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AutoCorrect Plug-In Updated to Version 1.5
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Wednesday, June 25, 2003 - 12:08 EDT)

Human Software's automatic color correction, color restoration, and sharpening tool for RGB and CYMK images, improves control in highlights and shadows.

Using " intelligent image analysis in combination with techniques professionals are using in darkrooms," AutoCorrect promises to improve digital images in a single click.

The new version improves control in both the highlights and shadows. Among the highlights of version 1.5 are:

  • Rebuild color and image details

  • Scans correction and enhancement

  • One click color correction tool

  • Restore photos

  • Advanced sharpening

  • Works on layers as a plug-in

  • Works in RGB or CMYK mode

AutoCorrect is compatible with Adobe Photoshop 5.5/6 and 7, Photoshop Elements 1/2, Corel PhotoPaint® 9 or 10, Jasc PaintShop 7/8 on Mac OS 9 or X or Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

Upgrades from previous versions of the $60 plug-in are available for $19.

For more information or to download, visit http://www.humansoftware.com/pages1200/AutoCorrect/HSacor0.html.

Original Source Press Release:

AutoCorrect 1.5 for Adobe PhotoShop / Elements, a One Click Intelligent Image Enhancement Plug-In

SARATOGA, CA -- Adding to its line of filter plug-ins, Human Software is announcing AutoCorrect version 1.5 for Mac OS 9 or X or Windows® 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP

Basic Principles

AutoCorrect is a powerful intelligent tool that will enhance any RGB/CMYK photos or layers in just One-Click.

AutoCorrect is a very efficient one click color correction, it is not based on curves (even if it was added for a perfect final tune-up) but it is based upon intelligent image analysis in combination with techniques professionals are using in darkrooms.

AutoCorrect offers a professional picture enhancement tool in RGB or CMYK...directly on a layer of Photoshop/Jasc/Painter if you wish...

Make Photos Stand-Out with Multiple controls in one Easy Dialog

AutoCorrect offers several powerful features for image enhancement : Color Balance, Image Sharpening...

AutoCorrect uses a unique technique that provides better image enhancement, crispy and life-like images.

Full controls over your HighLights and Shadows

With the new version 1.5, sliders enables you very easily to isolate HighLight or Shadows and selectively reclaims details in those areas.

Improve Output Quality

With AutoCorrect make the best of already good photos or simply save photos you thought you would never be able to use : Ultra efficient Sharpening that gives better results than Photoshop USM tool.

Scans correction and enhancement in one click

Photo Restoration, reclaim lost colors and details through a unique professional technique

Combine several adjustment in one click for the best image-tuning

Enhance digital images for print and web

Who should use AutoCorrect?

AutoCorrect will satisfy everyone from the professional photographer that will improve quality and save time for each photo correction, to the casual user that do not master techniques and will get high quality images in just one click.

Within an image editing application such as PhotoShop/Element/PhotoPaint/PaintShop, the final effect can easily be uploaded to an internet-compatible JPEG or GIF. AutoCorrect is an essential tool for web designers posting images on web pages !

AutoCorrect advantages over other solutions?

Not only AutoCorrect is using special algorithms not available inside PhotoShop or other graphic applications/plug-ins but it is a one step operation. It means that details are not lost by performing color correction in several steps.

AutoCorrect is very affordably-priced, very easy to learn and perfect to fine tune all kind of works.

AutoCorrect unlike others work in RGB or CMYK. AutoCorrect is a very important tool in the plug-in arsenal of any professional working on digital images.

The interface has been designed to make it very easy-to-use.

AutoCorrect features a very large preview and advanced zoom&pan that lets users zoom at one effect at any level of details virtually and instantly. AutoCorrect works in RGB or CMYK with a very accurate display mechanism for a real CMYK preview.


AutoCorrect is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop 5.5/6 and 7, Photoshop Elements 1/2, Corel PhotoPaint® 9 or 10, Jasc PaintShop 7/8 on mac OS 9 or X or Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP.Users monitor screen size should be 800x600 pixels or above.

Price & Availability

AutoCorrect is selling for a street price of $60 - S& H not included - Products are also available through selected retail stores and can be ordered directly by calling Human Software at (408) 3990057 or on-line via our secure ordering system at HumanSoftware's Web site at http://www.humansoftware.com.

Human Software products are sold in the United States and in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Products are available from several catalogs such as Punch, Publishing Perfection...

A word about Human Sofware Co Inc

The Human Software Company Inc, founded in 1992, is a specialist in multimedia, design, prepress and video software application development. The team experience includes original design and concept of many high-end prepress related products and other software since 1984. Other Human Software products include Squizz, MagicFrames, ClassicFrames, Select, PhotoSpray™, Textissimo, OttoPaths, AutoMask, PhotoWeave, XFile, PhotoLight, Photorepeat ...

For more information, to obtain screen shots, etc... contact Human Software Inc, 14510 Big Basin Way SARATOGA, CA 95070. Telephone: (1) 408 399 0057, Fax: (1) 408 3990157, or E-mail: [email protected]. For additional news and a bird's eyeview of our product line, visit the HumanSoftware home page on the Internet at http://www.humansoftware.com

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