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Lemke Software Updates GraphicConverter
By Mike Pasini, The Imaging Resource
(Thursday, June 26, 2003 - 10:50 EDT)

Version 4.7.1 of the Macintosh image editor fixes a bug in the JPEG 2000 export and a conflict with the Red Eye functions.

GraphicConverter, Lemke's $30 shareware image editor for the Macintosh, has been updated to version 4.7. The update ads a number of new features to the venerable application, prized for its ability to handle a wide range of file formats.

Following is a list of the changes in version 4.7:

Version 4.7.1

  • bug in JP2 export with kdu library fixed
  • shortcut conflict for Red Eye functions fixed

Version 4.7

  • import of Radiance HDRI added
  • import of Duotone PSD added
  • support for import of raw stacks added
  • PhotoRaw import will import EXIF information (if available), too
  • Fuji Finepix S" Raw import improved
  • support for Kodak DCS added
  • support for Canon CRW with lossless JPEG compression added
  • browser will now display CRW previews much faster if the file contains a JPEG or TIFF preview
  • function to change JPEG resolution value added to the browser context menu
  • function to delete EXIF preview of JPEGs added to the browser context menu
  • function to delete medata of JPEGs added to the browser context menu
  • JPEG related functions are now in a submenu in the browser context menu
  • slideshow with find supports now non Mac volumes
  • merge some files option added to convert
  • remove EXIF from JPEGs added to convert
  • convert line endings added to convert
  • insert text batch extended
  • bug in TIFF detection fixed
  • html catalog creation supports now additional lines in the body
  • function to learn and remove bad pixels added
  • red eye pro filter added
  • red eye removal options added (to set the darken level)
  • file date can be kept now in convert if conversion is selected to the same folder as the original
  • print catalog with zero margins between images added
  • ico support for 128x128 added
  • levels dialog offers now the last used values
  • lossless JPEG rotation can now be called by AppleScript
  • convert supports now new UNIX aliases, too
  • text tool support now relative and absolzte sizes
  • remove text in rename works now alone, too
  • raw olympus e-10 import improved
  • tool tip can now be disabled
  • slideshow can now start at a file offset
  • preferences will now be saved after each change
  • duplicate image function added
  • merge files into one image function added
  • tool switch speed improved (MacOS X)
  • spelling bugs fixed
  • convert dialog improved
  • possible color table issue with multipage scanning fixed
  • WYSIWYG font menus added (optional)
  • option to disable preview display by QuickTime added
  • save as applescript command added
  • notification in simple mode added
  • TIFF comment strings will now written with a 0 ad the end (following to the TIFF specs)
  • e-mail file with resize will now add the .jpg extension
  • selection tool dialog have now values for a predefined rect
  • temp file problem on MacOS X fixed during IPTC change of many files
  • shortcut support for "command+d" and "command+shift+h" added to convert
  • translation bugs fixed
  • warning before conversion to the same folder added
  • display bug and possible crash for files larger than 2GB in the browser fixed
  • button will now displayed selected during animated gif display
  • bug in saving modified pdfs fixed
  • ccitt import improved (better error handling)
  • bug in arrange windows with opened browser fixed
  • bug in possible duplicating recent items entries fixed
  • bug with drawing arrows fixed
  • bug in PDF export fixed (possible color change to grayscale)
  • bug in window arranging with open browser fixed
  • bug in slideshow with epsf files fixed
  • error handling in slideshow improved
  • other changes and bug fixes

For more information or to download, visit http://www.lemkesoft.com/en/graphcon.htm.

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