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The following is an unedited press release, shown as received from the company represented. We've elected to present selected releases without editorial comment, as a way to provide our readers more information without further overtaxing our limited editorial resources. To avoid any possible confusion or conflict of interest, the Imaging Resource will always clearly distinguish between company-provided press releases and our own editorial views and content.

Canon's logo. Click here to visit the Canon website! PRESS RELEASE: More than megapixels... Canon's new advertising campaign coaches consumers on advantages of DIGIC technology

May 2003 (Newstream) -- Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ), today kicked-off an estimated $42 million nationwide print and television advertising campaign to promote Canon's DIGIC image processing technology. Exclusive to Canon, DIGIC technology optimizes digital camera and camcorder results to seamlessly produce beautiful high-quality digital images.

"We launched this campaign to educate consumers to better understand what features they should consider, look for and ask for when buying a digital camera or camcorder," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group at Canon U.S.A., Inc. "This campaign will explain to consumers how Canon's DIGIC image processing technology improves the overall operation of a digital camera or camcorder."

"We want consumers to recognize the DIGIC technology as a symbol of quality inside the camera," noted Hashimoto. The company has created a logo and graphic that will appear on all Canon digital cameras and camcorders containing the DIGIC technology.

According to Hashimoto, this campaign further exemplifies Canon's commitment to television and print advertising for its line of camera and camcorders. Both the television and print advertisements are focused on the DIGIC technology and do not mention specific product models.

As a complement to the summer consumer electronics-buying season, the first of two television commercials entitled Journey, will begin airing today. The 30-second commercial takes the viewer on a computer-animated journey through the camera lens for a virtual tour of the circuit boards inside. The viewers see a processing chip bearing the DIGIC logo along with digital photos on the IC and an explanation of the chip's advantages. One version of Journey includes the PowerShot S400 Digital Elph camera. The other uses the PowerShot A70 digital camera. Canon has invested $30 million on network primetime and cable for this spot.

The second commercial, entitled Pajamas, begins airing on May 19. The commercial features a man reliving the important memories of his life while editing his home videos. Reliving the memories is so real that he is transported back to each situation wearing his pajamas. Director of Photography Jonathan Schwartzman shot this reminiscent commercial on a Canon XL1S DV camcorder. Canon purchased about $12 million dollars in media placement on network primetime and national cable for this spot.

Both commercials include a new Canon tagline "Digital Revolutionized Photography (Video), We Revolutionized Digital" and will air until Father's Day. Aimed at establishing Canon as a leader in the photographic and video imaging market, the new tagline will appear on all digital camera and camcorder television and print advertising throughout the year.

In addition Canon has begun running print advertisements nationally. Three digital camera advertisements feature the power of DIGIC technology. They drive home its value by metaphorically demonstrating the difference between digital and Canon digital.

Four print advertisements will publicize the company's line of digital camcorders. They promote consumer creativity, connectivity and the DIGIC technolology. The advertisements will appear in major market newspapers and magazines.

Both print and television campaigns have been created by DCA Advertising. "This is the first time a digital camera brand has spoken in any meaningful way about what's under the hood," said Ron Rosen, executive creative director of DCA Advertising. "With this new technology, these spots are our attempt to say that not all digital cameras are the same."

Commenting on the print campaign, Rosen continued, "We know that there are moments in people's lives when cameras play a crucial role. Through humor, we tapped into their emotions while at the same time, writing about our technical advantages over other camera brands."

The digital environment of the Journey spot was produced by Click 3x and married to filmed vignettes shot by director Anouk Besson with Epoch Films West. Click 3x also produced the DIGIC mnemonic tag on the Pajamas spot, which was shot by director Jonathan David, with Morton Jankel Zander, Inc.

Canon's DIGIC Image Processor

Canon developed the DIGIC proprietary image processor specifically for use with its line of digital cameras and camcorders. The technology combines the jobs of image processing and camera function control into one chip. Canon's DIGIC (Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit) processor provides the digital camera or camcorder with much faster image processing than a general purpose CPU found in other digital cameras or camcorders.

However, DIGIC technology does much more than image processing. Because it was specifically designed for use in a digital cameras and camcorders, it is also capable of handling JPEG compression/expansion; memory card control; LCD/Video control and processing; gain control (control of CCD signal amplification); Auto Exposure; Auto Focus; Auto White Balance control and most other functions of the camera or camcorder. The result is a product that offers faster and more powerful auto focus than ever before, faster image processing, longer battery life, and the ability to record 3-minute movie clips with sound.

About Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. delivers consumer, business-to-business, and industrial imaging solutions. The Company is listed as one of Fortune's Most Admired Companies in America, and is ranked #41 on the Business Week list of "Top 100 Brands." Its parent company Canon Inc. (NYSE:CAJ) is a top patent-holder of technology, ranking second overall in the U.S. in 2002, with global revenues of $24.5 billion. Canon U.S.A. employs approximately 11,000 people at over 30 locations. For more information, visit www.usa.canon.com.

All referenced product names, and other marks, are trademarks of their respective owners.

Courtesy of Canon. Click for a bigger picture.

(First posted on Monday, May 19, 2003 at 14:43 EDT)

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