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ACD Systems' FotoSlate logo. Click here to visit the ACD Systems website! ACD updates FotoSlate printing app
(Friday, July 18, 2003 - 10:27 EDT)

British Columbia-based ACD Systems Int'l Inc. has released an update of its FotoSlate printing application.

New features in version 3.0 include:
  • Calendar and Greeting Card Wizards - Create calendars and greeting cards from digital photos.
  • Contact Sheet Wizard - Make contact sheets from groups of photos.
  • Frames and Borders - Frame your pictures before printing - choose from a number of frame designs included free.
  • Paper Saver - Use the paper saver to fit as many pictures as possible on one page automatically. Specify how many prints of each size you want and FotoSlate gives you the best fit.
  • Image Shapes and Styles - Stylize your pictures by "cutting" them into shapes like ovals. Add drop shadows and beveled edges.
  • Rich Text Styling - Place text of any size and font anywhere on your print pages, such as copyright and trademark symbols with drop shadows.
  • Adjust Pages As You Add Photos - As you add photos to a page you can change the arrangement, add text, "cut" your photos into oval shapes and add other styling.
  • Improve Image Quality - Make low resolution images (such as those a friend e-mailed or shared online) into better prints with the click of a button - thanks to FotoSlate's "Clear IQZ" image resampling technology.
  • Professional Color Management - Ensure accurate, rich color for professional-quality prints. FotoSlate 3.0 supports both ICM 2.0 and ICC color profiles.
  • EXIF 2.2 Print - Print photos from your digital camera with accurate color through FotoSlate's support for EXIF 2.2.
  • New DVD, CD and T-Shirt Transfer Pages - Create cases for CDs and DVDs and designs for T-shirts.
  • Paper Style Management - In addition to the page styles supported by default in FotoSlate, create your own page sizes and add them to the list of available styles.
  • Save As Image - Save your creations as images for sharing online or in slideshows.
  • Even More - Other enhancements include: A new quick start tool. An updated interface. Rulers in the page designer. Pre-set images and text that appear in pages. The ability to save settings for several printers. Support for EXIF metadata in text objects. File information about photos in the status bar.
Available immediately, FotoSlate 3.0 costs $39.99 for new users, or $19.99 for users of FotoSlate 2.0. It can be purchased as a standalone product, or a plugin for ACDSee and ACD mPower Tools.

Original Source Press Release:

ACD Systems Releases ACD FotoSlate 3.0

New features include breakthrough technology that dramatically improves
print quality of images

VICTORIA, British Columbia - July 17, 2003 - ACD Systems International Inc. (TSE:ASA), the digital imaging company and makers of ACDSee™, today released ACD FotoSlate 3.0, the new version of the company's popular photo printing program for the consumer and small business marketplace. The new program lets users create greeting cards, calendars and contact sheets, allows for accurate image color management, and features a breakthrough technology - ACD Clear IQZ - that allows users to dramatically improve the print quality of low-resolution photos.

ACD FotoSlate 3.0 is an affordable, easy-to-use program that enables consumers and professionals to print excellent quality digital photos and images by choosing from over 450 print pages or by designing custom-made pages using the new Page Designer. Through the program's editing and design features, users can easily adjust their design and arrangement of photos and text on pages. ACD FotoSlate 3.0 works with images obtained from digital cameras, scanners, CDs or the Internet.

Additional new features of FotoSlate 3.0 include:

  • Creative Printing Wizards - including greeting card, calendar and contact sheet wizards
  • Paper Saver Wizard - automatically optimizes a set of photos to fit on
    a sheet of paper
  • Picture Frames - users can choose from numerous photograph frame designs
  • Creative Project Page Designs - create T-shirt transfers and CD/DVD covers from the ACD page library
  • EXIF 2.2 Print - view and use EXIF 2.2 Print (Exchangeable Image File Format) to get better prints from home printers
  • Custom Paper Size - create any custom paper size
  • Share Images - save print layouts as images for sharing online or in slideshows
  • Borderless Prints - choose from borderless prints in standard paper sizes, such as 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10
  • Stylize Tool - stylize photos by "cutting" them into shapes like ovals
  • Professional Color Management - supports ICM 2.0 and ICC color profiles and ensures accurate color matching between the various devices of your computer, such as the monitor, printer and scanner
With over 85% of all digital images being printed on a home printer (InfoTrends Seminar, PhotoKina 2002), home printing continues to be the leading method for digital camera users to obtain prints of their photos.

Mike Zelen, president and chief executive officer of ACD Systems, says,"ACD FotoSlate 3.0, photo printing software, incorporates ACD Systems' proven digital management technology and is well positioned to assist the digital imaging market deal with large volumes of digital photos. ACD FotoSlate 3.0 addresses the need for a superior quality utility printing program that works with digital cameras, computers and printers."

Price and Availability
ACD FotoSlate 3.0 is available as a plug-in to ACDSee™ and ACD mPower Tools™ or as a stand-alone product. ACD FotoSlate 3.0 is available for $39.99 USD for the full version, or $19.99 USD for the upgrade from ACD FotoSlate 2.0. For more information visit our website at www.ACDSYSTEMS.com.

About ACD Systems International Inc.
Headquartered in British Columbia since 1993, ACD Systems International (TSX: ASA) is one of the world's leading developers and marketers of digital imaging software. ACD has penetrated the global marketplace through advanced Internet distribution and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and developers. ACD has millions of consumer users and over 33,000 corporate customers including many Fortune 500 companies. The company has a history of solid revenue growth. For further details, please visit us at our corporate web site: www.ACDSYSTEMS.com.



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