3 x 22.0 mm (0.68 x 0.87 in.) (per sticker)
Print Speeds
Postcard size print (bordered/borderless) :Approx. 85 sec.
L size print (bordered/borderless) :Approx. 70 sec.
Card size print (full-sized, bordered/borderless) :Approx. 40 sec.
Card size multiple print (8-stickers) :Approx. 40 sec.
Signal Transfer Proprietary protocol for Canon cameras
Connection Method
Camera / Printer connection : USB cable included with the camera
Computer / Printer connection : Commercially available USB cable
Recommended printer cable Material : AWG 28 or better
Type : Twisted-pair, sealed cable (compatible with high-speed mode)
Length : max. 5.0 m (16.4 ft)
Device Specifications
Operating Environment 5-40°C (41-104 °F), 20-80 % RH (when running)
Power Source AC 100-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption AC 50 W or less (4 W or less when idle)
Dimensions 170.0 (W) x 55.0 (H) x 123.0 (D) mm (6.70 x 2.17 x 4.84 in.)
Weight Approx. 860 g (30.3 oz.) (excluding ink and paper cassettes)
* Test Conditions : Normal temperature, Canon standard images.

Canon Card Photo Printer CP-200
Dimensions 170.0 (W) x 54.8 (H) x 119.0 (D) mm (6.70 x 2.16 x 4.69 in.)
Weight Approx. 820 g (28.9 oz.) (excluding ink and paper cassettes)

When pricing and availability for the CP-200 and CP-300 Card Photo Printers are announced, you'll hear about it on our news page...

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